NDErs (near death experiences)



Ahhh - fellow members! A big copy/paste job similar to @nessahanalita …WHO is in a 6 month time out.

Welcome @Ahab

This guy had a whole conversation with god without having a NDE.

Another proud atheist gets turned on his death bed.

We can add him to the list that includes Darwin, David Hume, and Christopher Hitchens…

Do I need to say I’m dubious?

Though of course a death bed conversion, described by way of anecdotal testimony, is no more compelling to me than the claims that people have been beamed aboard an alien spaceship.

It’s not credible evidence of a deity. It’s certainly not objective evidence.

Yeah yeah, I know. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

One of my favorite Tedtalks posted quite awhile back by another poster (Cranky I think)…



Welcome to Atheist Republic Ahab.

So you fell hard and your body went into shock? Did you actually die, did a doctor standing over you state : “yup, no heartbeat”?

I actually did, twice. I died twice on the operating room table, facing death. No bright lights, no talking to god, just a powerful dream. A dream.

When the brain is messed up and you are in crisis, the brain can do tricky things.


Just being an atheist in Iran qualifies as a near-death experience.


Bogus from the top to bottom. “Ahab” actually lives 13,000 km from Iran, the entire story was plagiarized.

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I shouldn’t laugh really, but damn it, that was funny.

Well well well, if you can’t trust a theist, posting anonymously on the internet, about an imaginary atheist, in an attempt to create a negative stereotype…what the Hell is the world coming to…


Near death is self explanatory.
The brain works in mysterious ways.:smirk:(beta endorphins are synthesized through the pituitary gland in response to pain{broken ribs})
I had a major surgery & while in recovery, I was seeing “ghosts” at the foot of my bed. They looked like translucent people. Nobody I recognized. My husband said I was talking to him & asking if he could see them. He did not. While I slept he said my arms would slowly rise out of bed like I was about to levitate.
He asked the nurse about it.
She said, “she’s on copious amounts of Dilaudid. I’d be concerned if she wasn’t hallucinating.”


Geez yet another one. This one didn’t even have the good manners to be truthful about his location. Fuck that shit.

I had a general anaesthetic when I was eight. Felt nothing l saw nothing, which I gather is the general idea.

Have always had a problem with NDE’s. My understanding is that the brain is a wonderful organ about which there is to still be much to be learned. Seems to me NDE’s are a demonstration of the brain’s function in extremis, as it tries to protect itself while it is in the process of shutting down.

Around the time I threw out NDE’s I also threw out cartesian dualism. That was based on the observation that harming the brain can harm, even destroy the person associated with that brain.

Now I can’t demonstrate the truth of those opinions. So I choose to disbelieve in NDE’s as demonstration of a super-natural. I also disbelieve the view that the mind is separate from the body. In the meantime I’m perfectly happy to ridicule such claims as I wait ,and wait, and wait for more compelling evidence.


It is so weird that some theists continue to make the bold claim that because we pagan atheists do not or will not accept their god of truth and purity we will live lives steeped in ignorance and dishonesty and yet very few can resist these pointless plagiarist deceptions.
Nothing to see here Diogenes, keep looking. Its a stupid story anyway.