Permitted tags in posts

Will a full list of permitted post tags be provided at some point? Only such a list will be very useful to those like myself, who are familiar with both HTML and BBCode tags …

I don’t have that list either. So far I’ve just been winging it from what I gleamed from reading random guides. Will let you know.

@Calilasseia @Nyarlathotep
Based on my limited tinkering here markdown and html is mostly disabled. But bbcode seems to be mostly unlocked.

My guess is most of this stuff is set on “default” setting for this forum software. A fairly cautious mix of rules that prevents most of the common forms of abuse of this code for a mostly public forum.

Right, hopefully all the dangerous stuff as been disabled. I did do some amateur testing along those lines and I was unable to get any success (I was unsuccessful at posting anything dangerous).

@Nyarlathotep Re: “Right, hopefully all the dangerous stuff as been disabled.”

Say what??? Dangerous stuff?.. :astonished: :flushed: :astonished: :flushed:… WHAT dangerous stuff? I was assured there was no dangerous stuff here for me to press. Oh-dear-oh-dear… :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:… I knew it! I just knew it! Look, just do me a favor, please! Get a big red marker and some bright orange safety tape and just go around marking everything dangerous around here that I should not be pressing. I DO NOT want to be “that guy” who is responsible for Armageddon.


See that tracking button with the blue bell? Wrong option there, armageddon!

If you press that, and then you innocently have email notifications turned on for all tracked postings.

Then you turn on the auto reply on the email to a format that these forums accept as a response.

:expressionless: :arrow_right: :exploding_head:

Meanwhile, there’s a test I forgot to perform here. Let’s see if this works, shall we? :slight_smile:


Hmm, preview doesn’t produce the expected power tower …

Yes, I believe that is inaccurate behavior on the server side (your code should work, and I tried it elsewhere and it did work).

I tried to display 1 ^(2^3) the following ways:

code used: 1<sup><sup><sub>2</sub></sup><sup>3</sup></sup>

code used: <img src="\Large&space;1^{2^3}"/>