More help please

I’m here because I’m hoping you can help me with something. I rejoined under a different name a few months ago after getting a new computer, along with an iPhone and my own e-mail address.
I’d been sharing an e-mail address with my wife, but now she has a new address as well.
The problem is, she says she’s been getting hundreds of e-mail messages on her new phone even though I’ve been using my new one for the past few months.
Can you cancel/remove my old history under our old shared e-mail account? Somehow, her old address is still connected to her new phone, so any messages to me using the old one are going to her phone.
She left me a note this morning saying she had to delete 106 messages on her phone. How is this happening? I haven’t logged in under that address in months, so I don’t know why people are responding to something I might have said over a year ago.
The old address we were sharing is I haven’t been able to use that account since we got rid of our old laptop a few months ago.
Her new e-mail address is I don’t understand how she’s getting my messages when I’ve never used her new e-mail address on this or any other forum.
Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Mr. Macabre


Are all the messages from off this forum?

I did a deactivate on your old account. See if that helps.

The boards haven’t been that active from old posts under your old user number.

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Thank you, my wife told me that the messages were from the forum. I’ll check to see if it’s still happening when I see her later this evening.

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If I can understand you correctly, it seems that on her phone there is still an active account with your old, shared email.
I think you have to delete old account from her phone.

Now, be sure that she has a new account set up with her new email before you delete anything!

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