Let's MAGA again, like say 1864

I think it’s pretty clear at what point the Make America Great Again people think that America was great. It was 1864 when the civil war was raging and women couldn’t vote. The Arizona state supreme court just voted to up hold an 1864 law that almost completely bans abortion. The good news is that the Democratic governor and attorney general refuse to enforce it and now it’s on the November ballot to have abortion rights made part of the Arizona’s constitution. Every state where it’s come to a vote the pro choice side has won. We really need to get those old laws against the LBGTQ community off the books before Republican courts start up holding them too.
Oh, and Anthony Kern, an Arizona state senator who was part of a group who prayed (in tongues no less) for the court to up hold the ban, called people making an outcry against the 1864 ban “god haters”.


…and then there is France, which guarantees the right to abortion through their constitution.


I guess that by “land of the free” they mean we’re free to crawl around on the floor babbling incoherently while begging a god to take away women’s rights.


OMG: We have got to be the laughingstock of the world… Oh, Wait! The rest of the world believes this stupid shit. (Why don’t they have a face-palm emoji?)

They do. In fact, they have three:
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Thanks, I needed them all. They need one with the palm coming out the ass though.


Holding a banana?

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Update: the Arizona legislature voted to repeal the 1864 law earlier this month and the governor signed it.


Democrats succeeded narrowly, this was interesting:

“The epitome of delusion is saying I am pro-life yet voting to repeal an abortion ban,” said Senator Anthony Kern, who called the 1864 law “the best abortion ban in the nation”.

Voting to repeal is “voting for death”, he said. Mr Kern was one of the fake electors indicted last week for his role in an alleged scheme to overturn the 2020 election in favour of Donald Trump.

"If the repeal is signed by Governor Hobbs, abortions in Arizona will be governed by 2022 law, which prohibits abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions only in cases of medical emergency. There are no exceptions for rape or incest.

However, that could change in November when Arizonans are expected to vote on a ballot question that would protect abortion access until 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Similar ballot initiatives in Republican-controlled states since Roe was overturned have all delivered wins for the pro-choice movement."


This is a success, but it has to go farther, (see emboldened text). a sensible limit would be 24 weeks, with no exceptions, all women should have right to choose how their body is used. If you don’t like and don’t want an abortion, then you have the choice not to have one, have the decency to allow others the same right to choose.