Priest for 'Life' Pavone's award CANCELLED!

Pavone - the ‘priest’ kicked out of at least two dioceses WAS going to get an award from a Rome University. HE IS STILL TRYING TO OVERTHROW THE BIDEN ELECTION! I get his e-mails daily to monitor. I forwarded one of his e-mails yesterday to the University prof who was sponsoring the award with the link with his history of fraud. HIS AWARD GOT CANCELLED.!

Priests for Life is even worse. That ‘priest’ has already been kicked out of 2 dioceses for embezzling funds. His feed was actively supporting the insurrection! “Catholics who vote for Biden will burn in hell”

I get it, the roman catholic church is a refuge for perverts, criminals, and deranged lunatics. So what else is new, this is what the church has embraced and protected for centuries.

It’s only when their regular Catholic folks get wind do they “act” - they figure “this lady kept a record and called us on it, how many more???”

It’s what they all do - politics and religion.