Religions are wrong we are not here for the reasons they claim

I am Marcel, and his is my first post.I am tired whenever there is a atheist post on the internet its Christians describing what atheism is, I cannot speak for all atheist, but when I am finished with this post I will give the proof that religions are man made creations. Being an atheist I must still believe all this must have been created by something greater than our selves. Darwin’s theory of evolution did receive acceptance from the scientists but there was one area that Darwin did not even attempt to provide an explanation for the origin of the first replicating cell. Scientists till today have no clue how life began, nor do I. Religions are all making claims of a creator, in books all written by humans like us. We all have to believe somethings greater than us must have created all this. For that we must go back to the past to find the true facts today. What can be proved from the past? Our creators are not one offs but superior species, also with life cycles like us, we will also not get answers after death for why we were here. (will explain proof later) I will refer to a god in small letters as the Greeks created the first gods they also created the Jesus story. The reason for this paper is to try and make sense of this planet, why certain thing took so long to be created, and then destroyed just so different things could be created. I am relying on information that is available from others about the creation of our planet. Let’s start with the first period the Phanerozoic period that’s claimed to have stretched from the earth’s formation about 542 million years ago. If so much time was spent creating this planet the gods that did it must have had a plan for it as they had around 400 million years to do it.So the first thing earth this big rock was formed the most important thing about it was the materials used to make it. If we look at what we know today we must believe whoever created it must have had an idea that someone will have uses for it millions of years in the future. We don’t know what else was created after this rock was formed I believe some living thing was already created during this period as the next period the Mesozoic Era arrived this was the most important era for man’s discoveries on this planet, it’s the time that man for the first time found proof of dating something that were marked out by geologists to distinguish among various types of geologic strata laid down tens of millions of years ago, since dinosaur fossils were found embedded in rock. The bible story all lies.(Genesis 1-1) said the earth was formless empty and in darkness meaning it did not exist before 5000 years ago and was made in just one day. (more later)

Could you define greater than us, as that sounds very subjective to me?

I see no evidence at all, only a subjective claim, and am not sure why you keep using the word prove at all?

Quelle surprise, isn’t that always the way.

You will need to demonstrate objective evidence that anything was created. So far all I see are outlandish subjective claims.

The evidence we have for the formation of solar systems like our own, does not evidence creation.

That’s just a circular reasoning fallacy, and a begging the question fallacy, lease accurately define “gods” then demonstrate objective evidence they exist, before you reel off unevidenced claims about them.

Sigh…you keep putting your wheezy clapped out old pony behind your cart here, and for the love of god can you use paragraphs, my tired old eyes are being ruined to read this unevidenced nonsense.

The Genesis myth is unevidenced superstition, and yes it makes claims that are at odds with scientific facts, this of course doesn’t help your unevidenced claims here

Please demonstrate some objective evidence for your claims.

That’s because Darwin did not have a “Theory of Evolution.” Darwin had a theory of “Natural Selection as the driving force for the theory of evolution.” (*Cosmology is not Evolution) " Evolutionary thought, the recognition that species change over time and the perceived understanding of how such processes work, has roots in antiquity—in the ideas of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Church Fathers as well as in medieval Islamic science. With the beginnings of modern biological taxonomy in the late 17th century, two opposed ideas influenced Western biological thinking: essentialism, the belief that every species has essential characteristics that are unalterable, a concept which had developed from medieval Aristotelian metaphysics, and that fit well with natural theology; and the development of the new anti-Aristotelian approach to modern science: as the Enlightenment progressed, evolutionary cosmology and the mechanical philosophy spread from the physical sciences to natural history. Naturalists began to focus on the variability of species; the emergence of palaeontology with the concept of extinction further undermined static views of nature. In the early 19th century prior to Darwinism, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744–1829) proposed his theory of the transmutation of species, the first fully formed theory of evolution. Darwin discovered the mechanism for evolution and that was over 150 years ago. His theory is now archaic. Modern science now recognizes more mechanisms of evolution, mutation, non-random mating, gene flow, finite population size (genetic drift), and natural selection. There are likely more but I am no biologist.

Most certainly wrong. They have tons of clues but have not been able to put them together yet.

Wrong, We need not believe in anything without evidence.

Are you insane? The Greeks were nowhere near the creators of the first god. Not even close.

Begging the question. You don’t get to assert a 'Who." You must demonstrate a 'Who." You just poisoned the well. You need to go back and demonstrate that there was a 'Who." You are dead in the water with no place to go from this point forward.

Nothing else you go to from here matters. Demonstrate a 'Who."

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I will reply latter as some things will become more clear. This Mesozoic era was divided in three by man the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous era’s man could now determine what lived in what era. The Mesozoic Era that lasted between 250-65 million years ago. During this period species arrived and species disappeared between these three periods. the information we can take from that proves that gods also have a life cycle just like us If you look at all creations on earth it was all done in stages, will a god create something and then just destroy it and replace it with something else? It’s claimed that whales were first a land animal and evolution changed it into a sea creature, by taking away his legs and replaced them with fins. I believe not, I believe it was done by another god or other gods that did not like the previous god’s creation? I believe the Phanerozoic period as the Mesozoic Era must have had many gods during all those millions of years ago. The largest dinosaurs did not emerge until the Cretaceous period, which started over 100 million years ago; question is why were these monsters made? It could not have been made by the same gods that created the smaller pre historic creatures so many million years before? People today claim the dinosaurs and all other prehistoric creatures was killed by an asteroid or an ice-age that’s all allot of bull they were killed by the same things that created them, not necessary the same ones. Getting to the first human like specie the Homo habilis which evolved around 2.8 million years ago that brings up another question what happened between the end of the Mesozoic Era 65 million years ago and the first Homo specie 2.8 million years ago? Did the gods intelligence increases over time? Firs we must get the evolution theory out of the way, evolution does not exist everything is and was a new creation. The Mammoth did not changed into an elephant, the sabretooth did not changed into a lion it was not evolution changes it was new creations by, that god of that time. We have apes with a DNA close to ours, a god created that ape and we will never know why he gave it a DNA close to ours? That still means nothing man is and was a new creation and no evolution is going to change him into something different, a gorilla started out as a gorilla and will always stay a gorilla. The gods intelligence must have increased with every new gods making improvements on us the next improvement was the Neanderthals that also had a significantly larger brain, they lived around 300,000 to 400.000 thousand years ago its interesting the time difference between the Homo habilis and the Neanderthals and the difference of the arrival of the Homo sapiens that was created very close in time to the Neanderthals that shows the creation differences was minimal but it was still a new creation. By looking at the god’s improvements it’s very much like what we as humans are doing we progressed from replacing the horse with a car and then technology just went on from there. Did the gods create us to be closer to something like themselves? We are the only living creature on this planet that is not only here to eat and to bread our question must be why? Why did it take all those millions of years creating thing that did just that? Was it a higher power god decision? I don’t believe the god’s of the dinosaurs period was thinking or had the capability in creating a human; it’s like people in the 1860s thinking of making a cell phone. For those that still believe in a big bang theory, the precision of all these living creatures is just too precise for a big bang theory scenario. There was and is creators they created everything but not for the reason religions want to use them. Religions are responsible for more killings and suffering for all that did not convert to its religion, all in the mane of a god of love. more latter

Sorry, but can you please use paragraphs, that wall of text is giving me a headache.

You also need to change your profile I think.

marcel gombault
I am an/a: Atheist

Beyond that the post is a facile disjointed unevidenced and subjective rant, it’s risible if it is meant to be a cogent argument for a deity, simply stringing subjective unevidenced claims together in tandem. Very poor stuff indeed. Randomly typing “god did it” into a disjointed history of evolved species is no evidence for a deity.

Just a thought, but thus wall of text, and execrable grammar remind me unerringly of Uranus333’s verbiage, another theists who also lied in his profile. I don’t suppose the IP address on this one bares any resemblance at all?

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As a moderator I changed your profile to reflect the true nature of your identity.
Mind you, being a liar reflects your identity as well.


The Old Testament the story claiming to be the existence of life. Starting with Adam who was created in just 1 day, 5000 years ago. Who wrote those early biblical happenings down? Did Adam and Eve had a language and even if they did, they still needed to create shapes that would represent the words they spoke into a written language they would also had to learn to remember those shapes as a certain word, and teach others to read write and understand those shapes Then they still had to find something to write on and to write with. I also cannot see how the two people by themselves could think of creating a language for themselves. The earliest form of writing we have can be found in caves in Africa and in the pyramids in Egypt. Most of those markings consisted of pictures of animals. There is no way someone could make a language out of that or create a manuscript like the bible. Noah and the big flood came a 1000 years after Adam how can those happening be remember for such a long time?
Moses was the cruelest and can be compared to Nazism he ordered the killing of enemy boys and approved the raping of the girls all in the name of his God, This story of the cruel old God had to change man needed a new story but they needed to link it to the old story and location to make it believable. The old testament was written in Hebrew the language of the Jews.
The New Testament never happened it was mostly an all Greek creation written in the Greek language with its own alphabet, hundreds of years later and was sold all over the world to nations as the true story of the new son of god. (Will get back to that later) This new religion in itself had many contradicting verses; every author added his own set of verses that could be interpreted differently and have different meanings, that allowed Kings and religions adding, removing and changing verses into different meanings, more suitable for the way they want the story of religion to be. Many stories of other authors were not accepted. Arab tribes of the times were polytheistic, worshipping their own set of gods. Then came Mohamed with a new religion a big army and killed all that did not accept this new religion. The Quran was written only after Mohamed’s death and contains references to many people from the bible in the old and New Testament yet similar but also some notable differences. They also did the same as what the Greeks did, combining its story with that of the bible to make it believable. They also had to move the origin of its religion to Jerusalem. Moving to Jesus, and how big his following was according to the bible “Jesus to a lake draw large crowds from Galilee, Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea and the regions across the Jordan and around Tyre and Sidon to Acorging” also the masses were there when he did the miracles. So this all happened in Israel the land of the Jews but yet the Jew never remembered such happenings, but they all remember the Old Testament story that happened more than 5000 years before Jesus. This new story was designed to create peace and love but it created just the opposite. (More proof on this latter)
Back to (Genesis 1-1) What did the biblical God do before his 7 day creation? Compare that with the Phanerozoic period that lasted for around 400 million years, something that’s more realistic for what was created here. During that period there must have been upper gods someone must have known something about the end result, are we that end result? Before the coming of modern day man food was the only thing needed to survive. Firs thing man found was materials to make stronger weapons and then others for different applications, and he also found gold that became the symbol of wealth. As time passes man found new things one was sand called silicone it changed our world it had certain electrical properties and all electronics today need to use it. The gods must have seen that we created gods and religions for ourselves and how much killing that created, but for them humans killing each other means nothing. In fact in the past they created the largest monsters that did nothing but kill each other. Let’s suppose there is a god like the one in religion that will judge us after death. Scriptures in the New Testament clearly states not to associate with non-Christians, the Koran got similar verses. Both religions also allows for killing other in its god’s name supported with scriptures. How does a god of religion judge them if he did not came and explain the correct religion, if any. Why don’t those in religion ask this question? Christians claim that the son of its God came and gave the true religion. The truth is this son contributed nothing towards this new religion, he also did nothing in showing those in other religions what is the correct religion. Long after his death they only started spreading stories of his existence when different authors spreading similar story’s each adding something different over many years apart. I do not believe we have a soul and that we will get an answer after death. For the god’s we are just not important enough for them to give us an explanation for why we are here. The bottom line is we are just one of their creations, if earth was created purely for us to worship a god, then we would have been the first ones here.
What are those that created us doing? We know they are far more advanced as a specie that must be living a completely different life from ours? They could be living in faraway outer space as we are only able to see a very small part of this universe.
Were we only a project to them and is this project still progressing? Let’s go back to the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s that’s the time when people like Edison, Tesla and Hendry Ford became famous for what they created, but it was not just creations, it was having the ability to take those creations to market for the masses.For that man had to develop completely new industries for production. For this we must go back to the beginning of the metals that was placed on this earth so man that came millions of years later could use them and mix them to make stronger metal that could be used to create tools that could cut, bend and form softer metals. Man also had to design machines that were used to create the component for a finished product. The firs production machines used cams systems, them came electrical systems. And then we came to the first computer controlled system that changed the entire world on how things are being created. The speed of how fast electronics and software are still being improved on every day is mind blowing. I must ask again are we still a project in progress for gods they must have done some changes to us to receive this new wisdom.
AI is a scary thing some are asking how far this artificial intelligence can go. For the near future it will result in unemployment as man will always be the bad link in any manufacturing proses. In the longer term it can become an even bigger problem as man will be relying on more advanced electronics and software technologies in everyday life, more advanced people will be needed to keep them working, what if all this software programing find ways of programing by themselves and creating things man don’t want? The option is man can still switch of its power but by that time man will be so dependent on all this sophisticated technologies he can’t go without it. AI did not start now it started 540 million years ago when all man’s technology was placed for him on this big rock to find and to develop. If this world was made only so all those creatures before man could have food to survive then it could just have been made out of useless rock for things to grow on. I must believe the gods cannot just be a single something he must be large specie like us. What their involvement with us is now, we will never know. One of the things we must ask ourselves is why are all these planets and other things in space around us? We just don’t know why those god’s put them there they must know that our curiosity will want us to know more about that. Man already went to his Moon and there is talks that man wants to place people there, there is also talks of wanting to go to Mars. Are we a project for god’s to see how far we will go in developing our knowledge? Or is it for them to see how far they can go in developing us to see what we can do? We are just the ones not knowing about all these things. We just see and accept all these new things man is designing around us; we actually got to the point that nothing is impossible for us anymore. When they found oil and it could power a car no one asked the question who places the oil here? The only thing we asked, where can we find more? Did man created religions so it could give a story to make sense of this world? Important fact of the Cyrus the Great of Persia era (600 BCE) conquering most of West Asia and Near Asia and much of Central Asia Cyrus his achievements in human rights, politics, and military strategy, as well as his influence on the traditions of both the Eastern world and the Western world… influence in the ancient world would eventually extend as far west as Athens where upper-class Athenians adopted aspects of the culture of the ruling class Cyrus became well-known among scholars at the time for having respected the customs and religious traditions of the lands that he conquered he authorized and encouraged the return of the Jewish people to the former Kingdom of Judah officially ending the Babylonian captivity. More proof Cyrus the Great is described in the Hebrew Bible and left a lasting legacy on Judaism due to his role in facilitating the "return to Zion of the Jews. Judah is Israel According to the map, ancient Judah is the core of ancient Israel. If Cyrus that lived 600 BC and was mentioned in the Jewish bible, must that then be the time that the Hebrew bible was written? This is some time before Jesus a time when all Jews came back from Babylonian captivity. They then must have witnesses the Jesus miracles and his popularity and followers that came in their thousands from all over Israel/ Judah in worshipping him, yet the Jewish people don’t know of such person or happenings in Israel.
The true fact is. The New Testament was a combination of Athens and Rome upper-class that adopted aspects of the ruling class in the creation of a new religion. Both the Greeks and Romans created gods for themselves it is difficult to know when Greek mythology started, stories told of Crete, which flourished from about 3000 to 1100 BCE. Roman gods came much later. Both countries had many battles in war. A new story for a new religion that included a hell after death was born, in the hope of solving world problems. Problem was other religions wanted the same thing just with a different story. The Muslims went as far as saying that God jump ship to its religion. Israel became the land of proof of religions. Israel was the land of the Jews, but it now had two other religions claiming its religion also originated on this same land, as they both has to link their God onto the same God story of the God of the Jews. These new religions now both had to show its presence in the holy city as they need proof of its religions origin. The wars of religion this was a time that Jerusalem the holy city was the center point of both these religions. It was a time that the Muslims were in control of the holy city. This resulted in the first Christian crusher and catholic Pope Combination war against the Muslims in trying to take the holy city back for Christianity. More later.

Well, that is quite the wall of text. Someone has been busy. UMMMM…Probably worthy of a High School history class, provided your teacher is neither Christian nor overly critical. I’m left wondering… Was there a point? Usually, it helps to lead off with some sort of reason or main idea for the wall of text that follows.

Adam couldn’t read or write? Hmm. I would be amazed to learn how you knew this. I always thought it was a made-up story. You know, a myth. A bit like Homer’s Odyssey. Now, I no more believe in the magical journey of the main character in the Odyssey than I do in the story of Adam and Eve. At the same time, arguing about it is a bit like arguing over who is the better Starship Captian, Picard or Kirk? I’m just left wondering “Why?”


We know this? That’s fantastic! I mean, it’s really terrific.

Will you be the one revealing the evidence of this to humanity? If the parades in your honor come to the Chicago area, look for the bearded guy in a Black Sabbath t-shirt with folded arms and a raised eyebrow and give a wave.

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Well, to be blunt, there never would have been a Picard without Kirk first.
Now of course there is the issue of the definition of better…but I digress (first time ever)

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@marcel1, is it your plan to pop in here every week or so, post a sea of text, disappear, then rinse and repeat?


If we begged you would you share it with us? If you think I am reading that wall of text after you have ignored all the previous responses you’re madder than your posts suggest.

FYI what you’re doing is preaching, not debate. Yes I see the irony of an atheist coming here to preach his unevidenced beliefs.

I would suggest that by virtue of your humanity you are not an atheist.

Put into a preposition you are making the assertion, "No human is an atheist.’

Not a problem. I completely agree. You see, “Atheist” is a pejorative term the Church and Theists use to describe people who do not buy into their bullshit. We are just people who do not believe in Gods. We did not call ourselves ‘Atheists’ before people like you began killing us for our non-belief. Now, the Church can no longer willy-nilly kill people for non-belief, but they still try to slander us with the term Atheists. Adopting the term and throwing it back in their face makes perfect sense. If you think there are no atheists, your argument is with the Church, not with us.

I would suggest your argument is as vapid as your ability to reason logically. What’s the ole saying? Sometimes it is better to let people think you are a fool than it is to open your mouth and prove it.


So then you do believe that everything accidentally came from nothing. Right? Of course not! Then what do you believe? I don’t know.

Still peddling this garbage? Which bears NO relation whatsoever to actual scientific postulates?

Now do you get it with the added help?

I believe you’re onto something, duckface.

You keep peddling this “Nothing” nonsense. Can you demonstrate 'NOTHING" can exist? And what in the hell do you mean “accidentally.” How in the hell would you rule out a 'Natural Cause." All you are doing is asking a stupid question, and then asking us to justify a position that we have not taken.

Demonstrate that nothing can exist.

Demonstrate that anything can come about by accident. (You would need to adequately define the term ‘accident’ prior to using it.) I think the definition you are trying to imply, the one most theists like to use is ( an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.)

Um… given that definition, aren’t all natural occurrences also accidental? The fact that oxygen bonds to hydrogen, has no ‘deliberate cause’ that anyone can point to. The word deliberately, referencing “intentionality” or something done with conscious intent. Are we ascribing consciousness to atoms?

Outside of making an inane about what we supposedly believe, something came from nothing, you have said absolutely nothing. If you are speaking of the nothing, as defined by cosmologists, when the speak of the gaps between galaxies or atoms, they are talking about quantum fields. If you are speaking of the nothing of philosophers, you are talking of ‘exnihilo,’ coming from a state of absence of something. But if it came from a state of absence of something, that necessarily eliminates God, any and all Gods.

All action is temporal. Any action must occur within a time and by an agent. If there is nothing, there can be no time and no agent.

Instead of blathering on about nothing. Demonstrate nothing can exist.

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Got something other than blind assertions and snide condescension to offer?

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