One for all you theists out there, somewhere

Faith in spite of evidence, or lack of…why?


This seems too obvious and insulting to be true: Perhaps getting to the new site is too hard for them?

They couldn’t ALL have suddenly come over to the light side of the force, or died.

Be willing to bet the vast majority of Covid19 victims were believers, many of whom thought their faith would protect them. .


Did you read something somewhere? It is a reasonable statement.

PS, are you going back to cranky?


Yeah three examples:

Some dill of a Televangelsist said he was going to pray the virus away. Truly hilarious, or scary, depending on your state of mind

There was another pastor who was going to cure covid19 by the laying on of hands. He contractedf covid19 and died, earning a Darwin Award

The last example was of a Greek Orthodox priest, not sure where. He declared that the virus could not touch anyone who took communion, hosts and wine from a shared chalice.

The first one is on Youtube.The second I got from Huff Post US. Don’t remember about the third one, possibly Huff Post Australia…

They’re all on public record if you want to go hunting. I reckon there are probably many more examples.

I’d like to go back to ‘cranky’, but haven’t been able to do it. Also want to post an avatar picture and perhaps other pics from time to time. Can’t work out how to do it.

Below is a clip with Kenneth Copeland praying away the virus.

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Ahhhh ahhhhh…it hurts my eyes.

The one on the left looks like he’s fighting constipation, not COVID-19. The one on the right is playing with an invisible yo-yo.



Be willing to bet the vast majority of Covid19 victims were believers, many of whom thought their faith would protect them

I see the world’s number 1 male tennis player has found this out the hard way. After making some bizarre religiously motivated statements about Covid 19, including stating he wouldn’t be forced to take a Covid 19 vaccine, he has now tested positive as have several others from his ill advised recent tennis tournament.

Blind superstition is no match for nature…

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I guess faith is either not part of skydorks plan, or, skydork wants him dead.

I think it has to be done on the old forum site first.

While Christians continue to act like idiots, Muslims have actually done something sensible. The Saudis will drastically limit the number of people attending this year’s Hajj to protect public health.

I’ll take this with the finest “grain of salt” given it’s Saudis :roll_eyes:

True. The word “sensible” really doesn’t belong anywhere near the Hajj or the Saudis. Though I think Muslims who go to a desert to thrown stones at Satan are tied in the stupidity stakes with Americans who go to a desert to throw coins in slot machines.

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YOUR QUOTE WHERE THE PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN DIDN’T BELIEVE ENOUGH: “Be willing to bet the vast majority of Covid19 victims were believers, many of whom thought their faith would protect them.”

Jesus stated; “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22) Key word: “believing,” which triggers the prayer in a direct absolute manner in receiving your prayer request, like healing oneself of any sickness like cover-19. Therefore, if a pseudo-christian does not get their prayer answered, then the onus is put upon them because they didn’t “believe enough in Jesus and His doctrine.”

It’s tough to be a TRUE Christian, instead of a pseudo-christian that represents 99.9999 percent of Christians today. :frowning:


Really? Is a no true Scotsman fallacy the the best you can do?

Not a good start .—Unless you’re joking of course. Hard to tell when all you have is the written word.


For your info:

No true Scotsman , or appeal to purity , is an informal fallacy in which one attempts to protect a Universal_generalization) by changing the definition in an [ad hoc]-----"

The full article is. worth reading

If you’re going to hang around, I suggest consider familiarising yourself with common logical fallacies. The above is frequently used by Christian apologists.

@Cranky Re: 21stCen

Pssst… Hey, Crank. I could be wrong, but I get the impression 21st is being a bit sarcastic and facetious. Pretty sure he does not intend for his “True Christian” stuff to be taken too seriously. Like I said, just the impression I get. I got a pretty good chuckle out of it, at least. :wink:


I had that impression too, but couldn’t be sure. Don’t yet know his style well enough to tell

Yep. 21st isn’t a theist and is probably well aware of the true Scotsman fallacy but that was a good assessment Crank and yes as per scripture the faith of the believer is suppose to clinch the deal of the miracle but for similar reasons as you have expressed 21st I don’t think there are any ‘true christians’ as none I’ve ever met could perform any miracle and none has ever been unequivocally presented. Lack of faith? Faith as small as a mustard seed is suppose to cut it. The Holy Spirit is suppose to deliver those baptised (maybe thats partly it, not many sects adhere to full adult immersion rites)
Jesus is suppose to have sent his disciples out with the Great Commission with all his powers Even Paul the so called 13 apostle exorcised and healed and resurrected which must have helped enormously with recruiting.
These days? Revamped cosmological. ontological scatalogical word soups and salads and John 3:16…
Its suppose to be a faith not an argument.

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Lol! @Cranky
You and I were on the same wavelength- I don’t know his style enough either …

For shits and giggles :face_with_hand_over_mouth: this was going to be my response:

@21stCenturyIconoclas… use of pseudoChristian and now 99.999999 blah blah? If someone calls themselves a Christian I will “take” it that they mean they are a follower of Jesus (in whatever manner they see fit or chose) - NOW I may question their “idea” of following Jesus (with scripture) or the idea of Jesus BUT your use dismisses them as “fake” and you leave room for a true “Christian”???

Further explanation for clarity please…

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Well another improvement to the site is that the word theist or atheist now appears beneath the username.

No more clicking on usernames and reading profiles to clarify whether I’m dealing with irony or superstition.

Of course Breezy once created a fake atheist account so he could post in the atheist hub forum, but that was just sad.

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