Pedophile promoted to Catholic Charity in Italy

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NCR had an article today on a priest accused of abetting an alleged sex abuse ring PROMOTED to running a Catholic Charity. Any Italians here?

I’m not sure all these catholic related posts needed 5 separate new threads?

Surely one would do?

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The article said ‘accused’? Are you privy to unpublished evidence?

Australia has the presumption of innocence. In some jobs an accused child abuser is stood down. Sometimes they are sacked.

A few years ago state member of parliament was arrested and charged with child sex offences. When he was convicted he resigned from parliament.

In my opinion, people who harm children should be killed. That doesn’t mean I support vigilante justice or trial by newspaper. I do not.

I didn’t read the paper posted by the OP, but this hit the news today. Decades old. It takes a LONG time to move towards conviction and accountability… especially when money and influence can push back for years (to delay).