Question about Mennonite women

I mean damn. I saw one the other day and she wasn’t bad look’n at all aside from her clothes. I felt sorry for her being part of a religion that abuses and subjugates women. I think she was with her husband but if she was bound to such bullshit superstitions. She could definitely do better lol. I’m guessing their families pick their husbands?

In my area the Mennonites have more Color in their clothing choice then the Hutterites. Women, head covered and skirts. Men in black/dark blue, beards and hats.

The Hutterites are not allowed outside world influences, TV, music, internet, magazines, etc and rarely leave the colony. The women are given a small allowance monthly $10-20 to buy their feminine products and other incidentals that are not purchased by the colony.

It is a very limited controlled life. Family may know of suitors in other colonies but the choice to marry and to whom is left to the individuals.

Anybody practicing religion is a sad git.
I had it forced upon me it’s fucked up. If you believe out of free will you are definitely insane. Maybe she’s brainwashed, go save her!

lol some people get so used to the cage they’re in that they become part of the problem. If people want to de-convert and lose their religion, that’s something they have to do on their own. No one can do that for you.

That’s right. Stockholm syndrome…
Many people hate change, before they know it it fits like a glove.

Maybe the guy hopes that after buying the necessary’s she’s only got enough money left for a short skirt…

There is an appeal to colony life that keeps the folks there. Setting aside the religious aspect, there is a historical tie to their ancestral history. There are also generational family ties (great-grandparents) to immediate family and extended. They are bi-lingual and are taught to a grade 8 level. They work, including kids, and gain many various practical skill sets. The kids have a great deal of freedom on the colony itself. Remember “the good old’ days” when you went out to play, unsupervised, and came back at supper? That is the activity after school and work and non-worship times.

The houses are all uniform and provided. There is a large kitchen and dining hall for the colony to eat and individual homes have small kitchens for snacks or in-between meals. All food is basically grown and cooked by the women (homemade bread) and from colony production (milk, eggs, meats etc).

You never have to pay a bill. You never have to work out a grocery budget or figure out what to cook. You never “lose” your job.

The day-to-day month-to-month decisions are never done by you - so you are never responsible or accountable for consequences to decisions.

This is very appealing for some. To be cared for. It, IMO, comes with a cost that I couldn’t personally pay … but when you are raised in this type of environment you have no clue as to what you are missing.

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Tricky that… Is sort of like prison. There must be some of them working in the outside world?

The Mennonites are weird because IMO they are hard to pin down. For every point of criticism or praise, there are valid counterpoints.

Yes, their standards of education reach only to the 8th grade. Is that a really bad thing? Because I see too many people functionally illiterate. At least Mennonites can read and do basic math. Yes, their society is very structured. For someone like me that would be intolerable. But I know many who sure could use direction their life.

As I walk down main street I notice a homeless junkie begging for his next fix, and ask myself “would he have been in a better place if he was born a Mennonite”?

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Again, I can only speak about Hutterite colonies (not all) and similar Mennonite set-ups.

The human factor within these communities. Rampant child abuse - any adult can “discipline” a child. Incest and molestation. Wife abuse. Adultery. Fornication. Alcoholism. NO divorce. Gossip and their own system of “status” (pecking order). ssshhhhhhh :shushing_face:

RCMP and Social Services are kept off the colony and things are handled “internally” :roll_eyes:

LOL… What’s the difference between a canary in a cage and a canary on the branch of a tree?
Just the size of the cage. We are all used to our cages.


Self-created also…those that don’t like their prisons or cages :wink:

lol maybe religion was one of many reasons that drove him to the drugs in the first place.

How do they manage to keep the RCMP out of the colony? Do they post armed guards?

More a figure of speech. They don’t call them.

A Mennonite colony in Bolivia had a group of men who, on multiple occasions, sprayed an anaesthetic into a house and rendered all inside unconscious or immobile, whereupon they raped the females. This particular anasthetic was used to knock out bulls before being castrated on their farms and had a convenient side effect of making the victim’s memory of events very hazy.

The victims and families had a sense that rapes were happening but were afraid to say anything (as this continued for four solid years, no less) because other houses in the community might think that their homes were occupied by the devil.

Cruelty may be an ineradicable part of the human condition but maintaining environments where that cruelty may flourish is, at this point, anachronistic and playing into the hands of the particularly sick fucks who will always be among us, IMHO.