OFF TOPIC: On Being "Woke" And The Race Card

I’m an author (or about to be) and a site I subscribed to published an article which I glanced through; it turned out that I rarely use the “politically incorrect” terms cited in my writing, not because I’m, making any point but because they just don’t suit my style.

Kathy Steinemann - 900+ Gender-Neutral Terms

I saw some of the comments and, stupidly, “got into one” with the author. She was blathering on about gender mattering and the small group of liberals (which I guess I am) being allowed to dictate the way we speak. I pointed out that the standard gender phrasing is only what it is because it has become embedded over time in various cultures and that no one was saying SHE had to adopt such terminology and said, “if woke is being aware of climate change, racism, greed and all the other nastiness going on in the world, then hell yes, I’m woke.”

Her reply surprised me (though it really shouldn’t have).

“I could educate you on the hoax known as “Climate Change” and that Marxism is behind encouraging blacks to play the “race card” to keep racism going, and much more, but I’m busy and realize that anyone who considers themselves “woke” is probably not going to listen to logic or factual evidence.”

I get the hoax thing (something the right wing have been pushing for years) but what the f*** is this Marxism/race card sh**?


Yeah ! That religious nut seems to think that without Marx, no black person would have noticed that “race” played a role in american slavery and seggregation. And according to her, apparently scientists are lying about climate change to increase taxes :joy:.

And coming to the article, I think the author took it far by portraying “human” as a gendered word. I don’t think anyone would think of only males, when they read “humans”.
Just like below where the author themself seems to have not noticed that “fraternity” comes from “frater” i.e., “brother”
// * fellowship: alliance, camaraderie, fraternity//

This made me think of what’s a better word for Humanist, as I consider myself as a secular humanist :sweat_smile:

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So she starts with two begging the question fallacies, to create circular reasoning fallacies where she simply assumes her conclusion in her premise, then uses an ad hominem fallacy to create a poisoning of the well fallacy using a false arbitrary definition of woke, which anyone can Google. Tell her you don’t care to be lectured on rationality by anyone so irrational they manage to use 4 separate common logical fallacies in a single paragraph.

It’s called negative stereotyping, it’s about as rational as running screaming from a black cat.


And of course, the individual in question is also woefully ignorant of the relevant history.

The term “woke” was first coined as a means of signalling awareness of the manner in which African-Americans are still subject to vindictive and frequently brutal racism in parts of the USA. The term has since been expanded to cover awareness of other species of injustice and iniquity, courtesy of the fact that a willingness to see racism ended and a fairer society constructed with respect thereto, naturally extends to wishing to see other injustices and iniquities eliminated - or at least, this is the case if you’re pursuing the issues properly.

But, as was probably to be expected, not only have the bigoted Right tried to hijack the term and erect duplicitous strawman caricatures thereof, with the express objective of demonising anyone who rejects their bigotries, but they also seek to render the whole idea of fairness and compassion ideologically persona non grata, so to speak. The bigoted Right seek to perpetuate the idea that the only way forward is Randian selfishness and hatred of the “other”.

Indeed, one of the best ways of countering this, is to point out that the bigoted Right, with their whingeing and bleating on this matter, are openly admitting that they don’t think other human beings should be treated with dignity and respect, and that only members of their narrow ideological pale deserve a life. We all saw where that led in Europe during World War II, and anyone who thinks travelling that path is a good idea really needs to examine both their cognition and their conscience.