Question 2: Tolerance

Hey this is the second question in the series.

What is your view of Tolerance? Should we be tolerant of other viewpoints and if so what does that look like. Lastly, if we’re to be tolerant of every viewpoint what about theistic viewpoints?

will tolerate anything that does not offer harm (real or psychological) to another human. I am tolerant of anything except bigotry, prejudice, unjust bias, violence(including sexual).

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In its meaning “allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.”

I agree with the human right of freedom of religion.

Bizarre beliefs - :woman_shrugging:t2: whatever…

BUT when those bizarre beliefs are enacted upon society and result in harm… society normal safeguards itself through laws.


Thanks for your response! I feel you on your response! I think that’s admirable. So could we possibly say that we’d have to use a modified version of tolerance? Like “your tolerant of what you believe to be good things”? My thought is that even asking this question is mute. I think that any decent human being would not want harm for harms sake to be tolerated. But just wanted to ask for clarification. Also, would you say that theism is harmful?


Thanks for your thoughts! So would you say you tolerate theism, specifically Christianity?

Of course I am, am also tolerant of many 'bad things" which some people consider to be “good”. I did detail the things that I did not tolerate.

The word is 'Moot" 'Mute" is silent.
Moot means:1. subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty.

“whether they had been successful or not was a moot point

“having little or no practical relevance, typically because the subject is too uncertain to allow a decision.”

I do not think that “theism” ( the belief in a deity or deities) is harmful per se on an individual basis.
Religion, where theists seek to impose theocracy on a populations is utterly abhorrent. Sadly each of the Abrahamic religions seek to do just that as does each individual sect and cult of both Islamic and Christian roots.

Thanks for the correction and answer!

So would you say that imposing beliefs on populations is abhorrent? Or is it just religious beliefs? I ask this because everyone has a belief be it theist or atheist. I’m trying to understand why is it the theist alone that must remain silent? I’m trying to understand cause I’ve heard this argument but would like to know more cause I wasn’t as informed as I’d like to be on the matter.

I will sum it up for you" Your beliefs are like a penis, keep it in your pants in public, don’t display it to children or encourage them to pet it. Take it out only in private or amongst consenting adults and fondle it as much as you like.

Theists tend to be the most raucous and most likely to insist on special treatment for their particular laws, customs, beliefs and morals. They constantly try to insert their beliefs in societies’ larger way of life. Their arrogance is breathtaking.


I came from a christian family, love and respect them dearly. They have the right to whatever they believe in, as long as it does not cause harm to others. I do not think lesser of them.

But make no mistake, christianity has a long and bloody history of intolerance. And it is still active in being intolerant.

I was not aware of that situation. When and where is this intolerance practiced?

You make an assertion, you better be ready to back it up.

Tolerance: Freedom of speech is everything. Your freedom of speech is my freedom of speech. I will defend your right to stand on street corners and preach. You do not have the right to not be offended, nor do I. Hopefully, we can engage in constructive discourse. Tolerance breaks down when religion turns to action.

For me, separation of Church and State is important. The encroachment of religion into the school system is a concern. It should be a concern for Christians as well; however, many Christians are too ignorant (IMO) to understand why their religion has flourished. It is precisely because of the Secular Government that Christianity has been so successful. (This is a separate topic. The fact that the government does not tax religions and does not legislate policies concerning beliefs has been a boon to the Christian faith as well as the Mormon Faith, Scientology, JW, and many other non-main stream Christian faiths.


Thanks for your post! I’m glad of the family you came from and your love for them and them for you! It sounds like you’re saying that because they felt freedom (from you specifically) to say what they believe that all Christians in America feel this same freedom from everyone?

In principle, of course. However there are aspects of which I’m very intolerant;


I bitterly resent the tax free status of religions and think the priestly class should have to get real jobs.

IMO Proselytising is the height of hubris. How dare anyone presume the beliefs of any other person are ‘less than’ theirs if they disagree.

Since my mother died last year, there haven been no believers within my circle, atheists all. Not uncommon in Australia.

I have no problem with any believer as a person. However, if they get in my face personally or by posting their personal superstitions on my atheist website, I can have a problem. I consider an interaction with such people a success if I have refrained from saying anything unkind. I’m afraid that’s the extent of my tolerance of religious superstitions.****

***I use the term ‘superstition’ advisedly .Religious belief is based on faith, not reason or facts. The definition of faith is ‘belief in that not seen.’ That in turn is a definition of superstition. Jesus himself is recorded as saying. John 20:29 : “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” (JKV)

Homosexuals should be stoned to death.

Just one example of an abhorrent belief that was imposed on society for many years…if not stoning, ostracism, imprisonment, public disgrace.

The question is facile, as one would have to firstly know what the viewpoint was, and weight the consequences.

A viewpoint that thinks custard goes well with sushi is not one I’d agree with but would have no problem tolerating.

A viewpoint people should be condemned for being born gay is not one I agree with, and I could not tolerate it, as it is pernicious.

A viewpoint that morality is relative is one I could agree with. However if it leads the holder to the conclusion we can literally do whatever we want, then that’s not a viewpoint I could tolerate.

You’re question strikes me as loaded.

That question probably explains why, but again the question is simplistic to the point of being meaningless. Theistic beliefs often come with pernicious baggage, though not always, this the question is again meaningless.


All religious belief - theism is a human right. To specify Christianity (?) - why - my answer is clear.

The un-evidenced faith required for theism is equal.

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First off, thank you for the kind words.

These are my words.

But unfortunately, we have a miscommunication, and you have possibly made assumptions. I am not a citizen of the USA, but Canadian. I would hold the same position no matter if they practiced any other religion.

This is the part you may find offensive. I do not beleive my parents were stupid or lacking in moral character. I believe that religion is just one huge con, incredibly effective.

You can not think lesser of anyone if they fall victim to a sophisticated and effective con.

I am getting the impression that you believe theists are restricted in expressing their beliefs. So I will revisit an unanswered question.

Hey Guys! Sorry for the gap in communication! I’m finishing up my paper! YOu guys are AMAZING I’m really liking engaging on these topics. I’ll respond right after the paper! Ya’ll have given me a lot to think about!

That is not only self pitying but simply untrue not, at least in the US. There because of vociferous religious influence, many things have been banned or opposed. Perhaps have a bit of a think about that.

Right now in the US there is at least one christian pastor urging his large flock to ignore covid19 safe guards and rely on divine intervention. At least two have contracted Covid19 and died, which I think is just. I have no idea how many members of those congregations have died.

Remain silent my arse.

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@studentfinalpaper I have lost respect for you because you asserted christians were restricted, I requested proof, and you have not responded. Go away, you duplicitous little person.

I withdraw my personal invitation for you to return here.

Yes, once again a hit-and-run student drive-by. And all within 24 hours.