MyCiti bus driver suspended for leading passengers in prayer

MyCiti bus driver from Cape Town has been suspended for leading passengers into prayer .In my opinion that’s a very dumb move to make

Five years ago? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes this happened back in 2015

I don’t know the laws/customs there. But here in the US it seems very normal for an employer to tell employees not to preach religion to the customers. Most businesses are more interested in profit, than religion.

It must be very alarming to encounter a driver or pilot with religious mania. I’d be concerned that they were planning to take their passengers into the great hereafter.

I’m reminded of the refrain from a 1950s comedy song.
“Keep your mind on your driving, keep your hands on the wheel. Keep your goofy eyes on the road ahead.”

Indeed. The dickhead should know better. He’d be sacked here not just suspended.

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Like most city bus companies, I am betting MyCiti is government funded. (Well, couldn’t find it… but I suspect…$$$)

I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Yes it is government funded .It funded by the City of Cape Town Municipality

South Africa… Wow! I am way off base. Do they have separation of Church and State laws in South Africa? If not… what’s the problem with leading prayers on a bus?

South Africa is a Secular state and here is Church and State laws and the country is proudly known as the rainbow nation . The constitution of South Africa guarantees the freedom of religion :slightly_smiling_face:.

There where court cases in South Africa about religion in public schools and they were successful and learners can now practice religion only if they want to .However Afriforum does not like this

Interesting stuff. So bus drivers can probably practice their religion and the customers can or can not participate. The real issue is that the company wants to disallow the religious practice by its employees. (No actual government restrictions.)

Yes they can practice their religion freely in the workplace as long they don’t disrupt the routes as happened to the one who has led them to into prayers than they can suspended for disrupting the bus route

Interesting place, this South Africa/ I actually work with several people from South Africa. Two of them are quite religious. One extremely so. He fully admits there is no empirical evidence for the existence of god and all is belief is based on personal experience. He has stopped using the word “faith” around me. Ha ha ha… He had to admit that any belief could be held based on faith. But I had to admit that I could not deny his personal experience as long as he didn’t try to justify it. After all, psych wards are full of people who have personal experiences. Besides that, we do get along and work well together.


My favorite South African city is Johannesburg .The financial centre of Johannesburg is Sandton and I love that place .There is a lot of interesting things in Johannesburg
Here is the history Sandton (I found these videos at a youtube channel Livinginsa tv).


I’ve had to work with a Mormon, a happy clapper and an orange person (A follower of Bhagwan Shree Rasheesh).

I had a small problem with the happy clapper, which I’ve mentioned here before. The Mormon was fascinating and never in missionary mode. The orange person was a young pneumatic woman. I’d heard the orange people were in favour of free love, so thought I might get the opportunity to pump up her tires. What I’d heard was correct. But it turned out to be only with other members. I was crushed.

Bhagwan was a genius; he invented a sect which promised horny middle class teenagers ,and all others they could fuck their brains out with multiple partners.

It has always struck me as perhaps a bit odd that atheists (on their forums) pretty much always treat theists a lot better than they treat us on their forums.*** Yeah I know, Tu quoque, but it’s just an observation not an argument.

***I’ve been on two, the longest I lasted was an hour before being banned. I only asked a couple of perfectly reasonable questions. :innocent: