LinkedIn restricted my account

Well it turns out to be awesome that I have learned about this forum.
Apparently, my account has been restricted on LinkedIn. I don’t have account on any other network so I’ll be spending most of my time now going back through old topics.

It seems that I have collectively offended a number of christians from different denominations, all with one comment. I’ve been there for more than 6 years and this is the first time I got such a reaction even tho it’s not the first time that I have said those things.
Well I never before worded it like that.

Is anyone else here using LinkedIn? Did you had such experience?

Good GOD, man! Don’t keep us sitting here in suspense! What was the comment you made? Stop being such a tease!

Well, this is my first time being blocked and I’m not quite sure how it all went down. Conversation took place yesterday.
I got email from LinkedIn about problem with my comment this morning. At that point I still had my account. In that mail they referred to my comment!

“Self proclaimed willfully ignorant troll”

It is said in the mail that that email is response to report made on my comment.

But that is the end of the conversation, well, my participation for the night.
They actually started complaining about being offended when I asked them.

How can you worship Greek theatre play story about apocalyptic Jew who got himself killed because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Most likely he was unintentionally set up by his followers because they also couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Later Peter lost his mind out of guiltiness feeling and started talking nonsense that spread around.

But in all honesty I was a bit more harsh yesterday, certain Jim Magditch (creationist) and Joseph (or similar) Stong (catholic) started proclaiming that in communist country they had atheism thought in school. As someone who grew up in communist (post communist/socialist later) country I know for a fact that it isn’t true. We never ever mentioned anything about belief faith or anything similar. So I told them both that they are lying. Yeah and Jim later repeated his obvious lie that he used to be atheist. But he has no idea about what it is. He is just repeating words from some (can’t remember the name) popular American preacher who likes to act conversation between atheist and theist. You all know him, he’s been on all major atheist channels on YouTube.

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Is your name the same as this one? Will be more than happy to boost you in my tiny network on LinkedIn. I see the strategy you describe frequently used against atheists, agnostics, or those respectfully disagreeing with religious views and statements on the few platforms I engage. It’s also a strategy, among others, that include those with disabilities, sexual orientation, etc. Anyone, or anything, that is deemed “other.”

Don’t give up.

No my name is not the same.
That LinkedIn account is my personal account
My name is Dragan Nikolić, and title under my name is Mobilis in mobili.
When or 8f I get my account back I’ll be more than happy to connect. I’m no big player there I have around 1800 followers my posts get up to 5000 views and up to 100 reactions.
But I built that network slowly over many years. And I post mostly educational material and lately started posting some of my professional work.

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I will be looking out for your account to be reactivated. I came across a post shortly after 1/6, with overt threats made by an li member against all democrats, in direct reference to the attempted coup. Sent it to the li admin for blatant violation of the terms, blah, blah, blah. Their reply was puzzling (for me, anyway). It was ok to foment violence against others on their platform, as long as it was political speech. LinkedIn has become facebook.

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Got my account back, just wanted to add some closure.

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I knew there was something different about you.
You’re not an American or British and you don’t come pre-programmed with statements.

No I’m from Serbia, born and raised without the faith. Something different!

This means that you’re a true free thinker.

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Surprisingly I live just fine without LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook .I am not going to be a user of a platform where I am judged for dissent and blocked for non-obvious reasons


Welcome to the forum, first of all.

I never wrote anything about what happened in the end. My bad, I’m sorry, never thought someone will read again.

They unblocked me immediately after I filed a request for review. I was picked up more as collateral, all my comments were clean except the last one which simply stated “self proclaimed wilfully ignorant troll” with his name in front of it.

They did all the slur that triggered Li police! As far as I know non of the two others returned, at least they don’t engage on Atheist Republic page.

I don’t watch TV nor movies, series. It’s easier to say, I only watch YouTube videos of my interest. I don’t use any other social network outlet. I only recently joined this forum.
I’ve joined LinkedIn long time ago, when it was actually professional network. It quickly escalated to bragging platform, then into motivational speaker launching place, finally recruiters paradise and they eventually turned it into a classic social network. I’ve made great professional contacts over years, and learned a massive amount stuff from people all over the world.

Nowadays, whatever you do, your feed (back) will depend on what you clicked or liked. With that in mind you can keep yourself from echo chamber traps by reacting on things that you don’t agree with. That way I have balanced info on one network, but they also share material from other networks.

Thanks for response!

Welcome to Atheist Republic sadorange, I hope you enjoy yourself in here. You are among friends. Please be aware that we do practice humor in here, some of it may be strange. But malice is never intended, even when Cog starts talking about rolling pins.

As an Admin in here, I am a firm believer in free speech. But such actions as threats, trolling, and bullying are frowned upon. We are all adults in here, so I allow a lot of leeway. But please keep in mind that truly gory or offensive pictures are forbidden. Although adults do converse, there is no guarantee children may not be exposed to such images.

But for you sadorange, I roll out the welcome mat with genuine friendship in mind.

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Welcome, sadorange.

(And IME, judgment will most always accompany dissent, or for that matter being a dissident.

One shouldn’t allow that to stop them, IMHO; taking issue with commonly or officially held positions and opinions is good practice for it’s own sake, if for nothing else.)