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I’m no physicist- or evolutionary biologist - AND perhaps it’s because my youth was spent in imaginary mythical magic man … BUT I do enjoy reading and listening to scientific discoveries and “play”…

I always get curious where this may (because not all discoveries have real world use) one day take us technology wise.


Another share…

That first video claiming that one can go faster than the speed of light is just word games from some dude that is more entertaining than offering true scientific explanations.

That is like stating “I can go faster than a Formula One car, under the condition that the Formula One car has the engine off”.

Paul Sutter I do appreciate, I have been watching his videos since he popped up on CosmoQuestX Twitch

Paul is a little dramatic, and loves to chatter on. But he is a recognized physicist, and he won’t lead you down a rabbit hole as we saw in the first video. IMO he wants to be the next Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

CosmoQuestX is spearheaded by Dr Gay, her prime goal is to bring science to the masses. She streams every weekday at 1:00 PM EST, and that channel can get very busy with visiting scientists and other events at any hour of the day.

Here is one very interesting YouTube streamer who knows a lot, and attempts to stay on top of recent discoveries. Anton is someone I consider valid.

Thanks for the insight … I’ve listen to the bottom links guy’s vids also…

Awe, but stopping light!!! Cool :sunglasses:

Here is something to ponder.

Imagine a photon of light born deep within a star. It takes a hundred thousand yours to reach the surface, then begins to travel through space. It travels billions of light years across the vast distances of space, before arriving at my eyeball.

By my system of measurement, that light photon has been in existence for billions of years. But internally (as if the photon had a sense of time), how long does it live?

According to the Theory of Relativity, time slows down and stops as it reaches the speed of light. To that light photon, is it’s life over as soon as it begins?

I love physics, it can mind-fuck you.

Took 21 days of this rattling around in my head.

If time “stops” at light speed, that photon/wave should not be “experiencing” space. If it’s not experiencing space/time, it is not moving.

Again, my understanding is poor/mediocre.

On the quantum level, does this play apart of entanglement (faster than “light” communication between particles)?

Just a fun mental exercise that can one day have a real world application. It’s like walking :walking_woman:t3:- constantly traversing infinities (with no hindrance because of size and mass) - yet unable (as of yet) humanity cannot transverse larger “infinities” ie space even though these are so far, from our understanding limited (universe has a set amount of “energy”). Weird shit.

Remember: from the photon’s “perspective”, there is no such thing as distance (all distances are 0) or time (all events take 0 time). So the fact that any trip is instantaneous “kind of” makes sense, since the starting point and ending point of the trip is the same point (from the photon’s perspective)!

That is forbidden by the current physics regime.

Entanglement? My understanding is that it has been measured or could be modelled (ugh sorry if wrong terminology) as “faster than light”. For instance, if two particles are entangled, even if one was “set at the far reaches of the universe” and you “effected” one here, the other “responds” simultaneously regardless of “distance”.

If there is no (my word choice for my level of understanding) movement or distance “0” from lights’ “perspective” then light itself isn’t beholden to “speed”. We, outside of it (on this level) are - so light is “measured” and can be measured and we are limited.

But the level light itself is on, there doesn’t appear to be a limit within (that we as yet could set).

Does this make sense?

And then also, taken from “light perspective” -
No distance… so how do we know there is more than 1 “particle”.

I understand again, on our level of reality, this doesn’t “make sense” - but from the perspective of light, it would make sense…because it isn’t “travelling” as we would define it or moving, as we would define it.

Right, it seems obvious that you could set up a system to exploit this property to send a message instantly. But the devil is in the details. It turns out it isn’t possible to make such a system with the current regime (it will always require something you don’t have access too).

That is the fun part in trying to grasp such concepts as relativity and quantum mechanics. Some of it appears counter to our learned knowledge, and that is why I enjoy trying to understand such concepts.

Here is a gem from Richard Feynman.

Why? That is the question.

Something that might help straighten that out: speed is the rate of change of distance between two points. It always requires a second point. What speed would even mean in the context were there was only one point, is confusing to say the least.

Ohhhh :astonished:. I wasn’t even thinking information, although in the past I have linked or read information to that effect.

I guess I just got myself imagining “reality” from light’s perspective.

Taking whats imaginative and translating or using it in our reality is a separate subject altogether. It’s one way I keep myself grounded.

So back to imagination. If there is no distance for light (0) it doesn’t “travel” - yet we measure light speed.
Also, we live in space/time, and again light doesn’t “appear” to, because of the “0“ distance. HOWEVER, on this minute level, could “it” not travel so fast it appears “still”. Why I went here is that for light to exist, which it does, in our reality, it interacts (we measure) with our reality on our level - although it also is on its own. If it was so “fast” to traverse distance that it appeared “still” (on its level) could “it” not exist in various speed forms?

Is this a good summary of what you are trying to say?:

  1. We are told all observers agree on the speed of light in a vacuum, that it is a constant c.
  2. We calculated that in the photon’s perspective, the photon’s speed was (0 distance/0 time).
  3. We measured a photon moving at c from our perspective.

Seems like there is a contradiction, but there is a subtle problem with #2:
0/0 ≠ 0

I’ve long said that nature seems to conspire to protect Special Relativity. Anytime you think you’ve found something, something strange will raise a loophole to let you escape. Here the math conspires to protect it.

Yes - it’s mind boggling. And a great summary of my thoughts. I can visual the ideas but the language use or maths escape me (lack of earlier education and too distracted with “life” to really pursue) - and then “life” takes me back to my little life.

#2 isn’t right. Technically yes but like you said a contradiction. Is there such a thing in quantum as “infinite speed”? And I don’t believe (hahahaha) the 0 distance. Perhaps it’s my imagination to not grasp 1 point. Some form of distance must exist even at that level for movement … brain is tired :sleeping:. Had a big day.

It looks like a contradiction, but it isn’t. We failed to calculate the speed of the photon in its own frame; so we can’t compare it to our measurement of c. So it can’t contradict.

So it’s the speed of the photon in its own frame? Cool :sunglasses:. Can it be “measured”???

Right, and it is supposed to match what you and I would find : c. The result 0/0 is a special result. It might be equal to 0, it might be equal to infinity, it might be equal to 7, it might be sheer nonsense, it might be equal to c. It can’t actually contradict anything.

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Thanks … love this stuff. Love learning and playing with it.