Questions that make you say, “Hmmmm”. 🤔

Bringing this over from the Debate Forum since it has the potential to be randomly fun.

If dachshunds are not wolves then why do they have four legs and a tail?
If humans came from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?
If global warming is real, then why does it still snow?
If the Big Bang started time, what happened before it?
If there is no god, how come the earth is so perfect for us?
If the bible / koran made accurate predictions, why discard it as a book of stories?
If you don’t believe in god because there no proof, why believe in atheism since there’s no proof for it?
If you can’t disprove the resurrection, why don’t you believe in it?
If there’s a new moon every month, where did the old one go?
If fish ate seaweed would they get high?
If a woodchuck can chuck wood, why is there still more wood? (From @Get_off_my_lawn)

If there is only one god, why did it need a commandment insisting we have no “other gods” before it?


When my daughter was school aged, she had friends who were twins. They told me once someone asked them if they mixed each other up.


Where would we be without rhetorical questions?

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If catching a cold makes you feel bad, why were you chasing it in the first place?

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Do other planets have earthquakes?

  1. Hmmmm? 5. Hmmmm? 9. Hmmmm?
  2. Hmmmm? 6, Hmmmm? 10. Hmmmm?
  3. Hmmmm? 7. Hmmmm? 11, Hmmmm.
  4. Hmmmm? 8. Hmmmm?

Yep, I guess they worked.