Login from www.atheistrepublic.com is discontinued

You will be able to login from the forums itself.

  1. Users who choose to login with a social provider(google, facebook, etc) should “just work” as long as they use the same email for the social provider as they did for the main site i.e www.atheistrepublic.com .

  2. Users who would rather use a username and password will need to go through the “I forgot my password” process to create a password.


I had to Google “social provider” and “SSO” because I have no ideas what they mean. And even after Googling and reading what they are, I am just as lost.

Can someone please translate this into language I can comprehend?

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I wrote it for users at first but then I found this text in a forum and copy-pasted it. I should have been more observant, my bad. :grin:

Edited it a bit.