New Gmail and account notice

I’m back it’s me Danie @Whitefire13 and @Hadmin I have an old account here (Daniel2) I can’t log into it and I have deleted my old Gmail and created a new one quite a while ago. Long time no see :smiling_face::blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .


welcome back! Good to see you again

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I’d say welcome back but I’m relatively new here so how about, “You had me at ‘long time no see’”? :rofl:

UK Atheist

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Hello and welcome . Lol that’s so funny someone you never met get a “long time no see” :joy: . Anyway I’m Daniel nice to meet you.

Yeah… we took a vote and deleted it. Sorry about that.

Oh yeah! By the way… Your double top secret totally anonymous Atheist membership dues are way overdue. You should check in with the accountant before your next post. (Yelling over my shoulder.) "Whose doing the accounting now? Tin? Skriten? Old Man?

Come on: we elected someone as the accountant last meeting: White? Sheldon? Cyber? Someone in the Double Top Secret Fully Anonymous Atheist Club is the acting accountant, I know it. Old Man? Nyarlathotep? Mr.Macabre? Come on, one of you has got to be the new accountant! How can we have a double top secret fully anonymous atheist club without an accountant to collect the dues? Ratty? Ratty? We couldn’t possibly have elected Ratty?

Okay, okay, I will find out who the accountant is and get back to you. It’s really hard to find out anything when everyone is anonymous. Kevin? David? Satanic Mechanic? Come on, one of you anonymous members has got to be the accountant.

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Unless the accountant position is taken by a member that is so anonymous that even the accountant him-/herself don’t know who they are. It’s rather confusing, really. Makes an excellent cover for untraceability and unaccountability, though.


I was just making fun :slight_smile:

UK Atheist

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Well, the thing is you can tell who is the accountant (the “tellar”) if you are admitted to the 102nd degree of the antient and morbid rite of Pictland.

If you are not in that degree and weighed down by ritual stupidity then of course everyone is anonymous so moght it have been at some point…

Well I love humor and comedy :joy::smile:.

Wait for the Buddhists to show up!

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