Quora: What is the most disturbing thing in the Bible that you have found as an atheist?

Discussion: I’ll go first.

It wasn’t the most disturbing, but it ranks up there: The fact that there are 2 stories about creation - and they disagree. You’d think that the first guy to assemble these stories together would have corrected one of the versions so it is at least compatible with the other.


It’s like each story had its advocates and “The Committee” decided to leave both of the stories unaltered in order to satisfy both groups! When I encountered that, it just disturbed the heck out of me. How could anyone believe the rest of the book if this part is wrong?

And then the internet came along and someone listed all the incompatibilities. I have forgotten how many were listed. (OK, just did a quick search and someone says there are over 700!) Unbelievable!!

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The guy who handed over his daughters, instead of the guests, to be raped by the men in the village who wanted to “know” the guests. I had taken it upon myself to read the entire bible. Start to finish. I couldn’t get through the Old Testament without feeling serious cognitive dissonance. I continued, though. It didn’t get any better. Bashing babies against rocks, wiping out an entire ethnic group because they didn’t believe the same things the israelites believed, murder by bear, the abject cruelty and slaughter of children and women, the slavery, kicking out your slaves and the children you had with them into the wilderness, just because your wife was jealous. All of that and more. The New Testament is not much better.

My grandmother, my rock of gibralter, right after my mother, used to tell me that the Old Testament god was a child: petty, jealous, mean, selfish and self-centered. The New Testament god was a grown up: empathetic, loving, etc., and sometimes, grown ups had to make hard choices when it came to survival. My grandma is catholic. She sees the bible’s Old Testament largely as metaphor, not a literal historical set of documents. To her, it’s a general overview of how brutal it was for humans to live, and what they had to do to survive. The New Testament is closer to us in time and she believes the dichotomies of differences are explained by the telephone game. Mostly the same, but with some differences she can live with because overall it’s, as I said, the same. She doesn’t believe in most of the miracles and fantasies that are in there. She’s more of a realist than that. Although, and she says this all the time, it’s a bit of fabrication by the church to enhance the wondrousness of god and christ.

I really, really wanted to see it her way. But it ended up with me rejecting the entirety of my faith and the whole enchilada propounded by the bible. I saw it as a manifesto of a group that had, temporarily, come out the winner in the battle of the fittest. Justification for why they were the only ones who could live and prosper in a certain area, and why no one else was allowed to do the same. You know, live and let live.

I don’t see the bible as any different than the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson, or the Brothers’ Grimm. If I don’t believe in fairies, elves, unicorns, dragons, etc, then why would I believe in the supernatural elements of the bible? It’s not real. None of it. If it was real, why can’t archaeologists (and I am NOT including “biblical archaeologists” or, worse, Ron Wyatt-ites) find any evidence? Because it was never real. I can go on to include the repackaging of more ancient civilisations lore and the blatant plagiarism of entire canons of Sumerian/Akkadian mythology. But I will leave it at that.

I don’t see how anyone who honestly deep dives into the question: “What do I REALLY believe?” Can come out the other end of that tunnel and reject every other circumstance as false, and only one circumstance as “truth” when all of it is exactly the same.

ps: My epiphany happened when the Hubble pictures were published. Although I was already on the track to losing my religion, the images clinched it for me.

pss: I guess I didn’t really follow the instructions. I read the bible and ended up an atheist. But it is not any less disturbing reading the bible as an atheist, than it was as a believer. Disgusting is the milder of my reactions.

pss: I promise I won’t edit again after this one. I stated I had an epiphany when Hubble’s images were published. That’s only partially true. A segment of Scientific American (PBS), about the “God Helmet” was the real clincher. If anyone is interested, I posted a long list of links regarding the device and the scientist who devised the contraption somewhere in the forum. Easily googled and also on wiki.

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Gen. 1. [1] In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth . [2] And the earth was without form.

Look ma… I painted a banana.

That’s not a banana, it has no form,

Yeah, but it will someday.

God was a fuck up from the very first day.

The whole world wide flood myth, everyone on the planet dies with the exception of Noah and his family. That’s really fucked up, god gets to have a temper tantrum. Right.

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All the murder. The god in those stories is horrific.


A king says something to friends that hurts god’s feelings. The king has an infant child. God makes the TOTALLY INNOCENT infant child deathly ill to punish the king. Allows the infant child to suffer horribly for several days just to make the king beg and plead for god to spare the child. God’s like, “Nope. Fuck you. Next time don’t say bad things about me.” Then god finally lets the infant child die. All-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving god, huh? Yeah, right. My ass!

Oh, and it should be noted that I had never heard of this part of the bible (at least not that I can remember) until AFTER I escaped my religious indoctrination.

Then there is the story of Job. Pretty sure I don’t have to explain that one to anybody here. Even as a little kid way back when, that story NEVER made sense to me. It puzzled me even more as to how ANYBODY could ever think that was an “inspirational” story.


I am God, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of a life of slavery. (Never mind that we know for a fact Egypt did not have masses of Jewish slaves at the time. During first Century there was an active Jewish temple, one of the major Egyptian leaders was a Jewish General,

( Tiberius Julius Alexander (fl. 1st century) was an equestrian governor and general in the Roman Empire. Born into a wealthy Jewish family of Alexandria but abandoning or neglecting the Jewish religion, he rose to become the 2nd procurator ancient_Rome of Judea Roman_provincd. (c. 46 – 48) under Claudius (Claudius - Wikipedia)

He battled the Jews of Alexandria and became one of the most prominent Jewish Generals in history. Jews held many official positions in the Egyptian government and military. (So much for the Exodus). But that is not where I am going…

There is so much wrong with the bible that I forgot what point I was making. I had a second half to the statement above that was the main point but after justifying my position on the first point, I have forgotten the second. If we laid out all the pages of the bible and then tossed a rock blindly onto the pages, we would hit a contradiction.

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Sodom and Gomorrah compares to Gibeah, but Gibeah in Judges 19 is much worse.

There is an attempt of a woman to escape her husband, running to her father’s house-
The husband, a priest-
retrieves his wife from the father’s house-
they travel back home and end up in Gibeah, where they are taken in-
the townfolk want to rape the visiting priest-
the good host offers up his own wife-
the priest offers up his own wife-
the townfolk accept the wife -
all night **** occurs, and the wife crawls back to the doorstop-
priest wakes up to retrieve his wife and carry on with his journey (no problem)-
priest discovers his wife is dead-
chops up his wife’s body-
sends a part to each of the twelve tribes-
the 12 tribes convene, tell Benjamin to give up the men of Gibeah, Benjamin says no-
Israel fights Benjamin and is cut down-
Israel prays to YHWH, with the ark and everything, YHWH sends up Judah, which is massively defeated!-
Finally Benjamin is defeated through trickery, much as Jesus Nun at Ai, so that only 600 Benjamites remain-
Israel convenes and decides Benjamin must live, so they attack another tribe and destroy it, taking 400 young women (?!) for the Benjamites-
The women end up in Shiloh for some reason, when they go out to the fields for a festival they are abducted by the Benjamite men!!
That is a lot crazy…

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I find a lot wrong with the bible. What I have concluded about the God character, is that he murders anyone who doesn’t worship or is up to his standards.

The most “screwed” up part of the bible is when God makes a bet with Lucifer to go out and ruin a man’s life by murdering his family and making him lose his wealth. A lot of Christians assert Lucifer can’t enter Heaven after Revelations. But the book of Job seems to prove that assertion wrong when Lucifer walks into Heaven and asks God to bet on this man’s life.

Even more screwed up that Lucifer is actually a servant of God and Christians deny that too. Anything bad that happens, God is also responsible for. He’s responsible for everything. He proclaims in this scripture that he’s basically a puppet master. Which leads one to conclude that not only did God create Lucifer, but he’s also responsible for making him the big bad.

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I don’t know, It was pretty fucked up murdering every first-born son in Egypt. "Exodus 12:23 says, “For the Lord will pass through the land to strike down the Egyptians. But when he sees the blood on the top and sides of the doorframe, the Lord will pass over your home…” (Think of all the poor sheep that had to die so the people could have enough blood to paint their doorframes.)


And the Christians are okay with their god murdering little children but they want to complain about abortion?



I found the idea that Lot preferred his daughters to get gang-raped by a mob to “protect” the strangers in his house to be pretty awful.


The bible is a fucked up collection of fictional stories.

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Definitely a servant. There is an article on Academia that looks at the Persian postal service as a secret service type of organization that inspires the idea of The Accuser, or Ha Satan.
This is seems to be the purpose of The Accuser in Zechariah 3. The Accuser there is actually not saying anything incorrect. Presumably he is simply stating how Judah turned its back on Jehovah. Still, the Accuser is rebuked (despite speaking simply the truth) and Jesus (Joshua) son of Jehozadak is promoted above his peers. Satan is often telling the truth. It is just that we humans need the charges dropped!

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The important thing to know when reading the biblical stories is that the Old and New Testament stories illustrate one or more of the REAL Ten Commandments. If you don’t know that the none of the stories will make sense.

The REAL Ten Commandments are found in Exodus 34:11-28. They are identified by the inclusion of the word “shall” in the verses.

The Job story is about staying faithful to the God character regardless of the disasters that might befall you. It is a First Commandment story, which includes a couple of “shall” words (depending on the Bible version) but the applicable verse is Exodus 34:14 https://www.biblegateway.com/verse/en/Exodus%2034:14

The stories themselves don’t actually have to make sense because they are really quizzes to see if the listener, or reader, can identify which of the REAL Ten Commandments the stories are about. Once you understand that you will be able to link every story in the Old & New Testaments to the correct Commandment.

You are of course incorrect. " Part of the All Souls Deuteronomy , containing the oldest extant copy of the Decalogue. It is dated to the early Herodian period, between 30 and 1 BC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkL0dbjshG0

I really wish you Theists would wake up and do basic research prior to posting. You would not sound so ignorant. The REAL 10 commandments… the oldest “COPY” we have… AND WE ONLY HAVE A COPY (nothing real or original) … are from Deuteronomy.

Why would I care? I don’t believe your god thing exists. And, why would I remain loyal to an asshole who made a bet with a friend to destroy my life to test my friendship? That person is a complete fucking dick. And the fact that he later replaces all the fucking destruction he caused me and my life does nothing to remedy the pain he caused. Your God is a fucking jerk.

If this is a quiz, you are a gullible stooge. Send me your money and I will reward you later. There is no amount of suffering you should not endure for me. Your reward will come someday in the future. Just keep sacrificing, it’s good for your soul. We call that, being gullible. On the day you happen to get lucky, you can thank god. On the day you die, no one will ever give a shit. You are not going to link shit to shit when you are dead and gone.

Welcome to the Atheist Community.

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And you assert this based on what evidence?

Nah. Does not seem very real to me. The number of mentions of “shall” varies according to the translation, with the most in the catholic version I found (Catholic Public Domain version). Least in the New International Version. I looked up the Catholic Public Domain Version, King James Version, American Standard Version, and the New International Version. So if these commandments are defined by inclusion of the word “shall”, they vary in numbers across translations. So a very poor definition.

Besides, those “commandments” mention driving other tribes away from their lands (an absolutely fucking horsecock move), and you are commanded to destroy their altars etc., the god emphasises her narcissism by explaining how no other gods are to be heeded, how often and how to feast and sacrifice for the same narcissistic god, and for these stone age or bronze age tribes to wait for some stone tablets with similar narcissistic tripe on them.

In other words, absolutely fucking insane laws for basing a society on. They’re just narcissistic wankery from a horsecock god. Which makes it all the more likely the god is just invented by wanking narcissistic horsecock priests on a power trip.

ETA: No, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet.

You are of course incorrect. " Part of the All Souls Deuteronomy , containing the oldest extant copy of the Decalogue. It is dated to the early Herodian period, between 30 and 1 BC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkL0dbjshG0

I really wish you Theists would wake up and do basic research prior to posting. You would not sound so ignorant. The REAL 10 commandments… the oldest “COPY” we have… AND WE ONLY HAVE A COPY (nothing real or original) … are from Deuteronomy.

The basic rule is that you have to define what you are talking about. The Ten Commandments are specified as being written on two stone tablets and called the The Commandments.

The fake ones in Exodus chapter 20 were verbal and were not written on two stone tablets or called the The Commandments in the verses.

The ones in Deuteronomy chapter 5 were written on stone tablets but they are not called the Ten Commandments.

Now pay attention and you can educate yourself if you so desire. The easy way to do it is to start reading at Exodus chapter 19 and continue through Exodus chapter 34. As you read summarize every few verses in your own words with pen and paper. Exodus chapter 19 just sets the stage for what follows.

Depending on the Bible version chapter 20 may start out with the heading = The Ten Commandments
20 These are the things God told his people:"

Not all versions that. Verses 2-17 are the fake The Commandments that are pushed in silly Hollywood movies and by conmen preachers and ignorant politicians because they sound “good.” But they are immediately broken by the God character.

Continue reading and taking notes and you will get to Exodus 31:18 before Moses get the two stone tablets.

The Israelites couldn’t go 15 minutes without worshiping something so when Moses didn’t show up the people had Aaron make them the golden calf idol, a symbol from Egypt. The people got happy and noisy celebrating their freedom of religion. God and Moses heard them and God got pissed and wanted to go one of his usual killing sprees. Moses told God to chill and let him take care of it. So, Moses lugs the two stone tablets of the The Commandments down the mountain, sees the happy people flies into a rage and smashes the two stone tablets, gets his henchmen the Levites and kill over 3,000 men. They didn’t count the women and children.

In Chapter 33 God and Moses kiss and make up. In Chapter 34 God tells Moses to chip out new set of stone tablets and lug them up the mountain for a rewrite. Now pay attention!

Exodus 34:10 sets the stage for all of the biblical miracles, which is why there aren’t ay today.

Exodus 34:11-26 contains the real Ten Commandments, which are highly ethnocentric and apply to just the Jews. That is why they are ignored because even Christian dummies wouldn’t want them posted in schools and in courtrooms. But it is essential that you know what they are because ALL of the stories in the Old and New Testaments illustrate one or more of them.

Notice what it says in Exodus 34:27-28 (KJV) ="27 And the Lord said unto Moses, Write thou these words: for after the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with thee and with Israel.

28 And he was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten commandments."

I just used the word “shall” as a easy way for me to quickly identify the commandments because the verses tend to run on and are not clear like the twelve curses in Deuteronomy chapter 27:11-26.

Consider the Seventh Commandment = Exodus 34:23-24 (NKJV) = 23 “Three times in the year all your men shall appear before the Lord, the Lord God of Israel. 24 For I will cast out the nations before you and enlarge your borders; neither will any man covet your land when you go up to appear before the Lord your God three times in the year."

Remember the three times very large crowds appeared before Jesus? The Sermon on the Mount ad the two times he fed thousands of people with the bread and fish? Those stories illustrate the Seventh Commandment in action but it’s easy to miss because they are not all together in one chapter.

If you want to have some fun find the passage in the New Testament that illustrates the Tenth Commandment, Exodus 34:26. Note that the Ninth and Tenth Commandments are included together in Exodus 34:26 (NKJV) = 26 “The first of the firstfruits of your land you shall bring to the house of the Lord your God. You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.”

The Tenth Commandment is = "You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.” It is discussed at length in several passages in the New Testament. If you can’t figure it out I will tell you if you want.