Problems with site

It seems to be showing the same topics as unread no matter what I do?

I’ve read posts, even replied to them, but they are still showing as unread?

Any thoughts?

It’s also freezing when I try to open certain topics.

It appears to be the same 4 unread topics, weird, this has never happened before.

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  2. Pastor fumed over demonic art project at school.

  3. Post size issues.

  4. Miyamoto Musashi - The Way Seen In All Things

Ok, it only appears to be an issue on my phone? Problem is that my laptop is fuck’d…

I use 2 different laptops a Dell and a Lenovo (both works perfectly fine) .My phone is a Mobicel V4 which sometimes has touch problems however it has good speakers so I don’t have use my Volkano speaker anymore .My phone is a bit a laggy on the forums that’s way I use the laptops. My phone takes a while for the forum to load up .

A troubleshooting test you might try is to install a new (and different) browser on your phone and see if it has the same problem.

Ok tried two different browsers, and cleared browser history. All to no avail…

I was messing around, and now it seems to be sorted?

I’m just old, that’s all there is to it…

Nope still the same ffs…

This is officially driving me nuts.

I always hit the avatar at top right to see if anyone’s responded to any of my posts. Then the three bars to the left and hit unread posts.

However it’s still frozen with both of them showing the same threads and posts, nothing I do makes any difference, it’s driving me crazy.

It’s only on my phone as it happens. Though the keyboard is f’KD on my laptop, I can still read posts and navigate the forum, and that seems fine?

I’ve tried using different browsers, clearing browser history, altered ust about every setting in my profile, and back again.


Ok, I’ve logged in with a different browser and it seems to be ok. Except I don’t care for this browser which I find clunky and slow.

Now, what am I missing from my other browser? I’ve cleared history several times to no avail.



Logged out, cleared my browsing data, and this seems to have done the trick.

Thank fuck for that…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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