Loss of god...loss of father = mass shooter?

Read a statement that was basically stating that the loss of fathers and GOD were a common factor in mass shooters.

WOW :hushed: who knew it was ssooooo simple?

I was surprised to read that the USA leads the world with single-parent families. I had expected a Denmark or Finland or more “socialized” country.

I initially had both mother and father under the same roof… that changed when I was about 12 and they divorced. For myself it created a much better situation.

Initially my boys had both parents until their dad left (the siren call of the 20 yr old :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). I can’t speak from their perspective but from what they’ve shared with me through talking and such, they’re happy and appear as “adjusted” as any uh, uh … oh fuck … they’re teenagers!

Thoughts? Appears another simple “reason” that can be “fixed” if only there was more religion

EDITED to add… if they’re after a simple “fix” I suggest banning gun ownership from males and only allowing females, after all, it appears to be the most obvious “commonality” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well the mass-shooters who massacred Charlie Hebdo staff certainly weren’t god-deprived, though I don’t how they got on with their dads.

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Well, they weren’t christians, you know, so god-deprived by fundie-christian definition.

I had the same thought upon reading the initial post 33% of American Kids are fatherless. " An estimated 24.7 million children (33%) live absent their biological father. The article is as useless as corn cob husk in winter.

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Did he factor in the ratio of those who had easy access to guns?

I will be dollars to donuts that ratio is higher than fatherless children?

So this idiot is implying that atheist single mothers are lacking in something and the real problem?

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I’ve always thought that it’s a shame how Evangelicals always try to tie everything wrong to their religious agenda . . . whether it’s single parenthood or same-sex marriage.

Their widely public claims feel like someone saying “I told you so.”

Also, when they make these claims and try to sway public opinion, they scare away legitimate researchers and/or social scientists who may want to study the societal effects of single parenthood, gay marriage, and so forth.

So . . . if there is any societal damage that happens because of these issues (and I don’t believe that there is), then it will remain undetected because of the waters being muddied by people like this idiot with his claim that single mothers create mass shooters.

I just Googled " famous people who were raised by single mothers" and the list is of many impressive people who climbed to the top of their fields.

From Barack Obama to Shaq O’neil to Barbara Streisand to Michael Phelps to Al Pacino.

Aside from the religious mumbo jumbo. I’m all for the second amendment in the USA that Biden keeps passing laws and restrictions on. I do not think guns are bad. Just those that go out and commit the crimes with those weapons. I own a 9 MM and a 45 ACP that I recently got. All for my home defense. If someone were to come after me and my kids. I’d want a gun to use.

One thing they always get wrong with the debate on gun control. They never discuss how the criminals are going to keep their weapons and still go out and commit atrocities with them. Even worse disarming innocent people who need to defend themselves in their homes against those criminals.

I just see it all as a really weak argument just because of Columbine and Sandy Hook. For one, the two kids that committed said crimes at Columbine bought guns under the table from dealers who broke the law anyway. Then they took those guns over to school and shot the kids who bullied or humiliated them. Which is a weak and non justifiable reason. You never use a gun on anyone unless absolutely necessary and that’s for home defense reasons. It should never leave your home unless you’re going to the shooting range.

I have no father, or deity. I’ve managed not to kill anyone. He’s talking bollocks, and I’d bet my life not one person who loses their father, and has no deity, would shoot anyone or anything…if they couldn’t get hold of a gun…


Oh I believe it completely.

I wonder how many blokes there are in my community who have lost their fathers and not gone out and hurt anyone?

In other words ‘so what?’ That’s only a correlation not a demonstration of causality.

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Yeah, not a real good idea to put a gun in the hands of a person with poor impulse control and a lot of internal rage.

That no longer happens in Australia. Unless of course the person is a police officer and carries a .38 magnum revolver.

I’d like to propose an alternative correlation. An alternative fact, if you will.

In the past 30 years internet speed has been on the rise.
In the past 30 years mass shootings have been on the rise.
Therefore, increasing internet speed causes mass shooting.

All we have to do is go back to dial up. Problem solved! :smiley:


LOL… anyone who can pass the screening process has access to a gun. Anyone else has a gun illegally and you can put those assholes to death for all I care.

Maybe kids wouldn’t be so quick to destroy this life if they weren’t taught that they have another one coming up.
Depression & suicide are mental health issues. Piling religion on top of that, in my experience, just compounds the problem.
If you are taught that when you die, you go to heaven, or get 72 virgins or whatever, dealing with overwhelming pain & sadness in this life seems like a waste of time.
Thinking religion is a fix for mental health issues is like treating a gun shot wound with another bullet.


Not sure that’s a significant issue today.

However, it was a bid deal in early christianity. The afterlife life was made to be so very much better than this life, that many actively sought martyrdom. So much so that the church had to issue a writ banning the practice. They were losing sheep to shear.

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Not sure if believing that a paradise is awaiting you is significant when it comes to mass shooters in the U.S., but I can think of at least one off the top of my head. In a last video made by Dylan Klebold (Columbine shooter) he said he was “going to a better place.” Fear for his immortal soul seems to have also played a part in the Atlanta Spa shootings by Robert Long. If they want to link the disbelief in god to violence there’s some pretty good arguments in the opposite direction i.e. “God = Terrorist Bomber”.


–and lets not forget the 1500 odd years the church spent burning dissidents alive.

Nor did the holocaust arrive fully formed, it was a gradual process***. It was based on near 2000 years of anti-semitic church teachings taken to their logical conclusion:


*** The Nazi holocaust began in 1935 with the Nuremberg race laws. These laws disenfranchised German Jews. Before that been periodic pogroms since the time of the first crusades, at least. However, these were local affairs, not systematic genocide.

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Ah, yes, the noble christian tenets of loving thy neighbour is a fine one indeed:

  • forcible conversions by ways of military force, weapons, bribery, coercion, taking hostages, etc.
  • treating heathen “savages” like dirt because they were not christian (oh, heck, converting to christianity didn’t help much either)
  • diverse inquisitons, of which the spanish one is a shining example of true christian love and kindness
  • christians of different branches shouting “Heretics! Infidels!” to each other, and going to war over it

Yeah, religion for sure guarantees a kind and peaceful flock of followers.

(What? Me sarcastic? Never!)

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