Megachurch Pastor Accused of Sexual Abuse is Still Preaching

Something needed to be done yesterday…

Gee, I wonder if he has insurance.

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Latest development in this case can be read here:frowning:

This type of thing doesn’t surprise me at all–it’s all about power and money, not morals or anything else the church supposedly stands for.

Another good case in point is the election of Trump in 2016. Why would evangelical christians vote for a thrice-married, philandering, narcissistic liar like Trump who probably has never cracked open a bible in his life? The answer is simple: the ends justify the means and these christofascists believed Trump would give them what they wanted. They weren’t wrong–Trump probably did more harm to secular government and democracy in this country than anyone in history.


And I would hope every atheist who voted for him thinks long and hard about this!

I disagree, although I have at one time or another used similar language.
The election of the worst excuse for a human being in the history of the world should serve as a lesson. Unfortunately, many saw the “choices” as nothing of the kind in 2016, and we ended up with a “Batshittery enabler” of epic proportions. The alternative could have ended up just as bad in a different manner, but reason and rationality would have at least been present in some minor iteration.
Choosing the “lesser of two evils” is, by definition, the best choice.
Positive changes never seem to just happen. I have lived through some examples of positive changes, but they were due to large scale involvement of the citizenry.
I am not sure that the will or willingness exists in the US today, to truly effect the changes needed. I hope I am wrong.
So, I understand your point but I am reluctant to fully adopt that stance. Giving up on it insures it will fail, imo…

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I disagree as well. Oh, and please site your source for the data that indicates Biden has “done a lot of harm”. What harm are you referring to?

FWIW I have never been a Biden fan. His status as “The credit card candidate” and his rallying support for and vote in favor of the invasion of Iraq soured me on him many years ago. I had quarrels with friends over his candidacy based on my view of him as the weakest of the candidates. The collusion against Senator Sanders on Super Tuesday in favor of Biden just added fuel to my burning dislike.
This said, comparing him to the Jackass is a non-starter for me.

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Anyone who believes Biden’s lies are anywhere as frequent or as blatant as the ones told by Trump is as delusional as your average believer in goat herder mythologies.

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Yeah, I don’t really enjoy smarmy analyses for self-aggrandizement, even if there is an element of truth contained therein. That’s why I cannot listen to the offensive Jimmy Dore.
Thanks anyway though…:slightly_smiling_face:

I agree. That’s why I posted:

My criticisms of Biden in no way compare to the horrific damage that the jackass has inflicted on the entire world. Acknowledging Biden’s weaknesses does nothing to diminish the absolute vitriol that I harbor for the jackass.

Edit( jackass is the term I use for he whose name shall not be mentioned)

Yeah, Trump resembles Voldemort in more ways than one.

Okay, okay….take the political stuff over to the Lounge.

The president of the United States does not set the price of oil.

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I would hope not just atheists, since a secular republic is the best protection freedom of religion can have.

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The president of the United States doesn’t put limitation on the price of oil.

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I don’t care about the stupid Trump versus Biden political debate that got started in a topic that has NOTHING to do with the thread I started nor should I have indulged it at all. @CyberLN I’d like to get back to the topic title at hand. I’ve deleted my posts pertaining to the politics. Can we clean up the thread?

@MrDawn, whereas you have every right to remove anything you have written, I do not have the right to remove what others have if there has been no violation of AR forum rules.

The best I can offer is to suggest you simply ignore any further political comments if they are made.

What ever you say, boss. Since that’s the case, I’m done with this thread.