Please debunk Astral projection

Hi, I’ve been grown up as an atheist. Since I was a child stories of Gods, Jesus and other irrationalities seemed completely unbelievable to me. I heard those every once in a while, and caused laugh to me. However, as I grew up I started to realize how religious/spiritualist people where, specially on the internet and tv. I could not believe what I saw, no matter how much nonsense something was, there were people believing in it. I have never understood that, and the more I realized how many people there were believing supernatural things the more scared I was. I really started to fear these people with all my heart, to the point of getting a depression. They seemed aliens to me living in a different reality than mine. It seemed to me that I was living a nightmare, that hidden things were lurking and I had never realized.
Recently I heard about astral projection. The ability to detach your spirit from your body by simply relaxing your muscles. And with that being able to travel throughout astral realms, full of monsters and demons. Looking over YouTube there is nothing debunking this nonsense, but instead there are hundreds of people telling how to do this and what to do when you encounter evil spirits. How come?? What did they tell me at school? How come there is this hidden world around the corner? My common sense tells me that all this is an illusion of the brain because they are able to remember, see and feel without the need of our senses. Isn’t our world vision based on light wavelengths? Isn’t our listening based on air vibrations? Aren’t our thoughts and feelings comming from the brain? I’m overwhelmed by the amount of people claiming this astral world exists and absolutely no one proving that this is another scam/hoax. I am fully depressed, I am afraid, my live is kind of breaking into pieces. All I’ve been told about life is false? Or these people are insane? How come science has never refuted something so old but so easy to experiment? It means this astral realm really exists, with demons and all those scary dull landscapes? How come blind people don’t hurry to experience this? Why isn’t this taught at school? Why is internet full of these things?

I feel I am becoming crazy. Like this world doesn’t correspond to me. The only supernatural thing I can really feel is the awe of nature. I feel amazed on how organisms have evolved and adapt to their environment. My reason says something about our real world, and is completely based on natural facts and evolution. But the internet says the opposite things. Am I crazy? I would attempt suicide if it was not for my three little kids. But can’t stand this nonsense anymore. My head is going to explode. I am medicated and hopeless.

Thanks in advance


Astral projection is easy. Anyone can do it with training.

Understand all you are doing is training your own brain. You are not “going” anywhere, all you are doing is using techniques to simulate sensations, pictures, videos and run them in your brain. It is all contained within your corpus.

Anything you have seen, misremembered, imagined, smelt, dealt, wished can be brought to “life” in your amazing brain. Travel…no problem. Train your brain and there you are.

It just isn’t that hard, a couple of years practice and bingo off you jaunt.


I have done astral projection my whole life and can do it today. What is unreal about astral projection is all the bullshit about an astral body, other plains. and anything else mystical. I could teach anyone interested how to do it. Astral projection is a brain state. Its foundations can be found in ‘Phantom Limb Syndrome.’ and’Sleep Paralysis.’

This is entirely based on my personal experience and how I make sense out of OBE. (A brain state and nothing more.)

Phantom Limb Syndrome: Phantom limb syndrome is **a condition in which patients experience sensations, whether painful or otherwise, in a limb that does not exist. . It has been reported to occur in 80-100% of amputees, and typically has a chronic course, often resistant to treatment. When the brain is missing a limb, it creates the limb anyway. I have had friends with no limbs who tell me they sometimes reached for things with their phantom arm, only to realize it was not there.

I was lucky enough to have my own phantom limb experience. During my last knee surgery I was given a spinal. I was numb from the waist down. I watched the surgery on a monitor. At the end of the surgery, the doctor was wrapping my leg with an ace bandage. He had my leg on his shoulder, but it wasn’t my leg. My brain told me that my leg was directly below my chest under the sheet. My brain would not accept the fact that the doctor was holding my leg. I knew exactly where my leg was. It was a fascinating experience.

Fact is, the brain creates body parts that are not there. In psychiatry there are a whole range of disorders called “’ Dissociative disorders” And there are "Body Integrity Identity Disorders Body Integrity Identity Disorder: A Rare Condition

They are disorders when you think they are real. But when they are drug induced or induced through meditations, chanting, etc… They are called “Spiritual Experiences.” What they are is just shit that your braid does.

NOW - Moving forward to Sleep Paralysis. This is a state where your body shuts off. This happens to you every night when you dream. Your body shuts off so that you do not dream about running and end up ten miles from your home. So you don’t end up hurting yourself while you sleep. There is a disconnect between the brain and the body in a sleep state.

Now, follow along… What mediations do is allow you to enter the sleep state, while still maintaining some range of consciousness. Your brain is aware that the body has shut off, and it creates an astral projection. It creates a phantom body. The body feels real, you can walk around in it or float around, but you are in a dream state… Very similar to Lucid Dreaming, but you are actually a character in the dream. It is all a brain state. It is all natural. There was a time when cultures believed that this state was the real state of life and our regular existence was the dream. Look into ‘Dream Cultures.’

This is the best explanation I have ever heard. Astral projection is a brain state. Your brain is an amazing tool. You can use it to explore all kinds of interesting things. But be careful what you believe. Believing is Seeing.


I have dreamt lots of times being completely aware of what I was dreaming, and even able to change my dreams. Lucid dreaming goes beyond, but is not magic. While we dream we have and feel as if we have a dream body. And we can see and move. I can acknowledge that, because is natural. But never in my life I would say that there is a real astral world out there where we go after death.

My complaint is that there are a lot of people who claim that the astral world is really there, and that after we die we’ll go there. And my common sense simply says that is completely impossible. How can those people that claim to wander the astral realm explain why they keep their personality, their thoughts, their fears and dreams, their knowledge, etc. If they are separated from their brain? It’s those people that make me mad and feel sad. How can those people see our real world without eyes? The colors are brain interpretations of light wavelengths and so on. What on earth they make up al those stories about evil spirits and other entities? In our world I can only see people and animals. Why the human being is so needed to make up stories about demons and other silly things?

If astral projection was really a separation of our soul, couldn’t we be spied while in the bathroom? Wouldn’t it be forbidden? Wouldn’t the armies use that as a powerful weapon? Couldn’t we help find people in natural disasters? Wouldn’t children, people with dementia or blind people be able to do so and feel superhuman? Why is there so many people in YouTube claiming that that astral world is the afterlife? And they tell shared stories about ashamic records and karma? It just dont make sense to me. Seems esoteric and chamanic bullshit, but still scares me.

Yes they live in a different reality. They see things and experience things differently than you. Their shit is still brown. Without a dollar in their pocket, they still can’t get a cup of coffee. With all these supposed amazing people and their amazing experiences, not one of them has done a damn thing that presented humanity with something amazing. (A cure for cancer, a prophecy, a new limb, Nothing at all) They still look both ways when crossing a street. That should tell you everythng you need to know.

It’s not quite that easy, but that is certainly a part of it. And you do not detach your slef from your body. Yes, it feels that way. You are laying prone and you know you are laying pron and yet you stand up, or float up, out of your body. That is exactly how it feels. For me, I always roll over backward, feet over head, and then stand. It’s just the way I do it.

There are no astral realms unless you create them with your own brain. My favorite place to go is a coffee shop at the end of a pier. There are dinosaurs walking along the beach and swimming in the ocean. Waves break against the glass picture windows. There are interesting people, and sometimes we talk but not more than a sentence or two. It’s a brain state. A lucid dream that feels very real.

There is a ton of shit debunking this nonsense. OBE is real. The experience is real. Anyone can experience it. Spirits, astral bodies, other plains of existence… all made up stories. Just like religion tried to steal morality and make it an outward manifestation of their gods. Spiritualists have taken something completely human and tried to convince you it is a magical reality. It’s not. It’s just the way the brain works.

There are no evil spirits. There are evil thoughts that are no different from a bad acid trip. Guess what, you wake up. No one has ever had their soul captured or evil enter their body. It’s all bullshit. That does not mean people don’t believe it. Believing is Seeing - choose your beliefs wisely.

It’s not hidden. You found it. It has never been hidden. It is all right with you. If you know the symbols you know the practitioners. The fact that they are practicing mysticism means very little. You know how to spot a Christian don’t you? Can you spot a Catholic, a Jew, a Hindu, an oriental shaman, a cowboy, a construction worker? The symbols are everywhere. You have just suddenly taken an interest in them.

How does it exist? You can listen to the woo woo. You can listen to someone more rational. No one has ever demonstrated anything called a spirit or an altered plain of existence exists. The time to believe a claim is when it can be demonstrated to be true.

LOL… I’d like to know how you came by this. It’s not important. The landscapes are what you make them. What you believe. If you believe in demons, you will see demons. It’s that easy. You create your own landscapes.

Why would you think that is supernatural? The awe of nature is exceptionally natural. It’s an amazing fuking universe and no magic is necessary.

You need professional help and you probably need to spend more time looking into things that are more rational than the stupid woo woo new age shit you are wasting your time on.


It’s just some people’s way of making other people think they are special. That’s about it.


From a Brazilian movie, don’t remember the name now. Astral city I think . They show the astral plane as some landscape very gray and dull, with some dried trees without leaves. Very rocky landscape, as if in mars. What is most shocking to me is why there is so little light in there, but you can still see things. Is there a moon or something? If there is no sun at all it would be completely dark.

Yes, I would need some professional help. Even if I’ve never believed in any religion, I’m so sensitive to those things. I’m afraid of religion, Ive always suffered from empathy, and I don’t want hurt to anyone. I have never accepted that there are people that believe that some people go to hell just because their believes. I will never accept that. I don’t believe in demons, but Im still afraid of them. Or I could say, I’m afraid of people.

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I understand the feeling, it gives a low feeling to see lot of people actively believing superstitions peddled by “spiritual gurus”, wasting lot of money and time, and also giving these grifters the power to boost certain political narratives.
I think this is all because we are not educated about critical thinking while in schools.

Eventhough lot of social media is ridden with pseudoscientific and superstitious junk, I do see that people are slowly learning about the importance of critical thinking, and how our brains are gullible for cognitive biases and commit logical fallacies. I do see that rationalist youtube channels like “Science is Dope”, debunking various superstitious and pseudoscientific claims, are also increasing on internet.

Try not to be overwhelmed with the things out of your control. Let’s do what we can. You say you have three little kids, you must have already thought that they need to be taught how to think critically, try doing it and after they become adults it is their wish if they still choose to fall for superstitious religions.

I didn’t understand what you meant by “medicated”. Are you on some therapy/treatment ?
And please consider taking the help of mental health experts, if needed.

And by the way, are you a Telugite ? (Just curious. No need to answer, if you don’t want to)

Greetings and welcome Neners.
I am a bit cornfused. How is it you fear something in which you do not believe?
Now, saying you’re afraid of people is getting closer, but I would encourage you to look a bit deeper. Would it be accurate to say that you fear the negative potential(s) of people?
When you see the positive potential of people demonstrated, do you have a commensurate positive reaction?
I ask because I am one who is convinced that you can make choices regarding which “view” you wish to embrace.
If you genuinely feel fear, it is incumbent upon you to examine the validity and justifiability of these feelings and thoughts. Do you feel an immediate and imminent threat? Have you experienced behavior from others which has contributed to your fears? Have any specific fears manifested in reality?
I don’t want you think I am being dismissive of your fears. The point is, are your fears rational and justifiable? Would an “objective” witness agree with you?
Even when we find some justification(s) for our fears, we have to decide what effect on our overall well-being these fears are having.
Loosely referred to as “coping skills” , there are thought disciplines which can help alleviate the anxieties which often accompany fear.
Sometimes the solution is to separate oneself from the environment which is the “stage” for the fear play. More often it is a perspective and understanding issue, and introspection, rather than retreat, is a more viable approach.
I encourage you to engage with people who are of a temperament and intellect that you find to be positive and indicative of an attitude you wish to emulate. Sometimes that can be difficult. I am in an area where most of the people around me cannot spell intellectual.
So what? I just have to take the initiative to find positivity where I can and stay focused on my own mental health, because I sure as hell am not going to be able to fix the crazy that is alive and well in my neck of the woods.

Your kids need you to help guide them into a rational and happy life. Get out of your own head and recognize the awesome opportunity you have with those sweet kids. If you are not able to do this on your own, then by any and all means seek professional help.
Try to keep in mind that, which wolf inside you wins the battle for your mind depends on which one you feed.

What is a telugite? I am not this, I am just a 38 year old father of three little kids of 2, 5 and 6 years old. I work as a programmer and like to stay with my family in my free time, specially at the park. I’ve spent 20 years suffering from several traumas caused by religion and other supernatural stuff. I don’t know why I fear religion. I have never believed in anything supernatural. My parents gave me an education based on good values, and zero superstition. It was the advent of the internet and the thousands of superstitions I read on it that my fears became to grow, no matter how irrational. Probably something like a lie told thousand times doesnt make it true, but it does hurts me. When I feared something, I started to browse like crazy trying to debunk it. And instead of comming across rational explanations, i found lots of people claiming the supernatural. It’s not difficult to understand, it’s like I feel rational in a world full of superstition. I feel like the weirdo. Movies and TV programs don’t help… Its like going against the stream all your life…

My whole life I’ve had a hard time trying to understand why some people can live happily believing in traditional religions, those than condemn anyone not believing in lord Jesus and those made up stories. I can’t simply understand how a human mind can have so little empathy for those that don’t think like them. I feel I am a very empathic person, I would forgive anyone no matter the hurt he has done. I would never be happy with a single insect suffering in hell. I wouldn’t like Hitler to be condemned, I feel even the most horrible criminal has some humanity inside and deserves a second opportunity. I have never understood the crimes of christianism and other religions. I fear people that sell books telling they have been in heaven/hell. I fear internet, TV and the book stores. It’s like everything is infected by religion. I fear my kids will come across this nonsense one day. I have never found a religion that has a loving God, in all religions God is the worst monster in the universe. I don’t understand how believers can follow those criminal God’s. I feel religion to be a strong bullying: you either believe in this or you are condemned. I feel that religion is not bad seen on the media, it is banalized. And I don’t understand why, to attack someone by their ideas with eternal damnation is the worst crime that a human can commit. I’ve never accepted that I am not protected by law from these attacks. One cannot praise terrorism but one can praise this kind of atheist discrimination. Why Is there people in jail that have probably stolen some food from a store but those people threatening others with eternal damnation just to not believe in fairy tales are in the streets?

I am medicated means that I have been under medical treatment for several years. I have not attempted suicide because I have several loved ones, but my life have crushed into pieces several times, having had anxiety attacks and other mental disorder. And the worse thing is that only my wife knows my problem, not even my parents know what I’ve been suffering for all these years. She is not a believer at all and the only person that have helped me these years, but she is desperate and I don’t want to push her so much pressure anymore because she has enough trouble with my little ones.


Please present sufficient objective evidence that “astral projection” is even possible.

This is something you will never attain an understanding of. Each person, as an individual has their own reasons AND their “own” idea of deity. Each one is content in the knowledge that they are right and accepted/loved by their deity.

With that said, the idea that they are “living happily” is a perspective that may NOT be accurate in any measurable sense of the word.


My bad :sweat_smile: ! I guess you are probably a Brazilian. Your user name sounded like a Telugu one.

I’m afraid that comes under freedom of speech, cause they are threatening with their fantasy. But, should threatening the children with eternal damnation, in order to force them into indoctrination, be considered as freedom of speech ? I don’t know. I feel it shouldn’t be.
Ofcourse if they threaten with physical harms in real world, that should definitely be criminal.

In India, we have archaic blasphemy laws, which are regularly abused by religious radicals to harass randomly anyone who criticize their religions.
Now with Hindu right wing government in central power, this harassment seems to have increased.
The proponents of these laws say that it is to prevent religious riots. Whose fault is it, if these religious criminals start riots for criticizing their religion ?
I wish to see these laws get repealed, but I don’t know if it’s possible in near future.

Anyways, stay safe and take care of your health :+1:.

@Cognostic I’ve dreamt many times and felt that the dream was super real, but in any case I felt it was a real realm, it was clearly a product of my imagination. But i have never felt there was some mystical nature there. For example today I dreamt about a horde of zombies was chasing me, and I had to get on roofs to escape and so on. Then I dreamt i was climbing a super high mountain. And then I was fighting against some big beasts that were chasing people. Everything was super real, even the sounds. I could feel clearly all this and at the same time be super aware that I was dreaming. I could also change the dream on demand. But nothing mystical. I have never dreamt with spirits, demons, ashamic records, guardian angels, past lives, deceased ones or other planets. How come when you consciously astral project you tend to dream these things more from a mystical world? Why is there these differences with normal dreams? Is it because of expectations when you do it consciously?

‘For me, I always roll over backward, feet over head, and then stand. It’s just the way I do it.’

I have to be dancing in a trance like state, then I flick myself out through my fingers into a form, mostly it’s made up of pages, which were once my finger tips?

Feels like I’m floating around the room whilst I dance, and where my arms in my actual form are flying, is where parts of my ‘other form’ gets flung to.

I’m perceiving myself in that form and my actual form at the same time, and sometimes both forms can be feeling entirely different emotions, which I can perceive and the edges of.

Absolutely nuts experience, and it really doesn’t take me long to get there even without aid, though it is far more clear and potent when aided.

That is because there is absolutely no “mystical nature” there or anywhere. Quit looking.

I use astral travelling, correction, I used “astral travelling” or, ‘imagination’ although that does not convey the experience quite so well…, in my past technical writing work and as a tv and film dialogue editor/writer.

I did write enormous technical tomes (well outside my experience) for major projects, one was the biggest of its type, in the world. I had unlimited access to the plans, project notes, and then, I would later “construct” these in my head before going to ‘sleep’ and flying over through and under them in "real time and in 3D, picking up areas of potential safety concerns long before actual construction.
Similarly for film and TV dialogue I can read the character notes and utilising my conscious and unconscious experience of decades of human interaction, reconstruct those character/characters and write BOTH sides of a conversation. A realistic conversation because I witnessed it. I won multiple awards for that stuff.

It is NOT magic it is training your brain to access deep levels of memory.

If you encounter 'demons" while in that deep contemplative state, they are YOUR demons. They cannot hurt you because they are YOUR property. YOUR brain’s construct. Your choice, yoy revel in strange worlds and beings ( I have done that) or in the mundane like bloody enormous machines (my then choice) .

It is not “magic” it is not travel. it as an illusion of travel created by your own brain. Master it, it is your friend, supernatural it certainly is not.

There are many times on these pages, more times than not that Cog and I are in complete agreement. He explains the process better than I, listen to him.


Think of how appropriate that dream is to the things you have been saying here. I feel like everyone is talking about supernatural stuff. There is a whole world out there that I never knew about. It’s all around me. It’s coming after me. Like a horde of zombies. If I can just get to some higher ground and understand all this;shit. (Sounds like a very appropriate dreaam to me.)

You don’t. My fist OBE was in the very same room I was in. I walked around the room. Some things were different. There was a big yellow poster of Tweety Bird on the back of the front door. I spent some time looking at it because it was not in the house before. Nothing magical about that.

You create your own OBE experience. (To a degree. Your emotional state also plays a part. You probably need to deal with your demons before you go fucking around with altered states of mind. You don’t even know that your brain is just a tool. No different from a hand. It works for you.

The difference is that you are awake during the separation of your body from your brain. ., I already explained this. Now you are not listening. You maintain consciousness while your body goes to sleep and separates from the brain. It’s different because in that state your brain creates a phantom body. It’s the last time I will say it. You are not reading the posts or playing attention to anything anyone says. . At this point you are becoming whiny. repetitive. and annoying.


Yep, yep and exactly.

I’d suggest you read up on neuroscience. There are some wonderful books, written by neuroscientists that will go a long way to answer your questions. To my knowledge, no one who posts here any longer is a neuroscientist. Go learn about how the brain gathers, stores, changes, and recalls memories. Go learn about the insula and how it effects behavior. Once you start to learn the mechanics of brain function, you’ll likely stop worrying and perhaps you might even be able to take great delight in what your brain can do!


I would start with the medulla for the exact opposite reasons. All the shit that is happening in your body that you are completely unaware of. And all of it controlled by your brain. Then, how much of what goes on in the insula, the frontal cortex, and don’t forget that right parietal lobe… Johnstone, professor of health psychology in the School of Health Professions. “He found that the participants with more significant injury to their right parietal lobe showed an increased feeling of closeness to a higher power.” So much interesting stuff going on. It just makes me want to ask, ‘How did I get here?’ How have I hot gotten stuck in one of the many belief systems that I have explored? Why have I not become a drug addict addicted to the substances I have explored. How have I remained single, and apart from many of the cultural norms in which I was raised. How am I me? The brain is a fascinating topic of study and the way it makes sense of the world ‘mind,’ absolutely remarkable. Thousands of people can see or experience the exact same ting and have a thousand different ideas about it. (That’s why we have science, repeatability, measurability, and independent verification.) Cyber is spot on… you want an amazing journey… you want to know about yourself… study yourself. The brain is a great place to start.