Rejecting Evidence

Why do Christians reject Evolution and Anthropology when there’s empirical evidence supporting it?

There’s some Christians who don’t even believe that dinosaurs existed. At what point is it safe to call those people stupid?

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At the point they bring it up in defence of their God.

Evolution has nothing at all to do wtith the existence of a god or gods. If evolution were 100% false, it would not move the god claim one inch closer to being true, correct, valid, or verified in any way. The god claim must provide evidence for itself. The god claim is not even at the stage of a hypothesis at this point. To be a hypothesis there must be some form of 'Limited Evidence." Anyone seen any 'Limited Evidence" for the existence of god lateley? I sure havent. All we have is a blind assertions based on Iron Age mythology. Nothing more. How does disproving evolution help that situation?

My fantasy is true because I can point to an inconsistancy in your science. This is just FUCKING STUPID. You can call them stupid as soon as they mention the word ‘Evolution.’ They don’t know what the fuck they are talking about or why they fuck they are bringing up the subject.


Granted, as with most everything, there are exceptions. That being said, in most cases it really does not matter if they believe in those things or not. And for those who DO actually have a grasp on reality in regards to scientific studies/research, the primary factor in keeping them tied to their religious beliefs is… (wait for it)… FEAR. Plain and simple. “Better to believe, just in case.” (Pascal’s Wager) I personally lived with it for most of my life. No matter how much my rational mind told me the whole thing is a sham, the religious doctrines I was taught kept me shackled to them by uncertainty and fear. Basically, it is one big double-edged-sword mind-fuck. Most often on here (and in my daily life) I actually feel bad/sorry for those who are still stuck in their “faith”, because I actually understand, and can relate to, the struggle they are having with it.

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But look at it from other side, from the perspective of christianity. If evolution were true, there wouldn’t have been an Adam and Eve, hence no original sin, hence no reason for a savior, hence no basis for their religion.


Not true at all. You have not read your bible. Adam and Eve were “Put in the Garden” not 'Created in the Garden." Christians who do believe in evolution have already done the work-around.

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It is safe to call a Christian stupid, for simply being a Christian. Their whole ideology was made up by people from 2,000 years ago who didn’t have the technology we have today and CLEARLY didn’t have the knowledge we have today. Not to mention they believe in a book that promotes bigotry, incest, slavery, and murder.


Sir Isaac Newton was a christian.

@AndrewFerguson I must respectfully disagree because I know of many very intelligent and thoughtful people who are theists. I do hold to the position that religion (as a whole) requires stupidity and ignorance to survive, but it is societal pressures and a person’s upbringing that is also a major determining factor.

A theist who is low on the intelligence scale can get far by just spouting religious crap, and that is part of the con.


No. They are Stupid: Having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. with regard to a specific belief and that can be demonstrated. It’s more likely, ‘They have a blind spot.’ Now, if that blind spot bleeds into other areas of their life… well… you got to call them like you see them.

I work with a collegue who has not got a fucking clue what a ‘FACT’ is. His religious upbringing has fucked up his mind so much that he has avoided them his entire life in all things. He just does not get objective evidence supporting claims. His student reports are full of platitudes and generalities with no objective content at all. What would you do if you were a parent and got told “Tom is sometimes disruptive in class.” What in the fuck does that mean . What does he do? Well you know. No, I fucking don’t know. How is he being disruptive. Well, he talks alot. It’s a fucking English class asshole. He is supposed to talk alot. What in the fuck does Tom, do that makes you think he is disruptive? When do you stop your class and talk to him. Well, I stop when he is writing on his desk. WHAT THE FUCK!!!@ N Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh!@


I apologize if I seemed to be coming down hard on your opinion. For your first post I should have been less harsh.

But we all have our own individual opinions, I just hold to my opinion that religion is just the most successful con game of all time, and no matter how smart one can be, one can fall victim to this con.


I’m now going to enjoy seeing how much evidence is going to be rejected by the latest mythology fanboy to turn up here …


It’s fine, I see where you’re coming from. I really do think religion does far more harm than good and the world would be a much better place without it.


You didn’t say “Religion was stupid.” You said, “can you call a Christian stupid.” Not the same thing.
I’ve not met a religion I did not regard as pretty damn silly. And they do tend to make a lot of stupid claims.

I fully agree and I would extend that statement to “there is nothing in religion that could be accomplished more effectively with secular methods.”

Providing community? Ever go to a Bears game? Or even better, join a bowling league. You spend more time together with more people each week, actually interact, and you even get some exercise. Counseling for emotional issues? Any trained psychologist or counselor is much better than some priest telling you to pray harder. Charity? Even WWF runs ads and relies on guilt. And at best, their books are open for external audit.

Providing a feeling of bliss?


True, and I know I only said it was Christians, but it’s not just them. I find religious people in general to be very childish, naive, uneducated, and even delusional. I also believe that religion is nothing more than mind slavery and I find it to be completely unnecessary. I don’t need a magical space wizard to tell me why stuff like murder, rape, and arson are bad.

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People are people - It is not so much that the people are uneducated, naive, childish, and delusional. It is that they are the people the religions target.’ Religions specifically target and take advantage of anyone in a disadvantaged state (The sick, the elderly, the uneducated, the poor, the dying, the injured, etc…), and then, they GUILT TRIP the healthy into giving them money under the guise of 'helping the (previously mentioned). They then take that money and use it for their own needs, spending $10,00 on a photo of a starving kid with a bowl of rice in his hand, and tell the congregations what a great thing they have done with their millions of dollars in donations. The Church targets STUPID PEOPLE WHO DON’T ASK QUESTIONS. And then, does everything it can to keep them that way. Finally, Many of your fellow atheists were the uneducated, childish, (In my case I prefer child-like), naive, and even delusional people you are speaking of. We all start someplace.


I think some people who tithe think their god is going to give them “good luck” or riches or the land of oz in return for their money.

Tithing never did jack shit for me. I bitched about having to give the church my hard earned money from when I was a teen boy working a dead end job. I’d always tell my mom they were just going to blow it on shit for the church and that I didn’t need their help.

People would argue that “god” would take care of me even if I gave him every penny of my paycheck. All it did was make things difficult and I couldn’t afford to throw money at the church.

It’s a big fuckimg waste of money. It’s worse than taking 4 or 5 of your friends out and buying their dinner. You get to be broke and they benefit off of your back. It does nothing but causw hardship and it’s a fucking rip off. An unproven god does nothing to reward you for giving it a cash offering.

I had the youth pastor telling me to give up allll my money. Dump it in the offering plate & he’d push. Be a free uber driver for the church members who are helpless or who are losers who won’t help themselves. Be altruistic they’d say…what they meant was be a door mat. Let those asshole theists take advantage of me because I want a gold ticket into heaven.

Don’t fuck the young 20 year old girls. You won’t go to heaven. Be polite and kiss everyones ass or you wont get your ticket.

Bunch of fucking bums is what they all were. Every Wednesday or some part of the week when I was pushed into doing church activities, this anger towards the members just made me want to chew them up and spit them out. I loathed the pastor. I loathed the youth pastor.

I didn’t see a “god”. Those people acted like they were god. Making false promises to “guide” me.

My hatered for those people grew constantly.

Dark thoughts started happening. Columbine dark thoughts. I fucking hated them. All they did was manipulate me. Make a fool out of me. I wanted them to pay for their bullshit. They didn’t treat me like a human being. They treated me like a free servant. The joke was on me.

Eventually I started breaking their rules. I became obnoxious and hateful to be around. They toldmy mom that the devil was influencing me and I was in spiritual crisis.

All they did was try to keep control. Manipulation tactics. Censorship. They played every card they could.

What really had happened over time was that I had become a closet atheist.

They kicked me out eventually after I told the youth pastor to go fuck himself. I sent him hate mail and death threats on MySpace. I’m done. I’ll never let a theist piss on me ever again.


Really, MrD, you should learn how to get these things out of your system. Don’t keep that shit bottled up. Tell us how you really feel. No judgement here. :joy:


Well you know, some people actually LIKE that sort of thing…


Well you know, I was 15 to 22 putting up with the Christian bullshit. My father had disowned me. I was already pissed off at the world and mentally unstable. I got nothing out of it but bullshit along with the lack of belief and no evidence for the Christian deity that I being forced to take part in. I had already shown my mom and her husband a steep unwillingness to go to church. To me, Christian activities were awkward. Christians themselves are weird. The praying and the pastors making “requests and favors” from their followers. Calling us disciples and saying that they had to be Christ like. They just wanted to be a god. I wasn’t convinced of the act. As I look back, the youth pastor must have had a hard on for the women members. The fat fuck couldn’t get laid any where else and some chicks dig religion. He said they were his girls. Right before I started sleeping with one of “his” women. That pushed him over the edge. I just did things to spite him. I hated him. I found enjoyment in disappointing him. We got into several arguments on how I lied to him. Screw him.

I was just an Atheist being forced by my parents to attend church at the time. The Baptist girl I was dating got sick of my attitude. She realized that I was not a Christian. Our whole relationship was based on sex. That was it.

She noticed that I never prayed. She noticed that I hated Church and would maje excuses not to go or that I would go to the bathroom and not come back.

She got mad when I made fun of her parents and their Church for speaking in tongues. I said something like “they’re jibber jabbering like a bunch of idiots” . That pissed her off.

She ended up leaving me for a Christian boy before she actually left me. He started answering her phone and everything a few weeks before she asked to take a “break” from me. That was code for break up to me. I became very degrading towards her. I called her a cheating bitch and she blocked me on social media.

I had some issues in my marriage with religion. I just don’t feel that me being an Atheist can coexist with a Christian. They annoy me. They have those funny theist habits that come out. I don’t want to put up with it. I refuse.

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@MrDawn The unfortunate thing is that religion and those pious assholes still own you. It is evident in your display of anger and scorn for them. Until you let go and realize it was just a shitty time in your life, the anger and religion will make you bitter and angry. And they are still winning.

I have had assholes screw me over, and for the few months after, seeth in anger and plan revenge in my head. Today, I can’t even remember their names or the exact time in my life when shit happened. They do not own me anymore, I have moved on and control my thoughts.