Regional section?

Hi, I’m new in this forum and as I wandering around I couldnt find sections which facilitates rooms for members of certain countries. why dont we have them? I think it will be helpfull for some people.

Howdy, Parm. For what it’s worth, the boards are open to everybody from everywhere to give us all a chance to learn from each other. That’s my understanding, at least. It is because of the interactions with those from other societies/cultures that I have been able to learn so many new things on here. My personal opinion, but if you have “rooms” where only those from the same regions gather, then I might as well get off the site and just go down the street to chat with my atheist buddy. See what I mean?


Hi Pam.
Atheism is a bit of a weird puppy. It is not a ‘country’ phenomena but an internet phenomena. It is the internet and the spread of information that has allowed the atheist community to thrive. Tin asserted that he would just go down the street and talk to his neighbor. I doubt that. Without the internet he would never find his neighbor. He would have never discovered his neighbor was an atheist. The people on this site are literally from all over the world. I have been in Korea for 25 years. There Information is the bane of religion. More importantly, there are ex-christians, ex-muslims, ex-buddhists, and more. The INTERNET is where ATHEISTS meet up.


Welcome, Pram!

The only room here is room for discussions which rarely digress into infighting or talk about feces.

And the streets have no name. We’ll show you a place, high on a desert plain… where the streets have no name.


Holy shit, Cog. It just dawned on me you are absolutely right about that. The only way I know about that buddy of mine is because my wife was “friends” with him on FB long before I finally made my break from religion. Even then she did not know where he lived until I started making my initial break. It was only after I started needing somebody other than her to talk with that she found out how close he lived. She then “introduced” the two of us, and he started coming over to chat now and then. He was a big part in helping me through my transition. But, yeah, had it not been for the internet, it’s likely we would have never known each other. And he is literally less than five miles from my house.


Uh, just so you know, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

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Fundamentally this forum has the “Debate Room” open to all and “Atheist Hub” accessible to just atheists.

IMO that is enough.

On a side note, Parmesan is always welcome at my table. Have you ever tried to eat fresh river toads or raw snails without it? YUCK! Everything is better with Parmesan.

Yea just found out there are AR consulates and some shit for cities around the globe so i might just check them out for now.

ive just added Toad with Parmesan to my “Things to eat before i die” list

Don’t forget the croutons! Wouldn’t be a proper Parmesan Toad dish without croutons.

Edited for ribbits.


I need to try eating a garter snake with mac n cheese. :joy: