Paper on SATAN 13, 14, 15

A nice bit of writing if anyone is interested. Just slipped it into the book club as it references several books. Pagel’s “Origins of Satan” for example. This is a quick and concise history of the evolution of Satan. Enjoy.

Had a quick look.

A pretty different understanding than I’ve had for some time .

Started with going to a current Jewish source. The I read the claim that Satan is not a fallen angel nor even god’s adversary. Rather he is god’s servant. How could he possibly be other, seeing as god created all things is the reasonable question.

My understanding of the adversarial Satan of Christianity is that the common image of the horned beast with hooves is taken directly from Pan, the relatively benign Greek wood spirit.

My impression is that like the concept of hell, the Christian idea of the devil kind of grew, like topsy, over centuries.

I’ve forgotten where I read about the Jewish Satan, but I’ll have a look around if you want.

The article talks about Satan as god’s servant… It goes through the entire evolution of the origin of Satan. You will find that part in there and how it came to be and why. It’s a well written synopsis.

Yes, I am familiar of the Pan story. "Pan, the god of the Heathen. The people living in the heaths outside the city of Rome. If the children are not good, the Pan will steal them away in the night. "

In the story of Job Satan is not an opponent of God. God and Satan simply make a friendly wager. Satan is not operating behind God’s back and he is engaged in no malice unapproved by God. The article agrees with your perspective… And how do we get from there, to here.

I think it ironic that after conceiving a ‘God’ mankind went on to conceive a ‘Devil’ and each is as big a bastard as the other.

Thanks for the link Cog; after I gods I adamantly disbelieve devils most.