Oklahoma is banning atheists from getting married

Who else think this is some atheophobic bs?

They’re trying to outlaw atheists from getting married because the Christians believe marriage is exclusive only to them.

Those cunts are 20 years too late, she ran off and took my entire life savings with her, where the fuck were they when I needed them? :roll_eyes:


That article is 8 years old.

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I don’t even know how this makes any sense. Why would the government give up all that money and control. All marriage licenses are issued by the Government. It’s not a Church thing at all. You go down to city hall. You apply for a marriage license. Then you have your church wedding… or not. No one needs the church for anything? How does one state pass a bill that strips the government of its power?

I don’t think the bill is going anyplace. " he U.S. Senate approved bipartisan legislation on Tuesday to protect same-sex marriage in federal law amid concerns that the Supreme Court could overturn its 2015 decision that recognized such unions.

(Supreme Court makes same-sex marriage a national right) as a constitutional right.

Nov. 29, 2022

My guess is this. Should the Church, any Church, manage to take over marriage licensing, they would also be forced by federal laws to marry LGBT couples and they would not be able to stop atheists from getting married.

I looked for the actual bill but could not find it.