My life is in danger

Please save me from this lunatic being or cult!

Another picture of me bleeding at the lips

Does this look like a normal situation that any young woman or woman should be in? This is NOT decent or even appropriate! Shame on you - God…now the whole world knows what you have been done to me! I’ve been silent these last 4 years, but I WON’T BE silent anymore about your abuse and Rape…I will speak out. My silence says everything!

This being is pure Evil…it won’t even let me sleep at night…it’s clear this being is NOT benign presence but some demonic spirit…this being expects me to sacrifice my Life and be with some f*cking random guy who is a vocational college drop-out! (and my Mom met him through a newspaper ad - can you believe that?!) I’m sorry - I havea future and GOALS for my Life! Oh…and self-worth! This being is an Antichrist and truly demonic…a curse! A Satanic spirit and monster…what this being is doing constitutes Rape and gender-based violence in Real Life…so why is it getting away with it?!

This being justifies everything (Rape, terrorism, coercion, reproductive injustice, violation of bodily integrity) in the name of “God” - sorry, in Real Life, it DOESN’T work that way!

This being is a lascivious wicked spirit…It’s clear I’m in a cult! This being has been unleashing a campaign of terror against me these past 4 years and I’m really suffering…I’ve even been crying about this but this being has been turning a deaf ear…it’s SO CRUEL! It’s clear I can’t move on like this! This being is deranged…absolutely deranged and obsessive or something!

I’ve thought about this situation more…and the more I think about it, the more I think this is some kind of a bizarre, deranged set-up and the more I have misgivings about this situation! (taking Propanolol or memory pills is forced medication - one of the side-effects are heart failure). This situation is delusional and this being is trying to gamble with my safety and health. This bad guy I mentioned above - his identity is dubious and I don’t even know that much about him except for what he is telling me…I am absolutely certain this situation is as a result of a sinister spirit or force targeting and manipulating and exploiting me, trying to make MY LIFE miserable! This being is really dark and what this being is doing is a CRIME - GENDER-BASED violence is a crime!

Please be more specific. Do I throw you a life ring or an anchor?

You will have to be more specific…

Alas, that is not something anyone here can do.

I’m sure some here will give suggestions once they understand what you want.

If laws have been broken, you can approach police. No matter what, you are the one who will need to do the work to achieve change. That’s assuming you are willing to actually do anything

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Hello Iriss,

I hope you’re fine and safe. If you’re facing a threat to your life, please do not hesitate to call the police. If you can tell me where you’re from, I’ll do some digging for you and get the relevant numbers for you which you can call and get help from.

Apart from that, there’s a bit of vagueness in what you have written.

You showed a picture of you bleeding at the lips but it doesn’t show ‘you’, at all. You know what I mean? Not trying to prove you wrong or anything, just hoping this isn’t a prank?

Shame on you - God…now the whole world knows what you have been done to me! I’ve been silent these last 4 years, but I WON’T BE silent anymore about your abuse and Rape…

This literally sounds like God has abused you and raped you. Due to these words, it further looks like as if God hit you and made your lips bleed.

Other than that, if this is a valid request for help, kindly do share your country of residence and I’m sure someone will be able to help you.

Awwww fuck! Looks like you have met uncle Bob. I’d recognize those monkey bites anyplace. Have you considered bathing in garlic?