Post Size Issues

One problem I’ve alighted upon here, is that the maximum size for a post is too small for proper presentation of complex material, such as detailed expositions of scientific papers. Furthermore, the limit on consecutive posts prevents a workaround to deal with this.

I understand the probable reasons for the decisions taken, namely to stop certain notorious spammers from copy-pasting vast walls of text containing deranged garbage or blatant proselytising, but there’s a problem the decisions do not address, namely, that the cunningly duplicitious can still post Gish Gallops of scatter-gun assertions, but refuting those assertions by recourse to primary scientific papers is denied to those of us with the requisite ordnance to hand.

Surely it cannot be beyond the art or wit of the forum administrators to solve this?

Alas my friend Calilasseia, is not brevity the sign of wit? As talented a writer as you are, I suspect you are capable of transposing lengthy scientific discourse into pithy excerpts that can be enjoyed by those of us with less refined articulacy.

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The brief and devastating one-liner or one-word riposte also gets trapped in the post size filter.

Hehehehe I just said sorta the same thing - just differently!

I’ve increased the character limit from 32,000 to 40,000.


Nope :sunglasses:

How did you do that?

I have seen the light! You write a longer post and then go back and edit out the extra characters.

How did you do that? I’m still getting the “at least 20 characters” message?

I personally like the 20 character minimum, but there are multiple ways to get around the minimum.

But really beyond just showing off that you can, it is easier to just finish out the 20 char line. Copy and paste a favorite quote or something. Get creative with emotes, and so on.

Nope :sunglasses:

I stumbled across this a while back tbh.

Type a short one word response, then add as many full stops as are needed to produce the min number of characters.

When you post it will only show three of the full stops for some reason.