New words created the year you were born

Put in your birth year and you can see which words were created then.

Okay, this isn’t fun at all. The words created in the year I was born included… (Drum roll please…)
Malformed, Dreadful, Ameliorate, and apparently they were all used by the same doctor in the hospital I happened to be born in.

This isn’t looking good. Other words included acid precipitation, animal model, blister pack, choke chain, hidden agenda, idiot box, mind-boggling, and zinger.

I don’t like this game.

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By 'eck young chimp you were lucky…mine include answering service, doublespeak and Zika virus…

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It hasn’t started good, aids, bias-crime, biochip, but it gets better with beatbox and breakdancing.

I got rock and roll and sci-fi…me like.

Oh, lordy… This ain’t gonna be pretty… I’ll start with a few “tamer” ones, though…

Band-aid, Bank machine, Do-rag, Eyes Only, Limo, Love Beads, Jazz-rock

And now for the not-so-tame…

Abscisic acid, Butt-naked, Morning breath, PCP, Pube… (Annnnd I think I’ll just stop right there.)

(Edit to go brush and floss my teeth.)

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Well Tin - we’re born the same year. Don’t forget “safe-sex”.

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