Pureflix - The Studio behind the God's not dead films

Some of these pro-christian films are good for little more than a laugh, especially when they misrepresent atheists and/or their beliefs. It’s kind of fascinating too because you kind of see that the demographic these movies are intended for is just out to satisfy the confirmation bias of believers.

When I was married. My ex wife forced me to sit through pro-christian movies with her and fuuuuccck they are annoying as hell and rich with bullshit like this scene.

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Oh and don’t forget to stroke the fantasy of Christians being systematically persecuted by atheists; in a country where getting elected dog catcher as an atheist is almost impossible, and 90%+ of elected officials are Christian.

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Elected dog catcher??? :exploding_head:

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It is an idiom .

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Ah :rofl:

20 characters bla bla bla

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Oh definitely. I think that’s why they need to actively look for circumstances in which their beliefs are under “attack” in any way, shape or form. For example, if they own a cake business and they discriminate against gays and get in legal trouble for that… they’ll call it persecution. If they(or their kids) can’t preach in schools, they’ll call it persecution.

As if getting sued or being suspended from school is somehow as bad as physical torture or being imprisoned in a concentration camp with the threat of death over your head.

Speaking of which; I need to start digging my trenches for the War on Christmas™. This year I’m hoping to mount a crew served weapon: a belt fed coffee cup launcher. I swiped a case of “season greetings” cups from the last meeting at Bill Gate’s NWO-space-lizard/chem-trail ranch. That should be more than enough to win the War on Christmas this year!