Priests for Life - Father Pavone - embezzler

For those of you with Catholic Friends, please warn them about this organization

Priests for Life

the guy in charge Father Pavone - has a history of embezzling funds. Just Google him.

I also had the most bizarre experience this weekend on a Catholic Conference with the speaker Cam Cote. “Changing Minds and Saving Lives: How to have Productive Conversations about Abortion” He was big on ‘post abortion photography.’

One of the participants asked if they would be excommunicated for voting for a pro-choice candidate. I said no and referred them to the National Catholic Reporter website with the bishops statements saying that Catholics needed to consider ALL the life issues not just abortion.

“The National Catholic Reporter isn’t a CATHOLIC magazine.”

How about the “National Catholic Reporter” with the same article - Opposite viewpoint - EWTN crowd.

Jessy - Cam - You need to tell Ann about Planned Parenthood selling fetal body parts.

30 second Google the Government website saying that is all a lie. Which I then posted.

I got booted out of the “conversation” for the second time that weekend. I guess they didn’t consider it “productive.”

Since my mother died last year, I’m glad to say I have no catholic friends or acquaintances. I just don’t seem to run into any. Sadly, there are a few theists at my mens group. It’s run by a Christian charity, so to be expected. .I suppose I should me grateful they let me in.

I also only give to vetted secular charities. EG Doctors Without Borders, The Fred Hollows Foundation.

That there’s a catholic who is technically a crook concerns me not a jot or a tittle. This because I consider all full time clergy of any flavour to be parasites who should get a proper job. Among the most egregious are televangelists, ,who prey on the poor, ignorant and stupid. A lot like catholic priests. It’s just a matter of degree IMO.

Just googled him. Now there’s a bloke I would love to belt around the left ear*** with a maggoty possum. Arrogant patronising cunt. Just lost all sympathy for any who give him money.

**only because most people are right handed.