Man with Down syndrome fired from Wendy's after 20 years

For clarity you were not warned about making the mendacious claim that atheism is a religion, which it clearly is not, but for baiting someone by insisting their atheism was a religion, after being told specifically it was not.

That is correct. He is more than welcome to answer the question about why he thinks atheism is a religion but if it appears to me that he has weaponized it, he’ll be put in time out.
He may not like this, but all I can say is, “oh, well….”


Fair enough. You would not be the only Theist to assume Atheism is a religion. It’s peddled by the church systems. Christianity is not the only organized religion that tries to sell Atheism as it’s own religion. IMO the definition of a religion is about worshiping deities.

I’ve never known an Atheist to worship anything.


As I said, I’m not at liberty to discuss, the ideas police might not take kindly to what I might say.

But I can say this, search the web for “Is atheism a religion” you’ll see it’s a rather active question across various disciplines, not some offensive idea that nasty theists dreamed up.

Not true…

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Yes, I’ve read a lot of those opinions especially on Quora. The go to argument is that atheists have faith that a creator god doesn’t exist and that they deny the Christian or Islam god. I would have to disagree. If a god exists and can prove itself, then I would believe in the existence of one. The funny part is that these god things seem to need Theists to argue their existence for them. How funny…


Understanding the reason behind the termination is crucial. If the termination was due to the individual’s disability or a related issue, it could be considered discriminatory

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