NCR Foam pillow atheists - how to irritate theists

some of you may find this article interesting.

I actually already read that article this morning. Notice this part:

Christian apologists love jumping on the “new atheists” and for that matter the old atheists. Those guys say with great certainty and clarity, “No one can believe that religious stuff,” and we can respond with “Yes we can, and for very good reasons.” They make arguing for the faith easy.

I wonder if they buy their straw-men in bulk to save money?


You have to laugh, a deity with limitless power and knowledge defeated by an evolved ape saying “yeah, whatever.”


I love the contradiction of that idea…

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I thought some of you would enjoy the post.

The Washington Post (owned by hard right, self interested douche bag Murdoch) like the Guardian? The only thing they have in common is that they are still printed on paper.

The argument failed right there…

Then he goes on with

Really? I have yet to hear ONE cogent, convincing argument for the Catholic Faith never mind its protestant descendants.

9 paragraphs into this shit and there is still no fucking point and not a damn thing has been said. This is not writing. This is Fievel’s day job.