Religious Nutjobs Strike Again: Salman Rushdie Stabbed

Author Salman Rushdie was stabbed while giving a lecture in upstate New York.

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Decades of hate against him.

He didn’t give a shit. He was attacked while speaking. An amazing man, I’ve always admired.


Insanity, just shows how barbaric and backwards religion makes people. A public spectacle of such violence and hatred, it’s a display of their true cowardice and fear of the unknown. The fear of living without their power, their delusional afterlife paradise, or their cult like surroundings of fake love and acceptance. Fear is truly a crippling Achilles heal of humanity.


THEY are so insecure in their religion that they HAVE to apostatize those that leave and follow up with death :skull_and_crossbones:

Fuck them.

They cannot stop the tide of humane secularism and well-being NOR the fact that their present “god ideas” are sadly destructive to humans.

Extremists. With their violence they still CANNOT :stop_sign: what they fear most (which is usually a delusional world-view).


I really fucking hate religion, these people are all cowards.


It really is a problem. It’s bad in Missouri. Of all states why the fuck did I have to be born in one of the biggest religtard states in the nation?

I had these old lady’s knocking on my door Saturday wanting to give me a free snow cone and “prayer”. They were with one of the Baptist church’s in town. I told them “No Proselytizing Please” before I shut the door on them. My girlfriend laughed real loud when she heard me say that. They were about to give me one of their stupid religtard pamphlets. It’s getting bad on my street. Sometimes I come home to religious bullshit hanging on my door. I’m getting fucking sick of it. They need to keep that shit away from people’s homes. If I want religion I’ll go join a cult thank you very much!


Yeah it is bad here in Mo…I live in a rural area and the stupid is rampant. Those old women types show up from time to time and they act as if we have probably never heard the “good news”, which of course they are eager to share. The last two were incredulous that I do not believe in an afterlife. They cannot believe that I think it is incredibly arrogant that people think they are so special as to deserve ANOTHER life. My rejection of the Bible makes their heads spin which gives me great satisfaction. When I get them to admit that they really believe based on faith alone, it is game over. I never engage people unless they come to my peaceful refuge from crazyville, as it could be taking your life in your hands, considering the right to carry without a permit, etc…
The only ones that come out in the country this far are usually JW’s.



Yay, a fellow Missourian! It’s good to see that I’m not alone. To be honest, I expected this kind of behavior from the JW’s. But the Baptist have really stepped it up.

They’re becoming worse than the mosquito population. They’re so fucking annoying. In the past I rarely ever had this problem. I dealt with maybe 2 or 3 religtard solicitors in a span of 11 years.

But recently. I feel like they’re having a big religious movement. They’re knocking on everyone’s door. They’re being pushy about it.

I was really aggravated one day when I came and they put a big sticker on my glass door with their number and everything. I had a heck of a time peeling it off. When I ripped it off, it left pieces of paper all over my glass door. So I had to get Windex and a razor to get the residue off.

I called the number and told them my address, told them to leave me alone, told them that I was exercising my right of Freedom From Religion and that I don’t want them leaving anything at my doorstep ever again. I told them to leave me alone. So for a while, there were no pamphlets or bs religion propaganda being dumped on my doorstep.

Then sometime after this guy knocked on my door. I answered and he said the Baptist church was having a grill at the park. Free burgers and that everyone was invited for prayer. I said no and shut the door in his face.

Then again, I came home to seeing a pamphlet hanging on my door. I took it off and pitched it the garbage.

Then there was the dumb ass old ladies wanting to spread their religion.

Speaking of which. The church has a grill in town next to Wendy’s and Taco Bell every Saturday with “free food” and “free prayer”. I thought about just going and grabbing a free burger. But then I was deterred because I saw a group of people in a prayer circle, so I was like “never mind”. The burger isn’t really free. By taking the burger I’m consenting and allowing them to shove their beliefs in my face. Fuck that shit, I’ll just go to Sonic and buy a burger.

These people don’t seem to realize that if people want religion they’ll go to one of many of the church’s in town. They don’t want one some religious zealot coming to their doorstep wanting to preach their version. I don’t even think religious proselytizing should be allowed in town to be real honest. They offer free food and free whatever as a lure. “Free” is what these groups do to rope people in and get them indoctrinated into their cult.

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I would have told them that I was going to visit their church and do what they did to me, leave a sticker on their door. And that just like them, it is very difficult to remove.


Yes it is. Unfortunately we are a small minority. Although I grew up here,
I have lived in other states and returned here due to extended family etc…When I returned to Mo. I was shocked at the pandemic of ignorance, bigotry, religious fervor, gun fetishes and the like. I came to the conclusion that my experience growing up in a clearly more liberal community, was not a widespread occurrence, and in fact, contrary to what I had come to believe, Missouri is a solidly southern state with all of the characteristics of a Deep South Klan nightmare. There are pockets of rationality but they are few and far between.
For those of us who value reason and rationality, it is incumbent upon us to nurture our relationships with everyone who shows any signs of sanity, in spite of minor disagreements we may have. That requires a great deal of patience and tolerance, and frankly after the last five years or so, my level of tolerance has dropped to a nearly undetectable level. I find myself wanting to slap someone on a fairly regular basis….


lol it’s bad! When I moved to Florida for 11 months. I worked for at a doctor’s licensing business for a guy who had converted to Judaism. He was obsessed with the occult and talked about how he had hired “witches” to work for him in the past. Surprisingly, he wasn’t annoying about it. He really liked me, despite he’d give empty threats to fire me. He’d always give my kids stuff.

Other than that, most of the people I met were NOT all about religion. They were into other things. Mostly interested in finding jobs,smoking weed, or talking about the military and politics. They didn’t bring up “church” and “god”. They didn’t give a fuck about those things in Panama City.

lol they mainly referred to Missouri as religious bigots and called it the Snow Bird state.

Then I come back to Missouri after Hurricane Michael and start to slowly notice that people are very religious where I’ve grown up. Evidently there’s a huge difference between Missouri and Florida on these things.

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I recently moved from South Florida to North Central Florida, and the cultural differences are amazing.

I now live on the fringes of the Bible Belt . . . and you can tell because everything is “church this” and “church that” . . . and it’s reflected in my healthcare job and so forth.

I’ve had patients (at the hospital) get upset because I don’t get on my knees and pray with them, and have had similar conflicts with their relatives.

“Why would it hurt you to pray with an elderly woman? Are you so selfish that you can’t fake it just to make her happy? What kind of a monster are you?”

And then comes the assumption that I don’t care as much about human life as a religious person, because a lack of religion is equated with a corresponding lack of ethics and a lack of morality . . . so I don’t really care about the patients, which leads us to the question of why I should be allowed to treat people when I don’t care.

Sometimes, organized religion makes me very, very angry.


Say WHAT??? What the hell is wrong with you? You turned down a FREE snow cone? :astonished:… DUDE! Man, I would have been like, “Why, thank you, ladies. Please, come in out of this heat and have a seat and cool off a moment. What would you like to discuss? Do you have an extra snow cone for my wife? She doesn’t really like them, but I’ll eat it for her, because that is the kind of loving husband I am.”

Aw, man, I just don’t know what to think about you right now. Thought you were smarter than that. Now my image is shattered. :cry:

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Well, you know you just can’t please some people. A snow cone AND salvation? All in one neat package? Holy shit, if those crazy witches that came to my house had offered me treats along with the ticket to heaven, I would have been all nice and shit for, oh I don’t know, at least long enough to see if the snow cone had real sugar or that fake crap. Sheesh Mr D, maybe if we patronize them they will bring us some lasagna next time.:stew:

I don’t really like snow cones. I have a lot of fillings in my teeth from cavities and they’re pretty cold sensitive. I really don’t like the free snow cones that come with a religious price tag.

I did ask my girlfriend if she wanted one. She said no.

If it was a free Olive Garden gift card. You bet I would have!


He is an alternate tactic. Agree to their request, but with the provision that they must listen to you talking for three minutes, they talk for three minutes, and so on.

What I would say would be something like this: “Oh wonderful, please come in good ladies. It is only fair and reasonable I listen you you. But it is also fair that you listen to my side of the story too. So please come in, is there anything you want to drink? Lemonade, any beverage? So anyways, I shall begin by telling my side of the story, then after three minutes you get your turn. I have an egg timer for three minutes, I will place it on the table in front of us. As soon as the sand runs out, it is your turn to speak. I will flip the timer, and after three minutes, it will be my turn to speak.”

Or just tell them to stay on the porch, that they may be vampires and a vampire requires an invitation to enter a residence.


Oooohhhh I know a guy who is very superstitious about vampires. He carries garlic and a cross on him. He cleaned out the fridge one day at work and brought in all of these leftover garlic condiments, dumped them on my desk, and asked if he could take them home. He said he spreads it around outside to ward off vampires. I was like “are you serious?”. I asked the salesmen out on the floor about it and they say he’s serious. I thought he was fuck’n with me. I didn’t think people actually believed in them anymore (the supernatural vampires anyway)

He keeps a stake out in the glove box of his beat up green truck. He said he whittled it from an old wooden chair.

He believes vampires go the cemetery where they were buried before they’re turned. A while back he said some girls were at the cemetery on a Saturday night. He walked up and asked them what they were doing there. They asked him to go away. But he kept hanging around them. They got freaked out by him and ran off. But obviously he thought they were vampires. I wonder if he’s actually killed anyone while under the influence of these beliefs. He told a mechanic in the back about cutting someone’s head off.

He’s warped. I blame religion because you know. Vampires are hated by “god” and some Christian sects actually believe in Witches and Vampires. I guess I just didn’t realize how serious they were about it until the pastor at Endurance Church started telling their followers that watching “Twilight” was sinful and that vampires are evil creatures made by the devil. He even claimed Harry Potter was evil because “witchcraft”. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Oh! Okay. Phew! Holding out for the better offer. Makes sense. Good. You have redeemed yourself. My faith has been restored.

What the fuck was he doing hanging around a cemetery late Saturday night?

I can understand the girls, it is remote and private, and a bit spine-tinging. A great place to party.

But for someone who sincerely believes in vampires… his motives at the least are suspect.

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They have to sweeten the pot more you know? I can’t do cheap watered down snow cones and prayers. They could at least try to offer me a free Pepsi and a Reeses as a good ice breaker.

Vampire hunting or kidnapping maybe?

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