Right to death 💀 bill passes in Canada

We’ve had assisted suicide for awhile and it has now been expanded.

Yeaaaaaaaa Canada!!!

I’m wondering how this works with people who will end up with dementia. If they sign before they have full blown dementia but then when they have full blown dementia is that “new mind” allowed to say no and if power of attorney is given to a family member can they say go ahead with assisted dying regardless if the “new mind” say no?

They have a couple of years to work out some of these types of issues - (specific to the Bill) and such.

Whooo hooooo! Now I don’t have to fly to Europe to get my wish granted if this is a course my life takes.

A free society allows the delete option.

Does this work for a Will. Being of “sound mind”?

Yea, one more freedom.

Actually two, the right to live a life with dignity.

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Very interesting and great to see… I hope this common sense spreads, although I’m not holding my breath.

Only this week I finally drew up an Advance Care Directive. It sets out my wishes should I become ill but unable to make my own decision. I have nominated the two siblings who live in this state as decision makers. This directive saves them the pressure of having to assume they know what I want. My decision is palliative care only if I’m say demented with no quality if life.

My father lived for 5 years with dementia. He had a few lucid days. Overall he was confused and most unhappy. I was deeply tempted to smother him with a pillow. Truly. Time will come when dying at a time of one’s choice becomes a basic right of all people.

Assisted suicide is one of those are where I am permanently livid with the fucking religions imposing their superstitions on others.


Good thing done by Canada.

Depression is a bastard. Note to self, don’t post shit when you are pissed. I have deleted the rest of this post.

Apologist Ravi Zacharias, who is also a rapist and general sexual abuser of women talks about why committing suicide is murder and we all know what his god does with murderers.

Has no evidence for any such claim, not even in the Bible. There is no Biblical verse anywhere that prohibits suicide or condemns those who end their own lives. Murder, by definition, now and then, is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. A person can not “murder” themselves.

Triggered an old memory. Don’t remember where or when I read this but it sounds about right:

Anti bellum Southern US states. Apparently white preachers were telling slaves it was a grave sin to run away. That to run away was ‘theft of self’. From there to seeing suicide as murder of self isn’t much of a stretch.

Interestingly, suicide was against the law in ancient Rome. The penalty was death. :innocent:

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Oh fuck, gave me a giggle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. And your quote from the other thread of NOT chalking government motives to “malice” when it most likely is “stupidity or incompetence” (something like that)…

Just yesterday I said to my boys (after watching an episode of the Office)…

“No wonder we (as humans) find it easier to believe in Malice NWO, Illuminati types - it’s much more comforting than the realization that it is the Michael Scotts that “run the world””.

In my case that was the observation of a career civil servant and lifelong union member and occasional rep.

Likewise, in various areas that I had the pleasure of working before landing a “career”. And in finance, lol :joy:

Yes, could you explain why?

COUGH avoiding preventable suffering COUGH

Sorry if I was being too subtle before, but debate and answering questions seems to be anathema to you, so I’ve dropped a small hint.


@Whitefire13 You remember the whole controversy over Jack Kevorkian, yes? It’s been a while, but seeing this article beings back memories of that controversy from 20 years ago.

Yes. I had him run through my thoughts too.

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Didn’t think of him. We have our own equivalent, Philip Nitschke.

Here the northern territory passed euthanasia bill “The rights Of The Terminally Ill Act” in 1995. The Federal government squashed it.

One elephant in the room never discussed in public here; Just how widely spread euthanasia already is in this country. (in Canada too?) It tends to be in aged care facilities. EG like my dad: he was badly demented and miserable. Contracted pneumonia. He was given just a smidge too high a dose of morphine and died. We all knew it and were grateful to the doctor.


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