Paranormal Activity

Some of you may find this ironic. I work at a mental institution. I won’t say in what capacity. Okay. Okay! I’m a security guard. Hey; it pays the bills and it beats sucking dicks.

The fucked up part is that I was a patient there once upon a time. And then I went into remission, started working at a Pizza Joint. And - bam! A few years later, I sign on with a Security Company and they dispatch me to the same place.

Anyway. It’s a 250 acre plot of land with buildings on it dating back from at least 1918. So, there are about ten very large facilities and multiple smaller facilities (including Cottages which house “forensic patients” - like that guy who sawed off a man’s head on a bus and started eating it from the throat up. Yeah. He had a “mental condition”. But He’s better now and he lives in a little half way house on my site. Greeeeeeeeat. Yeah. I’ll keep “an eye out” for him. Thanks government. Thanks judicial system.)

Everything is shut down now - the large four story buildings at least. In its hey day, lobotomy procedures would have been a common occurrence.

So, onto the good stuff. I know a contractor there who works periodically in the larger buildings for periodic upkeep (we’ll just call him rim job Steve for short). Did I mention it was periodic?

Rim Job Steve is heading up to the attic when he feels a cool breeze. Suddenly his radio goes staticky and he hears a female voice: “Get out. No men allowed!” “Christ on a stick!” I say, “What did you do?” “I just kept working,” he says. Rim Job Steve is basically one of the straightest shooters I’ve ever met. I would be very surprised if he had made that shit up. Later I learn that this very building was a woman’s facility. Ewww. Spooky :ghost:

Everyone and their uncle has a story to tell about that place. I’ve even got a story of my own (one that’s even more fucked up than hearing Gandi talk to Ganesh in your head while you’re trying to sleep). And another from a trusted co-worker.

But who among us has a spooky story to tell? A paranormal tale of fright and delight? A haunted place where only the bravest dare to venture? One that spits in Science’s face and demands, “riddle me this!!!”?

It is not about bravery, it is understanding that the “supernatural” either has a natural (presently unknown) explanation, or is just imaginary.

My story:

I worked for Canada’s largest and earliest communications provider as a Central Office tech. A Central Office is a hub where all the wires come together like an octopus, each serving an area 3 to 5 miles in diameter. I was on midnights, and traveled from CO to CO installing services and troubleshooting.

One CO was in an older part of town, and earliest, it was built just after telephones became a thing. And it had a reputation for being haunted. A construction worker perished by falling down an elevator shaft during construction, and a few years later a worker committed suicide by hanging herself. Lots of stories about voices and music in the night.

So here I am, every night usually 3:00 AM, going alone into this building for an hour or so. Meh, it was just an old building.

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I missed it. What was scary about a voice saying “Get Out. Women only?” Ratty, are you on drugs again?

I prefer “glitch in the matrix” stories. Better entertainment value.

Yah - he did.

“Baker was found to have been suffering from untreated schizophrenia when he stabbed, beheaded and partially cannibalized Tim McLean, 22.” This was a decade ago. He hasn’t done it since now has he? BTW “god told him to do it”.

When you experience weird shit. Just clap your hands over your ears and close your eyes count to 10 and say “it’s all in my fucking mind” because it almost always is.

Smelled ammonia the other day. I checked the fridge (internet said coolant), kitty litter (clean) etc. could not place it and the smell was consistent (didn’t increase or decrease in areas).

Checked symptoms of smelling ammonia. Pretty sure I wasn’t having kidney failure (thanks medical google). Checked hallucination of smells. BINGO. Not quite what it’s called but you get the idea. The smell went away after about an hour.

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I’ve worked alone in some spooky places like and old courthouse as a janitor and a hotel whose interior resembled the set of The Shining. I admit to being creeped out a time or two and barely kept myself from running screaming into the street at least once. It was mostly auditory scares like thinking someone had called my name or hearing people talking then not finding anyone. I also once heard what sounded exactly like a woman screaming and the sound of something being dragged down the hall. The woman screaming was wind in the elevator shaft and the dragging sound was water from an automatic watering system hitting the building. I’m sure everything had an explanation that didn’t involve the paranormal. The mind is it’s own place and the senses are easily fooled. It’s the living you have to worry about, so yeah, I’d keep an eye out for the cannibal :slightly_smiling_face: .

“Presently unknown” and “just imaginary” are the two mechanisms I use as well. Had I not been able to use them with my own experience at the site, I would have succumbed to fear and likely quit the job. But as I will reply to Cogster

Well, yes. Naturally. I take a tasty cocktail of benzodiazepine, anti-depressant, and anti-psychotics (and a little bit of Niacin for good measure). And high quality crack cocaine, which I cook at home.

But neither here nor there. The voice came over his radio!!! There was a cool breeze coming from the attic!!! All tell tale signs of spooky action.

Aha. A fellow Canadian who recalls that fateful bus trip.

So, yes. He was sent to a forensic prison where, to some public dismay, he was deemed no longer a threat to society. And, to my knowledge, all within the course of a year after the event.

As far as I know he’s behaving himself. But as everyone knows, “once a God fearing cannibal, always a God fearing cannibal”.

I assume that, as long as he doesn’t get hungry on the bus, the general public has little to fear :wink:

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I was out in the back paddock of the old farm, back in the day, I was about sixteen. The sun had set and twilight was fading fast. I was burning rubbish in the old fire-pit, a common chore of mine in the evening, when I looked up and saw the strangest red light in the sky. It was travelling pretty quickly and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I blinked once, twice… three times more… but there it was, streaking across the sky before it suddenly disappeared. It was the strangest thing I’d ever seen… at the time.

After a bit of research it turns out the International Space Station and some weather event caused a particular red colour on the reflection coming back to Earth. I’d never known you could see the ISS racing across the sky.

Nowadays I try to witness it every chance I get. Never seen the same red colour though, just that one time, before I even knew what I was looking at.

Closest thing to a paranormal experience I’ve ever had and it’s the most easily explained thing you can imagine. But that’s just me. :smiley:


What supernatural? You have shown nothing supernatural. Someone heard a voice. How in the fuck is that supernatural? You poor confused ratty thing.

Voices commonly come over radios. What the fuck are you talking about. Cool breezes from attics? The places on top of the house without heating or lights? You were expecting a solar flare perhaps. Fuck do you say moronic shit!

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Easy big fella. It’s just a thread about weird occurrences. I say fuck all.

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You bet. Sometimes I think my right hand is haunted as it’s name is Fappy. Maybe he possessed my mind. Fappy starts to tingle and flex his digits when beautiful women scuttle on by. I guess he’s trying to tell me I need to do something in private with a laptop and lotion.

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Actually - let me back that story up a bit with some simple observations.

A) heat rises. Attics are fucking damp, hot, and humid.

We had a heat dome last summer where I work. The attic in one of our buildings got up to 65 degrees CELSIUS.

I know because a fucking heat detector in the attic that was meant to go off when there’s a fucking FIRE busted a nut. I walked up the stairs to the attic with the fire department. They shot a temperature laser gun in there and it registered 65 degrees. Attics get hot. Don’t tell me they don’t.

But. Rim Job Steve didn’t specify the time of year his encounter encountered him. So. Fine. Take that one. Lucky guess.

B) I’m not a fucking genius when it comes to radios, but from what I know radios run on something called a “frequency”.

So, you’re telling me a woman who Steve doesn’t know is not only carrying around a radio up her ass, but she also knows the frequency he’s tuned to? Some random woman? Okay. More likely than a fucking ghost, maybe … still pretty far out there.

I’ve watched Steve and his buds work. There’s usually two of them and one guy’s usually fucking around on some floor while the other doushebag monitors the fire alarm panel system on the ground floor.

So unless she’s fitted with a fucking portable ham radio along with binoculars to watch Rim Job Steve going up to the attic, I don’t know how that’s really going to cut the mustard.

There. You can steam roll me in the Liar thread. But that event was fucked up in some serious ways.

And shit heads all over history have been attempting to solve the Liar’s Paradox.

Paradox’s exist, people think about them, have bright idea - and suddenly 300 years later Einstein explains what Newton couldn’t!

Here I am. Simple solution. Truth’s a lie. Everything is a convention. Paradox solved.

What’s your left hand named?

Just lefty. Not much of a lumberjack that one. He refuses to help Fappy with the wood.

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I hear it feels like someone else’s hand when you use the left one. I’ve always been too afraid to try. My right hand has always been “Palmella” :wink:

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Ah yes, how could I ever forget, thats short for Rosy Palmer and her 5 sisters. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I have no idea what you are talking about.

My hand’s name is Alice. She talks to me at night and sometimes tries to do dirty things to me. It’s a good thing I have a rolling pin. I have had to beat her off of me several times.

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