Pagan/Atheist Agenda Same

So atheists: why does it really matter if we believe in a god/afterlife? The problem is when religion “Holds back progress” or gets in the way of people’s freedoms. Pagans don’t have any dogma other than “harm none”. We have the same agenda against the oppressive Abrahamic religions!

I find paganism to be as silly a belief system as any under the religious umbrella. Yet you are correct that it is not akin to many intellectually reprehensible belief systems. For instance, I support satanists above christians, because the former is far more humanistic than the latter. The same applies to paganism and wicca; superior to the unholy judeo-christian schisms, certainly.

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So you don’t know about the Morrigan then??

As an atheist I have no reason to believe there is an afterlife. Thus, for me, every day, every second, is precious. I live my life accordingly. I treat others as if there is no afterlife where I can make amends if I do not treat others accordingly.

For some who believe in an afterlife, this life to them is just a holding pattern, where better things loom after they leave this life. They live their lives according, not making the effort to stop and smell the roses and drink in the full appreciation of everything around them. They may not treat others well, believing they have the afterlife to make amends.

It is near impossible to convince someone who does not believe in after life to strap on a suicide vest.

Edit: changed “do” to “may”. I apologize for grouping all those who believe in an afterlife as being jerks.


Wicca is less dangerous than Christianity (imo), simply because there are less of them. If that were to change; I’m sure it would be just as bad, if not worse.

One could say “Trekkies” are less harmful than the majority of Abrahamic Religions (in their various forms) that today have their political powers and advantages.

HOWEVER… ‘can’t say I’d want to hitch my tail to their wagon

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It demonstrates that you do not care about reality.

When you allow your mind to accept magical thinking in one case, without facts, evidence, visible means of support, or any form of rational justification, you are at risk of believing all sorts of other bullshit. (Chakras, biorythem, astrology, luck, curses, prayer, The Secret, EST, crystal healing, spirits, ghosts, past lives, hypnotism, flat earth, …)

In short… You have not learned how to be skeptical. Like a theist, you are capable of segmenting a part of your gullibility and separating it from rationality for whatever pay off you imagine you recieve from such actions. You refuse to take a rational look at your beliefs and instead, engage in special pleading and appeals to emotion or personal experience.

You are willing to sacrafice the real world for something comfortable.


With Atheist, there is no “we” and definitely no implied ‘should’. The only requirement for an atheist is that he/she does not believe in gods.

I really don’t care about your personal superstitions or about those of others. Not up to me to say what should matter.

I’m going only by the pagans I’ve actually met you understand. My impression was that they were gentle, rather fey little old ladies of both sexes.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:… You said it, my friend! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Just so happens The Morrigan is the primary goddess my wife “follows”. And if anybody thinks my wife would not harm anybody, they would be in for a most dreadful surprise (given the appropriate circumstances). Sure, she is Pagan and she does believe in “As you harm no others, do as you will.” But that applies only to purposely and/or carelessly doing things that you KNOW will cause harm to those who have done nothing to deserve such harm. Another way of putting it would be to say, “Be mindful of any actions you take so as not to cause undue harm to others.” Make no mistake, however, most Pagans are NOT pacifists. Sure, there are those out there who choose that path/mindset, but I have not met very many. Matter of fact, I happen to personally know a few who can be downright viscious/malicious. Just depends on which god(s) they choose to follow. Basically, to say all Pagans abide by the “do no harm” mantra is about the same as saying all Christians follow their bible the same way. :joy:

Edit to add: I know this is an old thread, but it popped up on my feed and I just couldn’t resist responding when I saw Old Man mention The Morrigan. :sweat_smile: