Law is Error Hence Lawgiver is Not Deity


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Are you a nihilist?

What a long winded way to make a simple point. Duh! Scientific laws are not the same thinga as 'legal laws." Scientific Laws are ‘descriptive’ not ‘prescriptive.’ As descriptors, they have their limitations.

Where did you ever get such an idea? Laws are created by men. Are you playing the equivocation fallacy game and trying to misuse the word ‘Law’ in as many ways as possible to make a point?


I am a nihilist in the sense that I have comprehended what Sartre dubbed the double nihilation, wherein consciousness transcends its past in pursuit of its future.

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Of course I know the difference between scientistic law and jurisprudential law, silly! I am simply making the point that jurisprudence employs the self-same Aristotelian cinesiological principle as science, wherein matter is in motion moved by something other than itself…while, all the while, human freedom is not in fact moved by given law, but, rather, by desideratum, i.e., by that which it intends to bring to pass.

I am not trying to misuse the term ‘law’, I am overthrowing the notion of law by pointing out that law is ontologically unintelligible, i.e., men do not originate their acts on the basis of what is, like a law, rather, our acts originate ex nihilo, out of the nothing which is the future which we are continually ushering into the world.
I formed the idea that language of law is not determinative of human conduct by studying Sartre’s ontological description of the mode of origin of a human act.

Umm, Cognostic mentions “scientific”, not scientistic".

Science; scientist; scientific; scientistic, all are birds of the same feather when speaking about the scientistic view of the world, which is the consideration of matter in motion moved by force. We now mistakenly see law as a force which moves the matter which is human beings, which is a misapplication of the scientistic weltanschauung, because free men are not moved by outside forces like law, they are self-movent and originate their actions via the double nihilation…

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Found it word for word…

Hmm, blatant plagiarism.

@ajuris Can you please offer an explanation?

For any observers, plagiarism, especially without proving links and accrediting the source is extremely frowned on. Suddenly nothing is funny.

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Damn, I nearly nodded off there.His point here seems to be that he doesn’t believe something vague about the nature of laws.

Is he asking us if we agree? An atheist debate forum seems an odd destination for this topic, but I’ll try and keep an open mind.

Gobbly-gook. some can’t move because…


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Yes I wrote that and have been posting it and offshoot versions for years in attempt to interact with other thinkers. I cannot possibly supply all those links…

I am the author of all posts you will find on the web proposing law as ontologically unintelligible.

My OP constitutes a disproof of the deity of “God” by explaining that a God who thinks man can be controlled by law does not in fact understand how we human beings actually tick; and, by mistakenly attempting to control man via His Law, shows Himself not a deity who created man, which deity would know that human action does not, cannot, orginate on the basis of given states of affairs like law…

My position is grounded upon existentialist thought which is the most difficult in the world to understand. If you have no background in or familiarity with “Being and Nothingness” by J.P. Sartre, the most difficult book in the world, it will appear to you to be gobbly-gook, when, in fact, it is profound scholarship originally written in French during the 1930’s.

YOU should have learnt by now that plagiarism doesn’t fly. The link I found also has you removed for it.

Tough shit for backing your claim as the “originator” :woman_shrugging:t2:- it’s just an assertion. Looks like you’re gonna have to start fresh.

Disproof? Hahahahahaha. I’ve “disproved” dragons :dragon: by their weight/wing ratio.

Subjective assessment. Most likely biased as you feel you have an understanding :woman_shrugging:t2:

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