Prophet Horus 666

Horus created “The Ladder” or the 4 H’s

You will be climbing forever

Horus also dug up the electricity using crosses by sticking them far in the ground and it shot up the cross and into the sky

Horus also fooled Yahweh and created a God to insert in Yahweh’s Heaven
“A God in Heaven”

How did Horus fool Yahweh? By having fake slaves to make the other people feel bad, so they created a Heaven for the slaves


That chip
That chip
That mediocre clip

Free English lessons at


Take care of your ocd disease

Is it OCD to ask for your sources? Or is this all from your fecund imagination?

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Another vapid cryptic message, the grammar and spelling are still an assault on the senses as well, like this:

A part is not one word ffs. Anyone else think we’re dealing with a teenage troll?

Your vapid cryptic verbiage is not helping it, that’s for sure.

People afflicted with schizophrenia often talk like this.

I hope this person is OK.