PragerU material approved for Florida schools
Ah yes, the “perk’s” of being a slave. This is really nothing new, it’s basically how it was taught up until the 60’s. I’m only surprised they didn’t come out and just say “it turned them into good christians and saved their souls”. We did them a favor." I don’t think PragerU is in any public schools yet, but give it time.
On the bright side, Ohio voters rejected the Republicans attempts to make it easier for minority rule, which is bad news for the anti abortion crowd.


MisterDiety has a whole series on YT called PragerFU. Very worth watching!


I know of several more channels that were dealing with this guy and his nonsense!

I saw this in the news a while back and checked out their website. It is the standard right wing anti-science stuff. So bad I joked about how in the future: having attended primary school in Florida might make you unemployable for some jobs. Why take a chance on someone you know the State has force fed industrial strength lies for years during their formative years; when you can easily get someone who hasn’t?


But if it’s apparent that they’ve come through to the other side of that indoctrination, they might make an excellent employee.


Honestly, not enough information in the clip to determine what Prager U is pushing as a narrative. The assertion, “Slavery was normal at the time.” is 100% correct. The USA did not invent slavery. It joined the slave-trade which was already happening all over the world. (I am not asserting this makes it right. And just because it was ‘normal,’ does not mean it was ‘good.’) The USA was also instrumental in ending slavery all over the world, and we were the only nation to fight a war over it. (I know it is more complicated than just that.) Slavery has been common throughout human history. As far back as the Christian Bible the Jews are told to get their slaves from the nations around them. They did not have the means to sail across the sea and pick on nations far away. But the Arabs sure did. (They even captured American ships and made Americans slaves. That’s another story.) Anyway… Back to Prager U? What is the message you find offensive. There is nothing in the clip that is not true. What is this alternate view of slavery?

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I think it’s hypocritical on their part. They keep talking about how they don’t want the left to indoctrinate children in schools, and I don’t disagree with that. I’m in Middle School in Massachusetts and there is some political bias in our curriculum, especially in English. It’s pretty stupid that their so excited that they can be used as an educational source when basically it’s the same thing.

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Indoctrinate with what? What bias. You have shown no bias. There is nothing bias in the clip you showed. So far, you have made no point and are making no sense. You are just spouting assertions. WHERE’S THE MEAT?

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Nothing in that video is wrong, just don’t think schools should use PragerU in topics where they are biased.

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Btw this may seem like a weird question but what country are you from? It says your 13 hrs ahead of EST so I’m kind of curious

@Cognostic, are you familiar with PragerU? Or is that clip the only thing you’ve seen of them?

You are just making an assertion. With what, are you backing your assertion? It’s your job to go and do the research, not mine. You sound like an idiot. Even if it turns out you are correct, you are only correct by the flip of a coin because you don’t know or understand what in the hell you are talking about. That is the very definition of ignorance. If it happens to turn out that your position is correct, you can count it up to pure luck. You obviously haven’t a clue.

I’d say I’m more disgusted than offended by this defense of slavery aimed at children. To portray Christopher Columbus trying to convince the people he’s about to enslave that he’s doing them a favor by enslaving them rather than killing them is revolting. As if those were the only two choices open to him. To portray Frederick Douglas, of all people, defending the founding fathers acceptance of slavery is egregiously putting words in the mouth of a man who would never have said such things.
I too am wondering if you’re familiar with PragerU? I really hope you don’t realize who you’re defending.

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Here is the first one I found:

If There Is No God, Murder Isn’t Wrong

eta:Here is another:
Why Even Atheists Should Teach Their Children about God


Which is, in itself, an assertion.

Here is one about sin being real (and that some count more than others): Do Not Misuse God’s Name.

I Am the Lord Your God

Here is some ridiculous false statements about Marxism.


Wrong question. I’m from the USA. Born in Ky, raised in California. That does not help you at all, does it? So it seems that you also do not know how to ask questions. The proper question would have been something like: “I noticed there is a 13- hour time difference between myself and you. I am in______. May I ask what part of the world you are in?” When you ask the right questions, you get amazing results.

What defense of slavery? At what point did anything in the video you posted defend slavery. It asserted “We should not feel that bad about slavery as it was normal at the time.” I agree with the normal part and see that it was a poor choice. We ended slavery. How is that defending it? If you would rather be a slave than sold into bondage, well, that’s your choice. I will take the bondage and the hope of escape every nearly every time. The Muslims did something a little different with their male slaves and I just might have chosen to go out fighting. (Next… all you have is some guy on a video telling you what is being taught. Do you have any actual sources? Show me the material and what it is specifically that you are disagreeing with? What do you actually know about slavery in America. Did you watch roots once and form an opinion? Did you know Black people in America owned slaves and were instrumental in the slave trade? Do you know there Are More Slaves Today Than Were Seized from Africa in Four Centuries?

Stop making assertions!


PREGAR U. content from Wikki
PragerU Prager University, and short for Prager University Foundation, is an American Advocacy group and media organization that creates content promoting conservative viewpoints on various political, economic, and sociological topics. It was co-founded in 2009 by Allen Estrin (Allen Estrin - Wikipedia) and talk show host [Dennis Prager] (Dennis Prager - Wikipedia).

Despite the group’s name being an initialism for Prager University, it is not an academic institution and does not confer degrees. PragerU’s videos contain content widely considered to be misleading or false in promoting climate change denial. Historians and political scientists have also criticized PragerU’s videos for containing misleading or inaccurate claims about topics such as [slavery].

I recently ran across the current video that is apparently being shown in Florida Schools.


Wow. I’m amazed that this can happen in the world today.

*Now, that is how you would introduce the topic so that it is at least somewhat understandable.

But I have evidence. LOL (And very little … to nothing, in the way of factual support.)

I found this on Wikipedia…I’ll keep looking.

“PragerU’s videos contain content widely considered to be misleading or false in promoting climate change denial. Historians and political scientists have also criticized PragerU’s videos for containing misleading or inaccurate claims about topics such as slavery and racism in the United States, immigration, and the history of fascism. PragerU has been accused of promoting anti-LGBT politics.”