Praise the Lord and Bugger the Children

It’s not a new story but I just ran across it. First I’ve heard of it. The Pope must be doing his job.

No wonder why they’re against abortion. They just want people to have kids so they can commit their atrocities.

What makes so many catholic priests go after kids, and specifically boys? Why don’t they just use the talents of street corner women instead? Are they all just a bunch or pervs?

They do get the talents of ‘street-corner’ women. The ones that are not pederists, frequently seek out prostitutes. It’s also estimated that about 50% of priests in the vatican are gay. So male prostitution is a big thing when the priests are not boinking each other. There is a lot of information out there on these topics.

" The 2010 Vatican employee sex scandal was an incident in March 2010 in which two part-time employees of the Holy See, a consultant who also served as a lay attendant of the pope and another who was a professional member of the Saint Peter’s Choir were reported in the press to be part of a homosexual male prostitution ring. *

“On March 26, the eight editors of Women Church World, the monthly Vatican women’s magazine, resigned. They left in protest over the church’s attempts to silence the all-female staff’s reports of clerical abuse of nuns.” " …the Vatican’s attempts to discredit those women who speak out against sexual abuse and harassment by members of the clergy…"

Okay, I’m not finding articles on the use of 'female prostitution" by priests and I have to get to class. Not all the priests are gay and not all of them boink male prostitutes. When they are not boinking each other or the male prostitutes or little boys, they are boinking female prostitues and female members of their congregations. (So I have read.)

While a Los Angeles Times survey of US priests find that 15% say they are completely or mostly homosexual, estimates of homosexual priests run as high as 50%. Homosexual clergy in the Catholic Church - Wikipedia

Read a bit about Cardinal George Pell from Australia. He went through courts and still got away with it. The Vatican paid his lawyers to keep the image in tact.

I can believe that. It’s funny how Theists don’t care about “objective evidence” until it’s their ass on the line in court. Then evidence means everything to them because they don’t want to go to prison. It disgusts me that this sick fuck knew about the abused children and just let it slide.

Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse revealed its findings on Pell in 2020 and found that he knew of child sexual abuse by clergy by the 1970s but did not take adequate action to address it. Pell said he was “surprised” and that the commission’s views “are not supported by evidence”.[12]

Forget the street corner women. They already have a ready supply of women in the form of nuns, who, I’m sure, are just as horny as the priests.

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Power and control, something you can not get from a corner worker. Rape encompasses many things along with just sex. It is also committing violence against another, and exerting power and control.

Besides, alter boys are free, hookers charge.

I disagree with the power and control. Those tend to be attributes of rapists. These guys actually identify children as their preferred sex partners. Rape is about power and cotrol. Child molestation is about sexual identity. They don’t rape the boys in most cases. They groom them, become a trusted friend, and then violate the friendship by taking advantage of the child. The make of the rapist and the molester are very different. (Not that there aren’t child rapists. But these kids are often abducted, raped, and dumped in the bushes someplace.) Rape and molestation are very different crimes and each as creepy as the other for very different reasons.


Given the story of Lot and his daughters, I could argue the priests are simply doing what god found OK then, must be OK now.

It’s a strange web of lies they participate in, and they “know” just a little confession and they are honkey dorry in their gods universe.


One of our forum members is Fleeing_in_Terror. She is a theist, specifically a Roman Catholic. I consider her a rational and moral person because she is fighting child abuse.

The world needs more like her.

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Hopefully she is fleeing in terror from the horrors of the Roman Catholics and beginning to WAKE UP!

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@Cognostic She woke up. She is actively and loudly fighting this evil.

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