Miscellaneous Stuff


Is there a place to post just stuff? I can see the following four forums (I get confused as to whether to call these sub-forums or forums as many places would call the overarching place a community and these things forums).

  • Debate Room
  • Announcements
  • Site Feedback
  • Atheist Book Club

I read all the time but it’s fiction, mainly science fiction, so “Atheist Book Club” doesn’t sound like it’s for me. “Site Feedback” is surely to the admins, while “Announcements” is probably from and “Debate Room” sounds too formal for the kind of shizzle I’m thinking of.

Is there a forum I can’t see or maybe plans for a kind of “Miscellaneous” forum?

Apologies if others have already raised similar ideas.


Hi, @UKAtheist,
Once you hit Trust Level (TL) 3, you’ll have access to a room called the Lounge. That’s a great place to post all sorts of stuff not necessarily related to a/theism. I’ll send, via PM, the requirements for TL3 and where you are in relation to them. In the mean time, the Atheist Hub is an acceptable place to post misc stuff.