Pakistan education sucks

Hi everyone I am exmuslim atheist from Pakistan. I am currently reading in class 12th and my teacher are very very stupid and extremist people . One day in class my teacher teaching students of my class about jihad(terrorism) die in the name of allah. He tells everyone in class to die for Allah(piece of shit) and he tells that if you die for allah you go to heaven. Teacher here are also extremist. And my some class fellows support this because there parents are link with Pakistan Islamic groups tlp. My class teacher also told that osma bin ladin is a god chosen person. You all know if I speak about this or Pakistani atheist stand against this our qoverment kills us because this is what they are injecting in there youth mind. I am deciding to come to usa after my 12th . I decided to take aasylum in usa . Should I take asylum in usa please guide me if you have any information. Because my family Is also religious so they dont care about my mental health . I am really really depressed. And I can’t take this anymore.


Is it possible to stay closer to your culture - for instance, India? Or other regions of Pakistan where there is less extremism?

The only reasons I offer this as an alternative is, a) less of a culture shock; b) influencing others or supporting others within your country that also want progressively changes…

Sometimes we think the big change or move is an answer (and it can be) BUT sometimes, answers are closer. Cities…or university areas…I just sometimes think that helping our fellow citizens is a step towards helping all - moving our country forward. BUT every situation is different.


@youngatheist_89 You are still very young and prone to impulse and action. You have time to plan your future, do not rush along too fast.

Yes, it must make you uncomfortable listening to this shit, but just shut your mouth and nod your head in agreement. Do not give anyone any hint that you have lost faith.

Please, please, please, just stay silent and pretend you have faith, do not stand out, do not speak up. Take your time, learn and plan what your options are.


Education all over the world sucks. The role of education, from elementary school through high school is to indoctrinate you into the culture while giving you basic reading, writing, and math skills. (Very basic.) That’s it. The government wants you to be able to read its propaganda but not think about it. It wants to fill your head with jingoistic bullshit, patriotic songs, stories of the brave soles who suffered to make your country great, and in most countries the one and only god who smiles down on you and who has made you his chosen few. This is the role of the school.

We begin unlearning this shit as we get older. We begin distinguishing facts from fiction. We begin evaluating the bullshit the government feeds us. We begin forming opinions. All Nations are extremists. All nations have their origin myths. All nations want good citizens who can follow orders.

If you qualify. Good luck. It will be very helpful if you have an advanced degree or a marketable skill. Jobs are posted regularly and companies are willing to sponsor employees with skills from all over the world.


657 Saudi Arabia jobs in United States (26 new) - LinkedIn



I am 18 year old and I am very passionate about cybersecurity and decided to do bs cybersecurity after my 12 and after my bs I decided to go to usa for my master or job. Thanks david for your advice. . And everyone here are good and amazing people. I feel very good after meeting with all of you. Can you have any thing where we can talk like discord or social media if you comfortable to talk to me.

For myself, this is how I communicate. I’ve known some of the members here for years and we haven’t talked irl. I know…I know… old :dash:

When I was 22 years of age I had a career setback, and my uncle told me that I still had an entire lifetime ahead of me. At that time I did not understand, but now that I look back (I am 71 years old) I now realize that he was correct. I went on to various careers. It is a matter or perception. He had years of experience to understand that I did have an entire lifetime ahead of me.

At your age five years from now seems like forever. But it is not, it should be much less than 10% of your adult life. because what you do now can determine your future. Making a poor decision at this stage of your life can affect the remaining 90% of your adult life.

You have time to be patient, to plan carefully, to prepare and lay the groundwork to your future.

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This issue has caused me a lot of thinking time. This forum works OK. Yes, it can be improved. But if we open up more options (such as voice chat or many more categories), then things can spiral out of control and this forum can quickly and easily become a very complicated morass.

And being of a mechanical mind and one who is more engineer than social worker, I attempt to live my life by the engineer’s principle …

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I couldn’t agree more. A religious education about dying for a fictional character from a bullshit religion is not much of an education. They need to be teaching you shit that you can actually use out in the world. Not how to die a martyr.

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Unfortunately discord and other social media apps are rather taxing and disorganized. I can see how a forum like this might seem slow and tedious for you though.

I find I get much better, intelligent, thoughtful commentary here than on other more real-time platforms. Not to sound like a brown noser, the admins do keep the forum here very friendly and approachable. So hopefully you stick around and chat with us.


Perhaps a few of the old timers around here need to look into the cost of starting one? My office mate is a Christian and he does some sort of podcast with a guy in the states. They agree on a time and sit about yucking and chucking about god for an hour once or twice a week. I’ll look at what platform he is using and see if anyone is interested.

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I’d advise against seeking asylum in the USA.

First of all, it’s an incredible amount of money for you to try to reach there.

Secondly, unless you can unequivocally demonstrate persecution, you’re likely to be turned away.

Additionally, moving freely through the EU is difficult due to the war in Ukraine.

I’m assuming that you aren’t hindu, so your best bet (where you can fit in for now, and work to move to a better position later) are any of the non-islamic states of Africa.

Start there. I’m sorry I don’t have much better options, but the World is as it is, and that is your best choice right now.