Presidential Portraits

NOW… I don’t support in anyway that tRUMP sit for any portrait - HOWEVER, following the custom of the White House and a reminder
FOR anyone in that House,
I think it’s appropriate to hang a
Pic of him…

My choices (IMO, should include the hat)


Any others? You know…a visual reminder for future leaders???


I’m on tenterhooks waiting to see that portrait and where they hang it.

Pretty sure they’ll still do one regardless. Being an asshole hasn’t disqualified any previous presidents from having a pedestrian presidential portrait painted.***


***because the nature of the, job I pretty much expect national leaders to be cruints. Those who are not are atypical, imo.

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What ever is painted should be hung facing the wall.


If the impeachment is successful and Trump is stripped of his post-presidential perks, there won’t be an official portrait.

edit: a fact-check revealed he did not poop his pants for this picture.

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Ohhhhh ANOTHER benefit!!!

I love that pic though just in case the Senate “dismisses” the charge.

That’s advertising - he needs to LOOK Presidential! Something with him at his Presidential Desk, all “professional like”… :thinking:

The perfect product for Mr Trump to endorse

Did he pay someone else to do it for him?


Sweet Jesus! I’ll have my mind bleach now thank you nurse.

Actually, that’s not the way Vlad has been riding Donald. :innocent:

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“Not as though there’s anything wrong with that.”

Seinfeld :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: