Religion is stupid and there is still a God in heaven

I would not call most of them pro life, instead, I call them pro forced birth since their anti abortion stance doesn’t give two shits about the girl/woman who is forced to turn over her body against her wishes.


This is true and very frustrating. I think the government and religious fanatics needs to stay out of people’s personal lives.


Well I was going to provide an example of the power of prayer to help our christian friend but I see he was suspended for being in the wrong place.

Anyway- One day I happened to look out my window and down the driveway I saw two people who I assumed were either JW’s or Mormons. As they drew nearer I could see that it was two women close in age. So Mormons since JW’s are usually one older woman and a much younger girl. As they approached my front porch and in desperation I called out to the heavens, "Oh god why won’t they leave me alone. The words were barely out of my mouth when I was suddenly filled with a certainty of what I must do. I quickly removed my clothes and then dashed to the fireplace where I found a small piece of charcoal and drew a circle segmented into eighths on my chest . I was ready so when the knock came I flung open the door and declared, "Oh good your here and just in time. Come in, come in, the ceremony will begin shortly. God answered my plea since I haven’t seen them since.

While I appreciate the humour, I can achieve a similar, and in some ways far more effective result, without bothering with any appeals to a cartoon magic man.

I invite them in, and subject them to a two hour lecture on the sex lives of invertebrates.

They leave skid marks on exit. Usually followed by my house being blacklisted, and my never seeing them again. :slight_smile:

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I told two young mormon men recently I was an atheist, judging from the look on their faces, they had received similar news from others, and asked rather dejectedly if there were “anyone who believed in god around here”? I said there very likely was, almost over my shoulder, as I was on my way to the pub. It seemed to do the trick.

What about people who claim to have experienced other deities in exactly the same fashion? You can’t count it as evidence only when it suits you, then discard it when it does not.

FWIW, no one has ever been evidence to recover from brain death to relate anything. The anecdotes described in so called “near death experiences” are from people in cardiac arrest, being kept alive, and the resuscitated by medical science. At best it is an appeal to mystery, and not really that mysterious either, since science can already explain how our brains continue to function whilst being starved of oxygen, after our hearts stop beating. There’s nothing to see here, another empty bag…

What is your criteria for disbelief here, is it remotely objective, or do you just discard the ones from competing superstitions, that claim to be evidencing different deities?

No it wouldn’t, that’s a false dichotomy fallacy is ever there was one.

Are you saying Muslims Hindus and Jews etc., don’t have minds and hearts? How does that work exactly? Most religions are designed to indoctrinate or people into accepting their claims uncritically, in may places now religion’s don’t have the power they once had to bully people with violence and threats of the same.

You may have gone a step too far and are asserting antitheism. It’s not a problem if you actually know what you are arguing. Your argument does not even begin to touch a deist god. Your assertion does also not address pantheistic belief.

In the deist perspective, God created and left the universe to fend for itself. In the pantheistic perspective, you are missing God because you are god. (Everything is a manifestation of god. All things are god breathed.) Your skepticism is God arguing with itself.

I’ve given you two situations where that is not the case. Like most antitheists, you are jumping the gun. What you need to do, Like any Christian, is specifically describe the exact god you are claiming does not exist. A sweeping generalization that attempts to force all gods into the same category will always fail.

Interesting, that you bring this up. This is exactly what the Christian god does, every time he attempts to thwart evil. What did he do for Satan? The one angel who was willing to stand against him. God made Hell. What do we know from that? We know that God can remove people from heaven for disagreeing with him. We know that when you challenge god, you will burn in hell. We know that, eventually, anyone in heaven who offends god will end up in Hell. Since the good Christians go to Heaven for an eternity, it just might be argued that they would all offend god at some point. Eventually, heaven will be empty and everyone will end up in hell. (This is not an argument. Just an observation.)

Before you run about shouting that there is no god. Slow down, take a breath, and find out which god the theist is talking about. How different god assertions are debunked is completely contingent on the arguments for those gods. If you jump out there too quickly with your “God does not exist.” you are accepting a burden of proof. You can’t prove anything about any god when you don’t know which god you are talking about or what belief system you are addressing. (Slow your horses.)