This human life we have is as good as it gets , ANYTHING else would be worse !!! Celebrate everyday !!!

How would you know? What other life have you lived. To what are you comparing it? All you have is what you imagine. The first assertion is vacuous.

Anything? As long as we are just dealing with imagination and no actual experience, I can imagine a million things that would be better. Another unsubstanciated claim. Fallacious and nonsensical.

The only thing you said that made any sense at all. Was it supposed to be a command? I assume you don’t mean, drink beer, put lamp shades on your head, and dance stupidly until you fall over the coffee table, every day.

I think I will avoid the celebrations if you don’t mind. I find the cool morning breeze and the walk to work along the sea wall enjoyable, and a perfect way to start my day. I think I can simply live with, “Accept each day as it comes and find contentment where I can.”

Life is a waste of time.

And the universe is a waste of space.

I think that covers everything.

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Greetings and welcome Crest 2155 …

Enjoy your time here…

Your post title ,“Life ,what a fluke”, put me in mind of a quote by Terry Pratchett…

“Stars aren’t that important. Street lights are important! Why? Because there’s so few of them. And they were made by monkeys.”,


Yeah… I know what you mean. Digging through the family album, I found this.

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That reminds me of this Uncle Bob.

Howdy there, Crest! (Guessing Colgate was already taken?) So, welcome to the AR. Your comment brought to mind the scene in the movie “As Good As It Gets” where Jack Nicholson was in the Dr.'s waiting room and ask the others there, “What if this is as good as it gets?” I cracked up at the reactions. :joy: Anyway, that being said, I would be interested in hearing an elaboration of your statement. I hate making assumptions if I can avoid it.

Aaaaand I just realized this thread is from mid-November. Dang-it.

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