Madalyn Murray O'Hair

What do you think of Madalyn?

She was one of the Atheists that founded American Atheists, fought for Separation of Church and State, and allowed Atheists to be open about not believing in the Christian Pantheon.

If she were alive today. I would have loved to have met her. She and Christopher Hitchens are among my favorite people.


A “pathfinder” and “pioneer” …

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Openly atheist and bringing church - state separation cases… from the 60s through 80s… in the U.S.

The next time(s) I’m annoyed by the thoughtlessness or depravity or hubris of divinely inspired fundamentalist pushback, I’ll be considering what she must have experienced by comparison.


I have not paid her as much attention as I probably should. Amazing lady, but very rough around the edges, I have heard. I probably would have liked her. I tend to like ‘blunt.’ But that is only because I am a bit dense. That’s why rolling pins work so well on me.

Dumb fuck people who can’t complete an interview without cursing. Fuck! What an idiot!

Thanks for the post. I know more now than I did 30 minutes ago.


I saw the movie. Not sure how accurate- but a great person and advocate.

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Thank you. Thank you. Yes. It took a lot of ha… OH! You mean Madalyn O’hair? Well, you can see how I got confused, being that this post followed my own steller remarks. Yes Yes O’Hair was also a great person and advocate. Sure. I will go along with that.


Will we ever get someone as influential like her to fight for the rights of Atheists in America one day?

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