People need to take a " good look around "

What they call FAITH is a form of anxiety !!

Faith would be a response to anxiety. If faith ‘were’ anxiety, a whole lot less people would have it.

On what are you basing an assertion that faith is a form of anxiety?

He said the exact opposite, it was your claim that faith was a form of anxiety?

Anxiety promotes the faith that is believed to relieve the anxiety. Personally, I recommend stress balls.
…um…what are we looking around for?

Yea… stress balls.
Ben Wa Balls

My stress balls, I think the wife took em when she left.

No, I was mistaken, I see them now. It must have been another set of balls she took. :thinking::flushed::laughing:

Jesus this, Moses that, Abraham hit me with a wiffle ball bat.

Do people really use those things?