New guy who believes in God

Once again, your ID is exposed;

The id (Latin for “it”) is oblivious of the external world and unaware of the passage of time. Devoid of organization, knowing neither logic nor reason, it has the ability to harbour acutely conflicting or mutually contradictory impulses side by side. It functions entirely according to the pleasure-pain principle, its impulses either seeking immediate fulfillment or settling for a compromise fulfillment.

You lack focus, the point of the identification of the God, isn’t at issue, only that your entire life is based on lies, deceptions, and beliefs which at every point even defined never truth and never reality.

The only point is Atheism, human science, human educational systems, and even your own reality have been stripped from underneath you by one person. One none of you given every scientist on Earth at your disposal can disprove. What you are experiencing isn’t arrogance it is confidence, which comes only when you possess real knowledge, not what you have, which is and will always be opinions, and most not even your own.

Incredibly it isn’t even apparent to you why, you cannot disprove me, and the reality I present. You see, despite your delusion, imagining and desperation to retain even a modicum of what used to be normal to you. it can’t and won’t ever happen again, because I have given (its appropriate use is gifted you) the pure scientific proof Earth was created and even the pure science to prove it! The Creator is not the issue at this early stage of your growth. First you must know your reality has been eliminated, leaving only the Real world which I and apparently I alone exist in. See, I have no belief … I have Reality. I have no belief in God, I know God, and this is the difference you seek.

Only reality is reality, reality is never belief … you understand this? Those other beliefs you state, are just that beliefs alone, unproven, unprovable under you all. I on the other hand; gave you the proof you asked for and your ancestors asked for. Unlike all others I have no interest whether you accept or even believe it in this lifetime, you will come to know it, in any case, in life or in death, as only you (atheist and false believers) die, and you are slated to die twice!

To understand the totality of that message requires understanding, comprehension not possible for an atheist nor a false believer, but followers, disciples of Christ alone.

Having restrictions of the times I am allowed on this forum I must hold my responses to those actually looking. I chose you because your questions are intelligent if based on a false World not your doing.

The answer to your question though is simple … they ALL have been disproven long ago. Because they can’t BE PROVEN, meaning they are just beliefs, and you must accept your worlds definition, even if you don’t want to.

Merriam Webster: Definition of belief

1**:** a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing

2**:** something that is accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion : something believed an individual’s religious or political beliefs especially : a [tenet]

3**:** conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon

So, despite your reticence you are quite wrong, and because every thought is based on one of two LIES

Earth as eternally existing
Earth as sterile formed

both I have disproven with pure science alone … the science of a Sterile Universe, which sterilizes and maintains sterile universally. Liar, liar pants on fire, doesn’t work here, only evidence of a physical nature. Knowing you can’t get it, is my in to everything else. It lets you know that unlike those you have met here before I can lead you to The God after I expose the lies to you. But you must lose the delusion and start seeking Reality itself. Not what scientist or someone else tells you is a reality absent every proof but opinion.

your every thought begins the second it leaves your mouth … a lie, untruth or delusion. Having no Truth in your entire lifetime. You can ask no questions save the kind, aimed at giving you the REALITY, which helps you to see the delusion lived under. you haven’t done this yet. You keep resorting to a delusional world and the questions which come with it!

See your scientist friends, and allies must demonstrate LIFE can form in a sterile that is never lost, that is as impossible as attempting to prove those other gods you speak of. While mine is already been proven under the purest science, discovered (pure science) only since 1668C.E., 1859 C.E, 1954 C.E. and 2022 C.E. as a matter of fact, AND remains unused to this point.

seek to prove Earth can exist eternally unsterile IN a sterile Universe , or that a Sterile Earth could ever lose that sterile in open Space, as a fact not as a delusion of a scientist. Read the box of a Band-aid carton, sterile wrapper … sterile till opened. Ask yourself who opened Earth?

@TheAuthor You are out of bullshit, stop.

You are now requested to atop proselytizing and support your assertions.

No more bullshit, stop the nonsense. You shall now support your assertions.


But what if a person believes reality is a belief? Or maybe another person realistically lives in a belief that is their reality? Then there is the possibility of a realistic belief that has nothing to do with reality. Of course, a belief in reality that really isn’t a realistic belief can’t be ruled out. But when all is said and done, if reality is real and a person really believes in said reality as being realistic, then realistically that belief doesn’t really matter. For real.

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Who gives a shit WHO did it? I would just love to see the size of the goddamn can opener they used.

That is the issue. All of your rhetoric is based on the assumption there is a god. Therefore, please prove a god.

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Edit by Admin. No proof of a god provided, nothing but the usual blathering

Eli, do you confuse faith for evidence?

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Folks, The Author has had his run. I have tolerated his prosthelytizing, but it ends now.

@TheAuthor I will not allow you to post such nonsense anymore. You have the option to prove a god, but no more.

I can edit all day.

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Edit be Admin. NO content, just claims.

@TheAuthor I can edit your nonsense forever. Please provide evidence of your god.

:arrow_up: This is NOT providing your methodology. This is now a personal attack to a legitimate question.

The rest is your ego inflated drama and self-stroking.

Bye :wave:


Out of kindness - you can read- BUT you can’t post. Forever.


“But his legacy is a shaky one. Freud has, for the most part, fallen completely out of favor in academia. Virtually no institution in any discipline would dare use him as a credible source.”

You should probably go to school and take one psychology class before you begin spouting utter and complete bullshit.

" In 1996, Psychological Science reached the conclusion that “[T]here is literally nothing to be said, scientifically or therapeutically, to the advantage of the entire Freudian system or any of its component dogmas." As a research paradigm, it’s pretty much dead."

“There’s no proof of the id, ego, or superego. There’s also no evidence to support the notion that human development proceeds through oral, anal, phallic, and genital stages. Nor that the interference, or arresting, of these stages leads to specific developmental manifestations.”

Fuckiing idiots spouting nonsense and trying to smak down people using shit they know nothing at all about. What pop psychology bullshit will you try next. Seriously, why in the fuck are we putting up with this idiots complete nonsense? All he is doing is preaching and he is doing a shit job of that. The onlyh thing this dweeb is the author of is IGNORANCE.

“There’s also no evidence that Freudian psychotherapy (including psychoanalysis and “free association”) is any better than others, including Skinnerian behavioral therapy (which is diametrically opposed to Freudianism in terms of methodology), systematic desensitization, or assertiveness training.”

Don’t go to the unconscious mind. The article credits Freud with this. BIG MISTAKE! I will fuck you again! Therapy’s Delusions: The Myth of the Unconscious and the Exploitation of Today’s Walking Worried. Richard Ofshe (Author) Despite the lack of credible evidence for a powerful unconscious that controls our behavior, a huge number of therapists continue to base their practice on the idea that only they can uncover their patients’ unconscious motivations, luring thousands of Americans, from the mildly demoralized to the seriously ill, down dangerous and arbitrary paths of treatment.Therapy’s Delusions reveals how, over the years, talk therapy has masqueraded as a scientific discipline and has cost patients time, money, and their mental well-being. Waters and Ofshe demonstrate how patients, therapists, and society alike are fooled by the stories created in therapy. This back-and-forth belief-building process has popularized countless faddish and speculative notions, some of the most aberrant of which have popped up in recent years, including the recovered memory trend the authors exposed in Making Monsters.Therapy’s Delusions also makes a decisive case for the biomedical approach to mental health care. In addition to the celebrated success of drugs like Prozac, revolutionary advances are being made in genetic research and in the field of cognitive and behavioral counseling.

Any reason at all this dweeb is still on the site preaching and spouting his nonsense?

I missed that last response when the idiot started spouting Freudian nonsense. Shoulda suspected the ole rolling pin what tucked away just in case a fat juicy target popped up someplace. I only read about half of his post before he started in on the same old bullshit so I slammed him on the shit I knew about. The troll contributed nothing to the site and was not worth the time it took to say bye bye.

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I have stopped his preaching. I will not allow any post to survive if it does not address him providing proof/evidence of his god.


The voice of reason as far as I am concerned.

Good. It’s good to see that at some point in these debates Theists should be held accountable for their Burden of Proof when they go on and on like this and ignore and evade what is asked of them.


Laboratory experiments demonstrating that the chemical reactions work aren’t “lies”, and you’re merely demonstrating your stupidity by posting this.

On the other hand, what do you have to offer, to support the assertion that a cartoon magic man from a goat herder mythology exists? Nothing, except “my mythology says so”, along with some truly feculent dreck you pulled out of your rectal passage that every educated person on the planet would point and laugh at.

Oh, by the way, here’s a little experiment you can try. Ask a chemist to provide two samples of pure glucose, one from a biological source, the other produced by laboratory synthesis. You won’t be able to tell them apart, and both samples will appear to be “non-living” to every observer.

Did you have a proper education system where you live?


Hey, hey, hjey! You having a go at Pan now.

What in the hell did Pan ever do to you. Everyone needs a little fertility in their lives. Besides, he is hung like a goat and deserves to be worshiped.

Well thanks so much for elucidating to such a complete degree. The extent of your grasp of the subject(s) is greatly appreciated.

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Pan will help us all get laid! :rofl:


I can see that you all clearly don’t believe the universe came from nothing, but then you offer no alternative to where it came from. You criticize us Christians for believing in an eternal God, but you have your own faith that science will figure out how the universe sprung up from, not nothing, but not God, so from what?

There are problems with theories that try to explain the origin of the universe using forces inside our currently existing universe. For example, Stephen Hawking says, “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.”
What wrong with this is that gravity is a force inside our universe. How can a force inside our universe create the universe? A visual example:

This is a popular illistration of the origin of the universe, but notice the black around the universe. It illistrates the nothing before the universe. Now since you so adamently believe the universe didn’t come from nothing (which I agree with) the question “where did it all come from” remains unanswered.
The problem with these pre-big bang theories is they try to use things already existent in this picture to answer where the universe came from. Things like dark energy and quantum fluctuations are not nothing; they are things inside the currently existing universe. So this diagram shows the universe already existing, but surrounded by nothing thus not explaining where it all came from.

I do not think it is an unreasonable conclusion to draw that a force outside of the universe created the universe because the only alternatives are either the universe came from nothing or the universe came to be as a result of forces inside of the universe, neither of which make any sense.

This argument may not sound as fancy as Calilasseia’s, but all I’m doing is using basic philosphy and logic rather than trying to come up with super complicated theories to explain an impossible event: that the universe came into existence as the result of forces or matter inside the universe or however you want to put it.

To follow that up, I just see crazy design in the universe that I can’t logically attribute to luck. For example,
Stephen Hawking says:
“If the rate of expansion one second after the Big Bang had been smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million, it would have recollapsed before it reached its present size. On the other hand, if it had been greater by a part in a million, the universe would have expanded too rapidly for stars and planets to form.”
In other words the expansion rate of the universe is EXTREMELY lucky, or designed.

This incredible “luck” in how the universe started expanding goes even more to show that the universe is designed by an intelligent force outside of it.

I will get to the rest later.

I want to address real quick that I have already mentioned Jesus and what he did for us, but that means nothing to someone who doesn’t believe in God. If you want to talk about Jesus then by all means I will talk with you about that, but that sort of openness is not reflected by really anyone I have met on here.
People fall for the lie that atheism is the intellectual side to take, and I want to at least try to open people up to Jesus by showing them the intellectual side of Christianity, even if they don’t listen now.
Being here has actually been quite a learning experience for me believe it or not, but I can’t sit by and learn about what you guys think when people have such a twisted, wrong view of Christianity. You all are entilted to your own opinion, but I am also entitled to give my opinon as well.

@Tia I appreciate your desire for a more civil conversation, and I’m trying my best to achieve such a conversation even if not met with the same attitude by others.

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