Pell back to the vatican

Apparently Francis can’t trust anyone other than Pell to take care of vatican finances.

My devout Catholic mother called him “that slimy George Pell” . She had no time for the last two popes either. She quite liked Francis because of his "I’m just- a- humble-old-man’’ schtick . I did not and do not. He has made no significant and urgent changes.

Mkay, Pell has been found not guilty on child sexual abuse charges. ‘Not guilty’ is a legal term, it does NOT mean ‘innocent’.

As far as I’m aware, Pell has been implicated in the systemic protection of pedophile priests. In other words, like the broad attitude of the church, Pell seems to have shielded criminals and the deeply corrupt church as an organisation---- instead of protecting its children. Fuck him, hope he dies on the plane on his way to Rome.

Various reasons for Pell’s clandestine trip has been reported in the local press.
The Vatican is completely unaware of any reason why Pell is returning there.
Pell is planning to pack up his belongings left in his Vatican apartment with the intention of shipping it all back to Sydney.
He could apply for asylum inside the Vatican.

Its got to be more than a coincidence that Pell’s rival Becciu was pushed from his position of prefect of the Congregation of the Causes of Saints, after he was found conducting questionable financial transactions and countering Frank’s call for an audit, just a few days prior to Pell’s flyout.

Pell’s old position as seniour Vatican accountant expired while he was in prison, and the vacant positioned was filled in his absence. Supporters insist he was not sacked.
I suppose there is a great chance Pell will be invited to be Becciu’s replacement.

If so, that might demonstrate that as far as the Vatican is concerned, fiddling the books is a graver sin that fiddling the kids.

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Pithy. You may have a Tim Tam.

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Indeed. Especially since they need all the money they can get to settle all the lawsuits hanging over them for the harm they’ve done.

Even worse is the ‘sin’ of being female. They will make sure you die of that.

Their whole ‘pro-life’ stance can be summarized as - Only MEN are allowed to murder unborn children and their mothers as well with impunity. If we complain, they will take away our access to health care and REALLY rack up the death rate. That’ll learn us to get uppity!.

The second example in the vatican’s - show them no mercy prayer : The “adulteress”

From the account in the Gospel, it was doubtful that she was guilty of anything. She was brought to Jesus by the Pharisees and the scribes. Assuming the woman had a choice, which is doubtful as a starting point; the fact that she was there solo immediately indicates she is a pawn in a political game. The law would have had both the man and woman condemned. The religious authorities were making a mockery of the Law by using her as a trap for Jesus and as the scheduled entertainment of the day. If he had had her stoned, the Romans would have convicted him of murder. If he had simply let her go, the scribes could have claimed he wasn’t following the law.

Remember, the ‘honor’ killings of women in the mid east did not start with ISIS. They were popular back then as well. A lot of the point was the practice of the religious leaders terrorizing women. Think of the public humiliation. The vatican demonstrates jealousy of the ability to publicly and mortally terrorize women with this example. Did they stop to think that this would have been the fate of the Virgin Mary if not for the incredible miracle that was St. Joseph? I’m sure they had checked into the local gossip of Nazareth. They were not so subtlety calling Jesus the son of a whore.

The story contrasted the evil and misogyny of the religious authorities to that of respect and love of women Christ continually displayed. The Divine Mercy was to the religious authorities for twisting the law for their own aggrandizement.

What Jesus did that day was more miraculous than his ‘parlor trick’ of raising Lazarus from the dead. Mortal or divine, I would follow him to the death for that alone. He would have remained just a Jewish miracle worker if that was all he did. He did something greater that day. He changed society that day. He struck a mighty blow against those making a mockery of justice and whose concept of religion was – I belong to the magic group that means I get to kill people.

The vatican – It was only the woman who was guilty and that the next greatest sin is a woman having sex except with her owner’. Of course, it is also implied that it is perfectly acceptable for a husband to murder a wife by accusing her of trumped up adultery charges. SO THAT VATICAN JUST CAME OUT IN FAVOR JUST CAME OUT IN FAVOR MEN MURDERING THEIR WIVES ON TRUMPED UP ADULTERY CHARGES AND OF STONING THE VIRGIN MARY!